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What is Agrian? It is a FREE i nternet based use reporting website

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2 What is Agrian? It is a FREE i nternet based use reporting website

3 Who can use Agrian? Growers Applicators Crop Advisors Food Processors and Handlers


5 Agrian Overview Fresno based Founded in 2004 Privately held 55 employees

6 Use Agrian to… Look Up Labels Map Fields Using GIS Technology Write Recommendations (RECs) Write Product Use Reports (PURs) and Monthly Summary Product Use Reports (MSPURs) Write Production Ag Monthly reports (PAMs) Write Fumigant Management Plans All for FREE

7 Agrian’s Label Center Largest Label Database Over 5,000 Products Over 300 Supporting Manufacturers FREE to use FREE for manufacturers to upload their labels

8 Agrian’s Label Center 1.Search for a Product 2.Select the Product 3.View the details

9 Recommendation Writing Easy to use Automatic Rate Check Access past reports from any computer And now available on the iPad * ! *with Documented account and Internet Connection

10 Recommendation Writing 1 1 2 2 3 3

11 Spray Reporting Generate reports manually or automatically from Recommendations (RECs) Electronically send reports directly to the county Easily share reports to others

12 Easy to use Spray Reporting 1 1 2 2 3 3

13 GIS Site Mapping

14 Fumigant Management Plan Create FMPs in minutes!

15 Agrian Mobile A mobile companion to all Agrian Documented accounts Provides access to: 1.Offline Field Scouting and Trap Counting Capture data offline and sync it into your online Agrian account 2. Offline Agrian Label Database A customized label book for every user, including data and full PDF’s 3. Offline Grower and Field Histories All grower data, REC, and spray reports histories available anywhere 4. Offline Field Mapping Point and click or drive around field boundaries to create Agrian field maps 5. ONLINE Recommendation Writing (Offline in 2012) Write product recommendations without a PC Works with any iOSdevice(iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and eventually Android.

16 National Adoption January 2004

17 National Adoption January 2011

18 Agrian Adoption – Partial List of Users Food Companies Bolthouse Farms Booth Ranches ConAgra Foods-Lamb Weston ConAgra Foods-Hunts Del Monte Foods Paramount Citrus Paramount Farms Morningstar Sun West Fruit Company Sun-Maid Growers Unilever Foods Wawona Frozen Foods (Partial List) Grower Service Firms Brandt Consolidated, Inc CPS-Crop Production Services (Locations) Centennial Ag Supply Co Chamberlin AG Helena (Locations) Jimmy Sanders Land View Inc. McGregor Company Quincy Farm Chemical Saddle Mountain Supply Simplot Grower Solutions (National) Wilbur Ellis (National) (Partial List)

19 Getting Started Visit www.agrian.comto sign up for your FREE account

20 Need Help? Free Monthly Webinars Free One-on-One training Free Technical Support: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5:30pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm Available On-Site training

21 Kristine Silva Office: 559-492-5524 Cell: 559-999-6404

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