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Background. –Coca-Cola wanted to launch an OOH campaign to be original & to reach their core target. –The marketing objectives were differentiation and.

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1 Background. –Coca-Cola wanted to launch an OOH campaign to be original & to reach their core target. –The marketing objectives were differentiation and being Top Of Mind during the end of the year. Results. –More than 80% liked the campaign –High recall & attribution amongst the core target –Mass-media + creative use of OOH. –Clever/appropriate use of environments for reaching specific target audiences of “actives” & young people. Coca-Cola Drinks, Belgium Idea. –An OOH campaign to reach the core target in an original way. –An innovative campaign for Coca-Cola in Railway Stations & Tube reinforced by mass media in the 5 main centres. –Fully wrapped ceiling & wall in metro stations Louise, De Brouckère, Porte de Namur & Arts-Loi. –Big poster in the central hall of Brussels train stations. –80 panels including More O’Ferrall 36m² in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi & Liège.

2 CoverageBrussels Media agencyUniversal Media Creative agencyPinkeye Specialist agencyOutdoor Services Environment & formats Transit Number of faces 80 MOF 36m² + fully wrapped ceiling & wall Tube + 12m² poster in stations Target audience12-44 year olds Audience figures/Research (Reach, Frequency) 55% spontaneous recall High level of attribution: 85% Date & Duration2011 - 3 weeks “To stay a dynamic, young & innovative brand, you have to differentiate yourself and this out-of-the-box campaign has enabled us to achieve this goal and to bring happiness!” Yves de Voeght, Coca-Cola Media Manager Belgium & Luxembourg. Media - Share of spend Outdoor19% TV 67% Internet9% Cinema6% OOH spend€360,000 Coca-Cola Campaign details Source: MDB MediaXim 2 months after the campaign finished spontaneous recall levels remained very high –55% spontaneous recall –85% attribution

3 Background. The overall objective was to increase Chloé perfume’s brand awareness and sales during the Christmas shopping period. Results. –32% recall for women under 35 years old –85%+ liked the campaign and associated it with the brand’s core values, i.e. femininity, luxury and modernity. Coty, Chloé Perfume Cosmetics & Personal care, France Idea. The campaign consisted of two creatives which were pre-tested and improved thanks to Clear Channel France’s 360° tool. One campaign promoted the modern and seductive side of the perfume and one promoted the freshness and natural side of it. Clear Channel in France enabled Coty to benefit from a powerful nationwide network: –100% backlit 8sqm faces –30% of the faces were located in Paris –Covered 86% of the beauty shops –Ran on the prestigious outdoor digital screen of La Défense mall.

4 CoverageNational Media agencyHavas Creative agency- Specialist agency- Environment & formats 8sqm roadside billboards Spectacular digital screen Mall (La Défense) Number of faces 2,729 in 45 cities of over 120,000 inhabitants Target audienceAB+ women aged 25-34 Audience figures/Research (Reach, Frequency) Audience: 15 635 437 Coverage: 78% Frequency:12.6 Date & Duration20-26 December 2011 Source: Ipsos ASI Media - Share of spend Outdoor76% Print 24% OOH spend €1,550K (gross) Purchase intent results: Coty – Chloé Perfume Cosmetics & Personal care – France Exposed panelists who have recalled the campaign Non exposed panelists

5 Background. –Christian Dior decided to launch their new campaign for Dior, J’adore using OOH. –The objective of the campaign was to increase purchase intention. –To do so, they wanted to reinforce the luxury image of the brand and differentiate J’Adore from other perfumes during the very competitive Christmas period. LVMH, Christian Dior, J’Adore Cosmetics & Personal Care, Italy Idea. –Clear Channel Italy offered maximum flexibility by giving 2-week exclusivity to LVMH on their BikeMi street furniture network in the centre of Milan. They obtained a domination of the “Red Zone” thanks to 1,400 advertising spaces strategically located where the shops are concentrated and known to be particularly elegant. –The outdoor campaign consisted of 3 different creative executions that ran in rotation on scrolling and double-face displays in order to re-create a sort of film sequence as per the TV spot. Results. –The campaign generated 11,900 GRPs –70% of Milanese saw the campaign –Total reach was estimated as even higher, taking Incomers into account.

