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Guoxi Fu Career Profile. OVERVIEW Ten years experience leading US-Asian media firm Major projects undertaken for US, European and Japanese corporate clients.

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1 Guoxi Fu Career Profile

2 OVERVIEW Ten years experience leading US-Asian media firm Major projects undertaken for US, European and Japanese corporate clients Joint ventures with partners ranging from Paramount Pictures to UN Network of official and business contacts across Asia Guoxi Fu BACKGROUND Graduate of prestigious Shanghai Drama Academy, breeding ground for China’s leading directors and performers. Early career as director in China’s film and TV industries. Came to the US in 1990, graduating with honors from the graduate film program at Columbia University in New York. In 1993 appointed to lead a new US- Asian media firm, headquartered in New York.

3 A HISTORIC OPENING The 1990s have seen an historic opening of the media in Asia, and particularly China. From his base in New York, Guoxi Fu has played an active role in that process, completing a number of projects which have helped re- define media relations between East and West. INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE PROFILES With the full support of the China State Planning Commission, Guoxi Fu secured the exclusive and unprecedented opportunity to present US and international businesses in prime time on China Central Television, the national network. The groundbreaking series was entitled “International Corporate Profiles” (ICP). GM was the first of seven leading US companies to participate in ICP. The series was launched in January 1994 with a nationally televised press conference in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. At the launch, US corporate vice-presidents shared the stage with senior Chinese officials and policy makers, an important signal of new official attitudes towards multinationals entering China. Chinese Vice-Premier Li Lanqing greets US executives (left to right) He Dongcai, Vice-Minister, Radio, Film and TV Hao Jianxiu, Vice-Minister of the Chinese State Planning Commission Yang Weiguang, President, China Central Television Gu Yongjiang, Vice-Minister, Foreign trade

4 PROGRAM IMPACT ‘International Corporate Profiles’ was an immense success, drawing audiences of 80 to 100 million. Widespread news coverage in China was quickly followed by the international media. People’s Daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun Nikkei Industrial Daily

5 CORPORATE CLIENTS 1994-9 With the success of INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE PROFILES, Guoxi Fu went on to secure a range of clients for media projects in China, and expanded ICP to new territories such as Vietnam. BMW Sanyo Goodyear Pepsi-Cola Michelin Airbus AT&T Walt Disney Glaxo General Motors Ryobi Johnson & Johnson American Standard Wal-Mart Philip Morris Hitachi

6 UNITED NATIONS PROJECT DISTRIBUTION In 1995, Guoxi Fu was selected by the Chinese authorities to produce a TV series marking the United Nations World Conference on Women, held in Beijing. HALF THE SKY was co-produced with national broadcasters in the following countries: VenezuelaJordanThailandPhilippines TanzaniaPolandIndia China CanadaPortugal UN Fourth World Conference on Women Beijing 1995 Guoxi Fu has been able to secure capital, government approval and broadcast partners to bring new films and TV programs to audiences in Asia and the US: 50th Anniversary World War II dramas on provincial stations in China “Lois and Clark” and other network programs to China Award-winning Chinese films in the US International Sports programs in China Vietnam’s top-rated variety show

7 ET ASIA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP In 1996, Guoxi Fu created ET Asia, a joint venture with Paramount Pictures for producing entertainment projects in Asia. In 2000, Guoxi Fu became President of ET Media Group at Paramount Pictures. ET Asia’s first project was to produce a Chinese-language version of the US show “Entertainment Tonight”. Guoxi Fu obtained government approval and broadcast partners for “ET China”, supervising all aspects of the first TV co-production between a Hollywood studio and Chinese broadcasters. “ET China” was launched in August 1996, and has been a major critical and ratings success ever since.

8 GOVERNMENT & MEDIA RELATIONS Guoxi Fu is one of few individuals to have widespread access to media officials and enterprises in China and the US. He maintains those contacts by facilitating media exchanges between East & West: Official visits to the US and Canada by Ministers and Vice-Presidents of Radio, Film and TV Delegations of leading Chinese media professionals to meet with US counterparts Visits to China by leading executives from US studios. Mr. Guoxi Fu with Chinese Minister Minister of Radio, Film and Television, Mr. Sun Jiazheng. Mr. Fu with Paramount Pictures delegation in China. Mr. Fu accompanying the Chinese Delegation of Leading Anchorpersons to the US. Mr. Fu with Chinese government delegation meeting with Paramount Pictures. Mr. Fu with MRFT Vice- Minister Liu Xi-Liang Mr. Fu with MRFT Vice-Minister Tian Congming

9 GM CHINA The launch of the GM Buick car for China was the major business event for China in 1998, and was designated the most important project for this year by the Shanghai city government. Guoxi Fu was selected by General Motors to research, devise and execute a publicity campaign for the launch, covering all print and electronic media The multi-million dollar campaign was launched successfully in June 1998 with the first of several nationwide prime time TV specials: -GM in China -GM and the World -GM Birth of a Car -GM Technology With the success of these broadcasts, Mr. Fu was appointed Strategic Communications Advisor for GM in China, advising on all media campaigns. On August 15, 1998 the Economist reported that the AC Nielsen ratings for June in China placed “GM in China” in the top ten highest-rated programs. In China…people appear to prefer promotional documentaries to official news. -THE ECONOMIST

10 Guixi Fu has been working closely with US and China major technology organizations, broadcasters, film studios, and content providers to develop VOD, pay per view, digital cinema, music online, web TV channel, etc. Mr. Fu made tremendous effort on multimedia business development in: Laws and regulations Industry standard System planning Overall structure Basic principles for system planning Infrastructure of last mile connectivity Local system at provincial level Subsystems for DVB and NVOD Digital TV broadcasting front end at municipal level Management software system Authorized user management system Data transport system Market feasibility studies and analyses Legal base studies and analyses Guoxi Fu is a key person on government approval procedures, partnership deal structure, technology and market development, etc. MULTIMEDIA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

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