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Comprehensive Community Development In Indianapolis Aligning Partners for Transformation.

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1 Comprehensive Community Development In Indianapolis Aligning Partners for Transformation

2 Who is LISC? LISC Nationally has invested $10 billion into 3,000 local economic development groups over 30 years. Indianapolis LISC has invested over $190 Million, leveraging $800 Million over 20 years. LISC Indianapolis helps resident-led, community- based development organizations transform distressed communities and neighborhoods into healthy ones – good places to live, do business, work and raise families

3 LISC Mission Outcomes Core neighborhoods are desirable places to live, work, learn, and play Residents of core neighborhoods participate fully in the regional economy Core neighborhoods are integrated into the regional economy

4 Principles of Neighborhood Revitalization Engage Neighborhood Align Resources Reinforce unique assets Invest in Infrastructure Integrate into Economic Development

5 Fountain Square: Incremental Transformation Suburbanization/Interstate Damage Community-led Revitalization over 20 years Focused on commercial center assets Created 1 st QOL plan

6 Fountain Square Impact Arts strategy attracted venues, restaurants, amenities “White Elephants” become anchors Commercial Center attracts residents Revitalization “Equity” Over $50 Million Invested slowly



9 Wheeler Arts Community

10 New Community Center


12 Cultural Trail Extension

13 GINI Neighborhoods

14 Near East: Partners Accelerate Change Shaped around Quality of Life Plan-Bottom-Up Integrated approach Internal/External Partnership Civic Power of SuperBowl Legacy as magnet

15 Near Eastside By the Numbers: $150 Million +  290 units of housing impacted X  2,610 working families received wealth building assistance  25+ businesses recruited to East Tenth Business District  595 students at School #14 connected to community resources  Urban farming, green alleyways, sunken gardens, greenhouses, potential LEED ND certification – all in St. Clair Place neighborhood within the Near Eastside

16 Near Eastside Projects Healthy Lifestyles  Re-use of public education facilities for public safety  Better Buildings energy efficiency grant program  People’s Health Center new facility HoTIF Area Family Income and Wealth Building  Financial Opportunity Center at John H. Boner Center  Earned Income Tax Credit citywide VITA site hub  Bridges Out of Poverty Circles to build social capital for working families East 10 th Street Commercial Corridor Brookside Park Forest Manor Park Willard Park Economic Development  FOCUS Commercial Revitalization Program  Clifford Corners mixed use building  Pogue’s Run Grocer Indy’s first food coop Capital Investment  St. Clair Place Housing Development  Willard Park housing for youth aging out of foster care  The Commonwealth low- income housing in Englewood Education  Near Eastside Legacy Center with education, fitness and wellness programs  Five schools with dedicated community- school coordinators  Paramount School of Excellence X



19 St. Clair Place Homes

20 St. Clair Apartments


22 Chase NearEastside Legacy Center

23 Clifford Corners

24 East Washington Street Corridor

25 Looking Ahead: Alignment Encourage Pragmatic Planning Build on Legacy Partnerships/Momentum Link-in Other Initiatives Create Efficiencies Across “Silos” Leverage RebuildIndy Core Neighborhoods as Base of Growth


27 Bill Taft Executive Director, LISC Indianapolis (317) 454-8496

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