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Building Brand and Identity for 4-H in Canada Jennifer Austin Director, Marketing & Communications February 14, 2015.

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1 Building Brand and Identity for 4-H in Canada Jennifer Austin Director, Marketing & Communications February 14, 2015

2 4-H’s Branding Challenge What is a brand and why is it important? 4-H’s Branding Solution How we can all help… Questions? Agenda

3 4-H logo is a registered trademark. It represents our official identity. It is essential that our logos and brand standards be used correctly. The corporate logo should always be taken from official files as made available by 4-H Canada. The elements within the logo and their relative position to one another should never be rearranged. 4-H Logo Today

4 But…this is the reality:

5 Need to protect the brand: no clear guidelines on how to ensure the right people are using the brand in the right way No consistent visual identity: logo, colours, graphic elements, style of photography, fonts Lack of common language: key messages, our narrative, boilerplate 4-H’s Branding Challenge

6 Branding Discussions for Over a Decade Discussed by Councils, provinces and AGMs for years “Embrace the Future” o Recognition that 4-H Canada is custodian of the 4-H brand and plea by Provinces for 4-H Canada to take strong leadership on brand alignment “100 th Anniversary” o Brand alignment deemed paramount in 2nd century revitalization 2014 4-H Canada Strategic Plan o Based on input from provinces and stakeholders o “Identity” established as a strategic priority in Directional Overview o Initiate a consultative process to gauge appetite to refresh logo and build brand alignment 2014 AGM in Abbottsford o Endorsement to proceed o Logo Task Force committee struck (More on this later…)

7 Why now?

8 All 4-H branding should embody the distinct values that we stand for (programs, apparel, websites, etc.). Effective brand communication must be consistent across all media. A set of components—logo, typeface, colours, and design standards—will be created to represent a strong 4-H identity. What we need to do…

9 Then we will talk about how 4-H is tackling its branding challenge! Let’s learn more about branding…

10 Let’s watch a short video to start. What is brand?

11 1.Perceptions in the mind of the consumer Emotional or rational It’s how you feel It’s a visceral reaction 2.Characteristics that make you unique 3.Commands premium price/respect So to summarize, brand can be described as…

12 Branding is an effective way to develop recognition of who we are, what we do and why we do it with those who matter to the organization. Consistent experiences build trust and reputation which translates into: o More members o Engaged stakeholders o Increased ability to raise funds to run great programs. Why is brand important?

13 Vision – what you aspire to become Mission – what you must do to achieve Vision Strategic Objectives – what you must achieve to realize Vision Promise, Values & Personality – how we do what we do Brand Story – illustrates your unique philosophy or methodology and how it impacts what you offer What defines a brand?

14 Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google’s Mission:

15 T o r e f r e s h t h e w o r l d... T o i n s p i r e m o m e n t s o f o p t i m i s m a n d h a p p i n e s s... T o c r e a t e v a l u e a n d m a k e a d i f f e r e n c e. CocaCola’s Mission: To refresh the world... To inspire moments of optimism and happiness... To create value and make a difference.

16 Communicates the essence of our organization It differentiates us from everyone else Reinforces who we are Allow us to be competitive: o Retention o Recruitment o Extend into new areas Why is branding so important?

17 I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou, author Brand is an experience

18 Brand Experience = Value/Reputation


20 So…what is 4-H’s brand solution?

21 Logo Task Force Mandate & Expectations Approval to create a proposal to refresh the 4-H Canada logo was given by Council to complement the brand alignment initiative. Logo Task Force Committee: Chair: Randy Mowat – VP Marketing MNP and Vice-Chair Canadian 4-H Foundation Breanne Durie – 4-H member, former 4-H Canada Council Member and YAC representative Debra Brown – Executive Director 4-H Ontario Leanne Sprung – Senior 4-H & Youth Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development Linda Porter – 4-H Canada Council Member and Executive Director 4-H New Brunswick Lorelei Muller – Executive Director of 4-H Quebec Susann Stone – Executive Director of the 4-H Council of Alberta Timeline: 6 months Collaboration: National, youth, leaders, staff Endorsement: unanimous by Task Force Committee

22 Task Force Conclusions After discussions with stakeholders across Canada, there is: a strong appetite for updating the 4-H Canada logo; a general comprehension of what aligning and strengthening the brand can do for the 4-H movement; and agreement on new visual identity and the roll-out process.

23 Task Force’s Commitment Honour 4-H’s core values Respect the heritage of the organization Institute a ‘soft launch’ of new brand identity, being mindful of fiscal resources in the rollout of the new brand Identity Communicate to all stakeholders that materials with their current logo can be phased out, but any new material will need the new logo as of June 12, 2015. Evolve the visual identity, not revolutionize

24 Evolving Brands

25 Brand Architecture and Alignment of the Brand Establish a strong brand architecture which includes Provinces and Clubs All stakeholders to be represented o National logo with standards o Provincial logo with standards o Club logo with standards Ease of use for all stakeholders Consistent alignment and usage across the country and at all organizational levels

26 Benefits For membership o Communicate the vibrancy and energy of the organization o Attract new members o Engage youth For fund development o Build the public perception of the organization and the value it brings to Canadian youth For 4-H as a whole o Strong 4-H in Canada identity across all levels of the organization o Reinforce 4-H as leader, driver and 4-H Canada as the custodian of the 4-H brand

27 Timeline 20142015 Activity JULAUGSEPOCTNOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN Provincial Consultation Report back to Provinces Board Approval Formal Announcement Implementation Planning Unveiling/Launch at AGM

28 Resource toolkit for Provinces to help implement the new brand Landing page for Clubs and suppliers (downloadable logos, guideline, FAQ) Order new retail items for sale National public relations to raise profile of 4-H’s new image What we will do at 4-H Canada Working together What you can do in the provinces Never use the old logo again on new items! Reflect new visual identity on websites, marketing collateral, signs, etc. Get the word out to Clubs and suppliers about our landing page Talk up the new brand in your communities!

29 Stay tuned to on June 11 for the unveiling of our new logo!

30 Questions?

31 Jennifer Austin Director, Marketing & Communications 613-759-1013 x29 @jk_austin Thank you!

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