6 “This year for the classical Christmas advertising outdoor campaign, we wanted to find a new striking idea in order to celebrate the new communication launched with big success in the month of September”. Marika Ferro, Marketing Director, Dior Parfums Italy Christian Dior, J’Adore Campaign details CoverageCity of Milan Media agencyCarat Luxury Creative agencyIn-house creative Specialist agencyPosterscope Environment & formats Roadside Street Furniture Free Standing Units Number of faces1,409 Target audienceWomen 25-49 Audience figures/Research (Reach, Frequency) –11,900 GRPs –70% reach –170 frequency Date & Duration19/12/2011 - 14 days Media Share of spend TV61% Outdoor17% Periodicals 14 % Internet8% As on TV, Charlize Theron, the Dior J’adore brand ambassador, appears first in a full length shot, this is followed by a close up shot, before finally showing a shot of the elegant J’adore perfume bottle. This was the first time Clear Channel Italy had allocated all of its street furniture network in Milan to one single advertiser.

7 Background. –Burton’s Foods decided to launch an entirely new type of biscuit into an already crowded market place. –The challenge was to create standout in the biscuit category where 85% of spend is on TV. –The campaign needed to create standout and encourage product trial, as well as signalling that this was a unique and different product. –Research showed that to have a genuine impact on our audiences’ decision to purchase biscuits, we had to get into their daily routine by reaching then where they lived, worked and shopped. Burton’s Foods, Cadbury Biscuits Food, UK Idea. An “outdoor only strategy” was employed using a wide range of outdoor formats including digital, in key environments such as roadside, underground and points of sale in order to give the presence and stand out required. –Billboards were used across London in order to elevate Cadbury Biscuits and appeal to people’s aspirations. –A national backbone of 5,500 roadside and pedestrian 6 sheets were employed to ensure coverage of the UK market (reaching 80% of the population). –Point of sale activity with four key UK supermarkets retailers - Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda. Results. –2 nd biggest grocery product launch of 2010. –In under 1 year, Cadbury’s Biscuit sales reached £15.2 million –Named The Grocer magazine’s “top biscuit launch” of 2010 –Highly commended at the Clear Channel / Brand Republic Outdoor Planning Awards 2011 for the best use of multiple formats in outdoor

8 CoverageNational Media agencyUniversal McCann Creative agency- Specialist agencyIPM Environment & formats –Digital and static 48 sheets –6 sheets Number of faces- Target audienceWomen 25-44 Audience figures/Research (Reach, Frequency) - Date & Duration10/05/2010 – 23/05/2010 “The only way to truly stand out in a category is to challenge the expected, and behave completely differently to everyone around you. Only then, will people stop and take note, and only then, will you be able to provide the biggest biscuit launch in over a decade!” Universal McCann A huge increase in purchase consideration, with Crunchie performing +10% better than the industry average. Source: Clear Channel Research Monitor (UK) 2010 Media share of spend 100% outdoor Cadbury’s Caramel Biscuit launch “Makes me want to buy or try it” Burton’s Foods, Cadbury Biscuits Campaign details Sales uplift (During) Sales uplift (Post) Cadbury Duals+24%+13% Cadbury Crunchie+21%+8% Cadbury Caramel+32%+20% Food Norm+15%+9% NPD Norm+19%+10% Cadbury Duals over-performed vs. Food catergory and NPD campaign norms. Source: Litmus (UK) 2010

9 Background. To support the launch of one of the biggest film releases this year, Paramount wanted to combine value with coverage and create a high impact outdoor campaign. Results. The film topped the box office chart after its opening weekend, taking £5 million in 5 days. Paramount, Dictator Entertainment, UK Idea. We were able to act as a one-stop shop, and our breadth of portfolio meant that we could combine Adshel, billboards, premium and digital to create a campaign which was unmissable the length and breadth of the UK.

