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Central Africa. Ancient Kingdom of Kongo Kingdom of Kongo.

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1 Central Africa

2 Ancient Kingdom of Kongo

3 Kingdom of Kongo

4 16 th Century Crucifix, Kongo

5 17 th Century, Crucifix, Kongo

6 18 th Century Crucifix, Kongo

7 Saint Anthony, 18 th Century

8 19 th Century Religious Art

9 1526 Letter “Sir, Your Highness should know how our kingdom is being lost in so many ways that it is convenient to provide for the necessary remedy, since this is caused by the excessive freedom given by your factors and officials to the men and merchants who are

10 1526 Letter allowed to come to this kingdom to set up shops with goods and many things which have been prohibited by us…And we cannot reckon how great the damage is, since the mentioned merchants are taking every day our natives, sons of the land and the sons of our noblemen and vassals and our relatives,

11 1526 Letter because the thieves and men of bad conscience grab them…and cause them to be sold, and so great, Sir, is the corruption and licentiousness that our country is being completely depopulated, and Your Highness should not agree with this nor accept it as in your service. And to avoid it, we need from those [your] kingdoms, no more than some priests

12 1526 Letter and a few people to teach in schools, and no other goods except wine and flour for the holy sacrament. That is why we beg Your Highness to help and assist us in this matter, commanding your factors that they should not send here either merchants or wares because it is our will that in these kingdoms there should not be any trade of slaves nor outlet for them.”

13 Triangular Trade


15 Asante Golden Stool

16 Asante 18 th -19 th Pectoral Badge

17 19 th Century Asante Gold

18 Fon Chair, Abomey, Dahomey

19 Early 20 th Century Fon Art

20 19 th Maternity Figure, Yoruba

21 Bronze Statute of Ooni of Ife

22 17 th Century Oba’s Horn Blower

23 19 th Century Yoruba Bowl

24 19 th Kongo Female Figure & Child


26 Impact of Slave Trade on Africa Rise and Influence of Middlemen Economic Benefit Disease Rise of New Towns and States

27 Whydah

28 Old Architecture, Ouidah

29 Asante Golden Stool

30 Asante 18 th -19 th Pectoral Badge

31 19 th Century Asante Gold

32 Fon Chair, Abomey, Dahomey

33 Early 20 th Century Fon Art

34 19 th Maternity Figure, Yoruba

35 Bronze Statute of Ooni of Ife

36 17 th Century Oba’s Horn Blower

37 19 th Century Yoruba Bowl

38 19 th Kongo Female Figure & Child


40 Whydah

41 Old Architecture, Ouidah

42 Religious Art, Ouidah

43 Door of No Return, Ouidah

44 Weaving Looms, Ouidah

45 Map of Bonny Island, Nigeria

46 Kalabari Masquerade

47 Kalabari Screen

48 19 th Woven Kalabari Plate

49 19 th Brass Tray, Kalabari

50 Brass and Nembe, Nigeria

51 Colonial Bank, Port Harcourt

52 Cape Coast Castle

53 Cape Coast, Gold Coast

54 Cape Coast, Ghana

55 Enslaved African’s Words " We had nothing to eat but yams, which were thrown amongst us at random--and of those we had scarcely enough to support life. More than a third of us died on the passage, and when we arrived at Charleston, I was not able to stand."

56 Pawpaw/Papaya

57 Cut Pawpaw/Papaya

58 Okro/Okra

59 Yam in Open West African Market

60 Yams

61 Tania

62 Cassava


64 Sokoto Caliphate

65 Horsemen, Sokoto Caliphate

66 Gwolu, Ghana

67 Paramount Chief Koro Liman IV “I am standing in front of the inner wall of the Gwolu protective wall, which protected the great Gwolu from slave raiders and encroachments into Gwolu city in ancient times. We have two walls and this is the inner wall.

68 Paramount Chief Koro Liman IV In ancient times when slavery was rampant, our great great ancestor King Tanja Musa built the wall to ward away slave raiders and slave traders from coming into Gwolu to enslave our people.

69 Paramount Chief Koro Liman IV The reason we have the inner and outer wall is that between the two walls we had ponds and farms, so that the inhabitants would be protected from being kidnapped by slave raiders.

70 Paramount Chief Koro Liman IV First, there was only the inner wall. Then they realized that people who went to farm, find firewood and fetch water were kidnapped by slave raiders.

71 Paramount Chief Koro Liman IV The king found it necessary to construct a second wall and that is why it is a two-walled city. And I know that in the whole of Ghana there are only two such walls.”

72 Ganive Stilt Houses

73 Ganvie Stilt Houses


75 Lakeside Home on Stilts, Ganvie

76 Lake Chad

77 Drying Fish, Lake Chad

78 Man Fixing Net, Lake Chad

79 Nzinga Mbemba, Dom Afonso

80 The Oba of Benin

81 King Tezifon of Allada, Dahomey “You will make a house in which you will put at first two little pieces of cannon, the next year you will mount four, and in a little time your factory will metamorphose into a fort that will make you master of my dominions and enable you to give laws to me.”

82 Cugoano Thoughts & Sentiments

83 Ottobah Cugoano “Kings are the ministers of God, to do justice, and not to bear the sword in vain, but revenge wrath upon them that do evil. But if they do not in such a case as this, the cruel oppressions of thousands, the blood of the murdered Africans who are slain by the sword of cruel avarice, must rest upon their own guilty heads…”

84 Oladauh Equiano

85 The Interesting Narrative

86 Oladuah Equiano “As I was the youngest of the sons, I became, of course, the greatest favorite with my mother, and was always with her; and she used to take particular pains to form my mind. I was trained up from my earliest years in the art of war; my daily exercise was shooting and throwing javelins; and my mother adorned me with emblems, after the manner of our greatest warriors. In this way I grew up till I was turned the age of eleven, when an end was put to my happiness…”

87 Frederick Douglas

88 “The whisper that my master was my father, may or may not be true; and, true or false, it is of but little consequence to my purpose whilst the fact remains, in all its glaring odiousness, that slaveholders have ordained, and by law established, that the children of slave women shall in all cases follow the condition of their mothers…”

89 Toussaint L’Ouverture


91 Nat Turner

92 Harriet Tubman

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