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CAPABILITIES BRIEF Presented by Mr. Carl Lawson www.cbaia.com1.

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1 CAPABILITIES BRIEF Presented by Mr. Carl Lawson www.cbaia.com1

2 Agenda  CBAIA Profile  CBAIA Capabilities  Organizational Chart  Points of Contact  Summary/Final Questions 2

3 CBAIA Profile  Corporate Overview  Founded in October 2005 as a Acquisition and Life Cycle Logistics Support Company  Owner is a retired Marine with 32 years of Logistics Experience  Locations  Fredericksburg, VA (HQ), Charleston, SC, Albany, GA, and Twenty Nine Palms, CA  22 Employees 3

4 CBAIA Profile (cont’d)  Existing Customers & Partners  Bowhead, Engineering Services  Computer Sciences Corporation  Eagan McAllister and Associates  General Dynamics SATCOM  Media Box Productions  Millennium Technologies Services Corporation  QinetiQ North America www.cbaia.com4

5 CBAIA Profile (cont’d)  Corporate Overview  Small Business Credentials  Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)  Minority Owned  Other Corporate Credentials  DCAA Compliant Accounting System  ISO 9001:2000 Certified  Qualified Program Managers (PMPs) www.cbaia.com4

6 CBAIA Capabilities  Primary Expertise  Our area of expertise is in Acquisition Life Cycle Support to include Program Management and Logistics Life Cycle Management  Acquisition Logistics  Program Management  Task Order Management  Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR’s)  Logistics Life Cycle Management www.cbaia.com6

7 CBAIA Capabilities (cont’d)  Logistics Life Cycle Management cont…  Strategic Logistics (cradle to grave)  Operational Logistics  Contingency Logistics  Logistics & Specialty Discipline Program Analyses  Reliability Predictions  FMECA  RCM  FRACAS  Maintainability Task List & Task Analyses www.cbaia.com7

8 CBAIA Capabilities (cont’d)  Logistics and Specialty Discipline Program cont…  Technical Documentation  Training Programs  Safety  DMSMS  IUID  DLSOR and more…  MIL-STD-1388-1A & 2B, MIL-HDBK-502, GEIA-STD-0007 and MIL-PRF-49506 Life Cycle Logistics is paramount to supporting the United States Military…it incidental to others, but our primary focus. Give us a chance…we can show you what we can do and how well we do it. www.cbaia.com8

9 CBAIA Organizational Chart www.cbaia.com9 Carl Lawson President Carl Lawson PM for Philadelphia Operations Marlon Moore Team Lead 29 Palms, CA Jeff Jacobs Team Lead Albany Andy Nave PM for Charleston Operations JJ Moore Team Lead Quantico Corporate Support Team (CST) Stats: 6 Full time 3 Projects Stats: 2 Full time 2 Projects Stats: 2 Full time 1 Projects Stats: 1 Full time 1 Projects Stats: 11 Full time 4 Projects

10 CBAIA Points of Contact President/Founder Carl Lawson Fredericksburg, VA Cell: (540)308-3375 Program Manager Andy Nave Charleston, SC Cell: (618)781-6880 www.cbaia.com10

11 CBAIA Summary Questions? www.cbaia.com11

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