10 CoverageNational Media agencyMEC Specialist agencyKinetic Environment & formats 4370 x 6 Sheets 100 x 96 Sheets 4 x Backlit 96 Sheets, 4 x Mega 6 Sheets Socialite network Number of faces5,000 approx. Target audienceAll adults Audience figures/Research (Reach, Frequency) Cover – 73% Frequency – 16 Date & Duration30 th April - 13 th May 2012 “Partnering with Clear Channel enabled us to proudly announce the arrival of General Aladeen. The blanket cover 6 Sheets combined with large impactful formats ensured we generated mass awareness, stand-out and opened at number 1 in the box office” Shireen Zoghayer, Communications Manager, MEC Paramount, Dictator Campaign details

11 20 th Century Fox, Ice Age 4 Entertainment & Leisure, Hong Kong Background. 20 th Century Fox was launching their latest movie, Ice Age 4. They wanted to target a young audience, to raise awareness of the movie when they are out and about and to provide a total brand experience. Idea. The team in Hong Kong came up with the idea of transforming a double-decker bus into a giant iceberg with a combination of multiple integrated creative and innovative solutions including: –Full interior and exterior wraps to increase brand awareness and generate buzz. –T shaped banner ads on buses to extend coverage and increase frequency –Free internet connection for bus travellers to extend campaign coverage –Integrated Buzplay TV screens broadcasting movie trailers to capture bus passengers’ attention. –Decorated interiors with wall stickers and seat covers featuring the Ice Age 4 characters. The creative and innovative executions created a very exciting brand experience for bus passengers who were completely immersed in the world of the Ice Age 4 movie.

12 CoverageHong Kong Media agencyMindshare Hong Kong Creative agencyN/A Specialist agencyN/A Environment & formats Themed Bus – Bus wrap, Buzplay TV screens, and Webus digital platform Number of faces1 Themed Bus + 70 T-Shaped banners Target audience General Mass, especially Kids & young adults Audience figures/Research (Reach, Frequency) Buzplay TV screens Estimated OTS: 14m bus passengers Bus wrap Estimated OTS: 38% of 15-54 year olds Webus 425,000 impressions 0.41% click through rate in 28 days Date & Duration18 June – 15 July 2012 20 th Century Fox, Ice Age 4 Supportive information Special creative executions amplified the impact of bus advertising. The Ice Age 4 campaign demonstrated how the use of integrated and complementary solutions can maximize brand and campaign awareness and create a totally immersive brand experience. Media Share of spend Outdoor57% TV 32% Print 2% Radio4% Internet5% Source: AdMango Bus wrap creates impact and awareness Bus interior prompts a call to action Buzplay TV screens captivate bus passengers’ attention Webus free internet connection extends campaign coverage Total brand experience

13 Ice Age 4, Webus Extends the campaign from outdoor to online Consumers are able to access the landing page when they are travelling on Webus or via the Webus app, anytime, anywhere. Results. –425,000+ impressions –0.41% CTR* in 28 days *Click Through Rate Landing Page

14 Ice Age 4, Buzplay Transit TV catches audience’s attention within a captive environment Movie trailer broadcast on the bus with audio-visual effects increases passengers’ brand experience. Results. Estimated OTS: 14m bus passengers Estimation based on 1.1m daily bus passengers and 61% of 12-65 year olds who travel on the bus 4+ times per week. Source: Transport Department Hong Kong | Nielsen Media Index

15 Ice Age 4, Bus Interior Creates a ‘wow’ effect and prompts call to action

16 T-Shape panels to increase awareness and frequency Fully wrapped Theme Bus to create impact Ice Age 4, Bus wrap Creates impact, builds awareness and increases frequency Results. Estimated OTS: 38% of Hong Kong’s 15-54 year olds Estimation based on 70 x T Shaped panels Source: Trantsrank Awareness Curve §ion=6&part=4 §ion=6&part=4

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