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Madeleine -- Jaime Baccari

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1 Madeleine -- Jaime Baccari
Marlene DIetrich Madeleine -- Jaime Baccari

2 Father: Louis Erich Otto Dietrich
Born: December 27th, 1901 Father: Louis Erich Otto Dietrich Mother: Wilhelmina Elisabeth Josephine Felsing Sister: Elisabeth She never publically acknowledged her sister because she tried to protect her sister from issues when WWII arose, and of the public eye.

3 School Had a privileged childhood Did not enjoy school
Had many out of school lessons Loved languages and History, not math Her father was in the military and the family came from wealth She kept to herself, usually immersed in books or thought She did not have many friends Had private tutors for: gymnastics, piano, guitar, knitting, and violin

4 Her favorite subject was French
French teacher was taken away and she was no longer allowed to learn French. “Each time I was punished for speaking French (the language of our enemy) and had to drop 10 pfennigs into the class till, this donation was made in her name.” Marlene was expelled from summer classes for giving out roses on Bastille Day. French teacher became her best friend Having a friend boosted confidence This let her know it was okay to love french language and culture Mlle. Breguand was taken out as a teacher because she was from france. *during WWI* “ Today is the fourteenth of July. I thought the roses would make you happy.”

5 “Logic is the key to an all-inclusive spiritual well being.”
Marlene was sent to a boarding school in Weimar, Germany Music student, played violin until she was injured. After she stopped playing violin she decided to become an actress. She loved being in Weimar because she said it was… “the city of Goethe” Injured her finger and was told to give up trying to be a concert violinist She decided to become and actress because she believed that the theatre was the only place that one could recite beautiful texts from her favorite authors and poets.

6 Acting school Attended Max Reinhardt acting school in Berlin
Took on small acting parts in theatre Auditioned and was accepted to the acting school Took on small unpaid parts in plays. This was part of being in school Mostly just an extra but could have had up to 3 lines.

7 Met her husband soon after starting acting school.
They were married after one year of engagement Had daughter Maria on December 13th, 1924 She met her husband Rudolf Sieber while on the set of a play They were only married for a short time when she became pregnant with her first and only child Maria

8 Knew all aspects of making a movie and passed them on to Marlene.
Josef Von Sternberg Director Knew all aspects of making a movie and passed them on to Marlene. “I didn’t discover Dietrich, I am a teacher, and this beautiful woman came to that teacher’s attention. He shaped her appearance, high-lighted her charm, minimized her defects, and molded her into an aphrodisiacal phenomenon.” They crossed paths and he asked her to audition for a new movie he was directing called “The Blue angel” He knew she was perfect for the part even though she was an unknown actress.

9 Films Made With Sternberg
The Blue Angel Blonde Venus Dishonored Shanghai Express Morocco Scarlett Empress Devil is a Woman These were the highlights of her career, also those films which she treasured most.

10 The Blue Angel Made in both English and German Filmed in Berlin
She earned only $5,000 for this movie. “His proposal, with its underlying assumption that I might fail at something, shocked me. And I hated failure of any kind. So it was up to me to prove my worth, that I could do it.” Her co-star Emil Jannings (who she did not get along with) made $200,000 while she only made $5,000 Josef told marlene that if she couldn’t manage the english version of the movie that his wife would speak for her she refused then told him the quote on the slide….. After she filmed this movie she made the decision to move to hollywood to continue to make movies with von sternburg The Blue Angel

11 Blonde Venus Dishonored Shanghai Express

12 Devil Is a Woman Morocco Scarlet Empress
Devil is a woman was her favorite movie Scarlet Empress

13 Mae West was her greatest influence
Loved cooking “When you want to have a say in the matter, you yourself must be able to carry out the instruction you give to others.” She never told mae west this and she loved to cook russian, austrian and french food the most. She loved to cook for everyone. “Money means nothing to me when feelings are involved.”

14 WWII Became American citizen Joined army
Was awarded medals from both France and America. “There was an icy silence, which I finally broke: “Do I rightly understand that you refuse to have Mr. von Sternberg make a film in your country (I said: ‘your country’) because he’s Jewish?” Suddenly they all began to stir and to talk at the same time: “You are infected by American propaganda. There is no anti-Semitism in Germany…” She renounced her german citizensship Joined the army after her friend and actor Jean Gabin decided to join the French Freedom Force Awarded from france…. Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Officer of the legion of honor America….. Medal of freedom

15 “For me, friendship is the most precious possession.”
“Friendship has united more people than love. It is precious and it is sacred.” “For me, friendship is the most precious possession.” Friends “The moment you experience the blessing of a friendship you have the sacred duty to obey its laws.” Charlie chaplin ernest hemingway Edith Piaf

16 After WWII Marlene thrived in her singing career
A documentary was made in 1983. Spent her last 20 years as just a mother and grandmother. Marlene Dietrich passed away May 6th, 1992.

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