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MAXILUBE TESTS AND TESTIMONIALS Lab Test Results We tested a variety of popular motor oils to determine resistance to heat and friction. This test focused.

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1 MAXILUBE TESTS AND TESTIMONIALS Lab Test Results We tested a variety of popular motor oils to determine resistance to heat and friction. This test focused on how long each lubricant would protect against engine seizure with and without MAXILUBE.

2 Associated Ready Mix Testimonial Concrete Plant Equipment Life Prolonged Date: 1997 We, at Associated Ready Mixed Concrete Inc. have been using this fine product in all of our vehicles and at two of our major plants. We have no criticism for this product and its appreciation is well justified. This product has prolonged the life of our plants and equipment. Maxilube has proven its worth and we will continue its use for a long time to come. Steve Searingen, General Manager Associated Ready Mix Long Beach, CA Please note that concrete manufacturing is one of the most extreme energy usage industries and friction on the equipment takes a heavy toll.

3 Kawahata Racing Testimonial “For the past year I have been observing and collecting data on the use of MAXILUBE in several different types of applications. I build racing engines and specialize in circle track motors. I am meticulous about the components that I use in my engines, including additives. The first engine I put MAXILUBE in, was a 360 cubic inch Super Modified motor. This was a #77 CAM Car Race in Madera, CA. The driver knew that I was going to add MAXILUBE, but did not know when. I checked the oil and water temp after a 10-lap practice session. I added the MAXILUBE, and sent the car out with no other changes for another practice session of 10-laps. When I checked after the second session, the oil temp decreased by 15 degrees and the water temp dropped 10 degrees.” “The best part was the driver noticing an increase in engine power, and he was unaware of the application.” “I don’t normally endorse any additives, however, MAXILUBE has proven itself as an additional advantage, one that I can not pass up.” We think it’s significant to note that Kawahata builds his own engines.

4 Emissions Testimonial

5 Washington Union High School District Testimonial Maxilube Reduces Bus Maintenance and Paperwork Date: 11/1/99 As maintenance mechanic for Washington Union School District, Maxilube has definitely made my job easier. By cutting oil consumption in half on the buses and not having to add oil between changes, my work load of routine maintenance is reduced and I have a lot less paperwork. Also, the drivers tell me the buses run a lot better and put out less blue smoke. Sincerely, Glenn Alves Washington Union HS District Fresno, CA

6 Paramount Farms Testimonial “ Wind machines: during the period of December '06 thru January '07 we had 28 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures where our 141 ground powered wind machines ran full throttle 15 hours per day every day. These are not new engines but '50 & '60 year model 391 Ford Industrials, 460 Fords & 454 Chevy’s. Approximately 70 of them had been treated with Maxilube prior to this freeze period. In that group there was not a single failure, however, we had around a 30% failure rate in the group not treated with Maxilube.” “We recently performed several in-shop engine overhauls. Two of these engines were running side by side in the shop. A shop visitor and a couple of our mechanics not knowing that one of the engines had been treated with Maxilube commented that one engine ran much smoother and quieter than the other, of course that was the Maxilube engine.” “A Honda air cooled 4 wheeler lost all it's engine oil after a driver bottomed it out and cracked the housing. He continued to work it another 5 hours. He then brought it into the shop complaining that it was running hot. (well what would you expect with not one drop of oil in the engine). We tore down the engine and found the sleeve was scored. The housing was repaired, the sleeve and piston were replaced for about $350 verses $2,000 for a new engine. Maxilube also prevented the aluminum block from warping. This one situation alone has paid for all the Maxilube we have purchased.” “Maxilube is run in all of our local company vehicles as well all the shop mechanics run it in our personal vehicles. We do not typically recommend products but put me down as being sold on your Maxilube.” “Over the past 3 years we have added your product to all of our varied field equipment. We have noted reduced operating temperature up to 20 degrees. In virtually every case we have seen improvement in performance, horsepower and less downtime.” Bernie Benitez, Shop Supervisor February 6, 2007

7 HOW THE COMPETITION COMPARES This test compared MAXILUBE with other leading additives in a heat analysis study with a leading 10W30 Motor Oil as the lubricant. As indicated, all other additives showed engine locks between 60 & 90 seconds. Additive Initial Temp Temp@ 20 sec Temp @ 40 sec Temp @ 60 sec Temp @ 90 sec Temp @ 120 sec Engine Lock up Lucas 69 155 222 295 408Locked90 sec Zmax 70 165 248 334Locked 62 sec Slick 50 69 157 230 310Locked 60 sec Duralube 72 165 245 322Locked 61 sec Maxilube 69 94 112 137 170 189 N/A

8 MAXILUBE Operational Cost Analysis Sample cost analysis for 1 year of MAXILUBE treatments based on recommended retreatment rates of 50% for the second treatment and 25% for the third treatment. Oil Slick 50 Duralube Prolong Maxilube Maxilube Changes/ Initial/ Initial/ Initial/ Initial/ Initial/ year re-treat re-treat re-treat re-treat* re-treat** 1st $20 $20 $20 $22 $22 2nd $20 $20 $15 $11 $ 5.50 3rd $20 $20 $15 $11 $ 5.50 4th $20 $20 $15 $11 $ 5.50 Totals/ Year $80 $80 $65 $55 $38.50 * re-treatment rate of 50% ** re-treatment rate of 25%

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