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Movingtime!!! My site is moving to See the new quiz and coming.

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1 Movingtime!!! My site is moving to See the new quiz and coming updates there.

2 Anders Wasén Newspaperjournalist Age 55 Lives in Gothenburg Sweden Hobbies: Former hot air ballonpilot. Welcome to Anders jazz banjo webb

3 Banjos I have 6 tenor banjos. Weymann style 85 (1927), Levin Standard (1928), Lange Challenger (1928?), Peter B (Copenhagen 1963) and a pick together Kel Krydon with a Liberty archtop rim. And lots of parts!!!

4 Banjobuddies Here are Peter B, Levin and Weymann. The Peter B,left is modified with an archtop tonering machined from a liberty cast tonering.

5 Lange Challenger Lange Challenger. First cousin of Paramount. An inexpensive way to get Paramount sound and mechanical monitor. Just turn the resonator. A beuatiful meeting between metal and wood.

6 Second Line Jazzband Sweden Niklas Carlsson tb, Jesper Albrektsson tp, Per Bach bs, Anders Östlund dr Anders Wasén bjo Some festivals this year. http://www.gothenburgjazzfestiv http://www.gothenburgjazzfestiv html html Gentleman Jim Mcintosh on banjo http://www.isle-of- http://www.isle-of- et/Delta/2376 et/Delta/2376 LISTEN TO US!

7 Banjo ukulele And I also have some ukuleles and banjoleles and a tenor guitar. Clarphone (Gretsch?) Unknown( Might be a Vega) Unknown(missing dovelstick and resonator Levin ukulele (1942) Oscar Scmidt (1927?) Harmony tenor guitar prob 1950:ies

8 Trivia:Who are the people on the pic? Who´s the girl with the banjo married to? Who owned the banjo? Wich brand is it? In what band did the pianist play? In what band plays the clarinetplayer now?

9 Banjotuning I tune my banjos in my own way. Tenor is a bit to sharp for me and I don´t play plectrum. So I have shifted the C(wound) and D(plain) strings. The tuning and stringauge is from C(0.16(plain) G(0.18 wound) D (0.28 wound) and A (0.08 plain). That gives me the sound I like. I use Oettinger tailpiece to aadjust tensionand dynamics.

10 Must for ukie´s

11 Jazz, friend and family galleries Left Me and George Lewis 1965. Right My father played bass and recorded 1949. Here at Nalen in Stockholm

12 Family Me and my Weyman n My daughter Cajsa jammed with a friend. Today she sings in the cathedral Choir. And dances at Club 100 :My grandson Love loves banjo. Grappa banjo he say.

13 Jazz friends Alton Purnell stayed at our house. It was that night the boiler broke It was that night the boiler broke Down at an outer temperature of -20 C.(See the snow? Inner temp + 10. But Alton Inner temp + 10. But Alton Survived thanks to his all body covering underwear. Left me, John Marks,??,Barry Kid Martyn, Alton and my twinbrother Håkan.

14 More jazz friends Up left: Two very good players, Mrs Jim McIntosh cant handle her skirt and Spats Langham right is breaking up. Right Louis Barbarin at his drums. Sweden 1969. Down l Lars Edegran,,De de Pierce and Al Father Lewis.

15 And more jazzfriends Al Father Lewis strums his Vega Vox banjo. Touring Sweden with a.o Louis Barbarin(Backgraound) in 1971. This is a saxophone! Benny Waters 1973 gives one of my friends a lesson during a break.

16 Misc Jim McIntosh a marvelous banjoplayer. Here we do a black and red jam at Sildajazzen in Haugesund Norway. Me and Bill Colyer at Club 100.

17 My favourite Links Richelieu banjos All about banjo and a very good banjolist. Noels links invaluable for banjoplayers Irish

18 More links Ebay. Search for banjos My newspaper sorry only swedish

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