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Al-Madinah International University MEDIU

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1 Al-Madinah International University MEDIU
Al-Madinah International (Malaysia) SDN BHD Company ROC no: P Al-Madinah International University MEDIU

2 BACKGROUND Institution: Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU)
Location : 11TH Floor, Plaza Masalam 2, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah E/9E, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Establishment: Total Students/MM Faculty: 140 (2009) Total Staff/MM Faculty: 15 (2009) Total Revenue and Profits (2013): RM13.0M and RM2.3M Validity (date) Date of approval or application to MOHE Ref. No. of MOHE approval Approvals received or applications made for approvals No - 26 December 2006 KPT (JPS)600-07/71/JId. 1(23) Establishment of the Institution 1 Five Years 19 June 2012 20 June 2007 KPT/JPS/DFT/US/ B22 Certificate of Registration of Institution 2 -- 22 May 2009 KPT(JPS)600-07/71/Jld. 4(7) Changes to the Board of Directors and Shareholding Structure 3

3 BACKGROUND- Shareholders.
Share / RM Citizenship HH Prince Dr. Bandar bin Salman bin Muhammad AlSaud 16 % RM160,000 Saudi Arabia AlThubaiti, Abdulbari Awwadh A 14 % RM140,000 AlMuhaisin, Abdul Muhsin bin Abdullah A AlYahya, Yahya Ibrahim A Al-Dakhil, Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz A Al-Amudi, Omar bin Aboud M Dr. Muhammad bin Khalifal A AlTamimi Total 100% RM 1,000,000

Total number of Courses Applied: 5 Programmes MSC Package: Selected Incentives Choice of Tax Incentive: Pioneer Status

5 QA-2 Faculty of Computer and Information Technology
Prof. Dr. Abbou Fouad Mohammed Deputy Rector, Academic Affairs Dr. Abid Abdelouahab Dean Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Faculty Council Ayman Kamel Salim Jaradat Head of Computer Science Dept. Omer Muwaffak Abdalla Head of Multimedia & Networking Dept. Diploma in Information Technology Diploma in Business Information System Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Bachelor of Information Tech. in Mgmt Information Sys. (Hons) Bachelor of Information Tech. in System Dev. Admin (Hons)

QA-1 ICT Infrastructure 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Labs 4 6 8 PCs 18 35 51 55 72 PC to student ratio 1:8 1:12 1:17 1:23 1:31 IT/MM Equipment Expenditure (million) RM1.754 RM1.824 RM2.285 RM4.107 RM5.567 Campus Bandwidth 10Mbps 16Mbps 20Mbps 25Mbps 30Mbps

7 QA-1 ICT Infrastructure
Highlights: Wireless Access Capability provided (802.11a, b and g) WLAN access at Learning Centre. 10Mbps Bandwidth in Mediu’s co-location in Cyberjaya. Web-based digital library available with the utilisation of Digital Library Management System (DLMS). Internally developed Learning Management System (LMS) and Campus. Management System (CMS) that integrates the latest e-learning technology. 99% uptime guarantee for any network failures. Daily back-up and disaster recovery at the headquarters (Shah Alam). Implementing server virtualization to optimize costs and return on investment. Two(2) dedicated 2Mbps and 3Mbps lines from HQ to Cyberjaya and Internet respectively. 1Mbps dedicated leased lines in Mediu’s Learning Centres in Jogjakarta and Makassar, Indonesia

8 QA-2 Faculty of Computer and Information Technology
Items Detail Leadership Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abid Abdelouahab (Ph.D. in Information Technology, MMU 2007) More than 12 years working experience Staff training policy Staff training policy for each staff is 5 days/year Average teaching load Average of about 12 hours/week Faculty Partnerships Multimedia University, Office Gate Sdn. Bhd. Age Group Average age of Faculty of Computer and Information Technology members is in the 30 – 35 year range Participation in Events Conferences/Workshops

9 QA-3 Teaching K-Workers
Student per lecturer Currently, 100% of total MM faculty staff are FT teaching k-workers (100% Masters Degree qualification and above)

10 QA-4 Courses Applied No Course Name Course Code Ruj. Kelulusan/ MOHE Tarikh Diluluskan 1. Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) KA 9259 KPT(JPS)600-07/71/Jld.III(I) 21 Ogos 2008 2. Bachelor of Information Technology in System Development and Administration (HONS) (BITSDA) KA 9477 KPT(JPS)600-07/71/Jld.III(22) 23 Januari 2009 3. Bachelor of Information Technology in Management Information System (Hons) (BITMIS) KA 9479 4 Bachelor of Information Technology. (HONS) (DIT) KA 9476 KPT(JPS)600-07/71/Jld.III(8) 29 Oktober 2008 5 Diploma in Business Information System. KA 9260 All the 5 Programmes ( 2 Diplomas) and (3 Bachelors) to be offered, obtained the approval from MOHE and MQA. Total Fees of Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) and Diploma in Business Information System are between MYR 12,399 to MYR 13,045 for Full Time Students, and MYR12,849 to MYR13,495 for Part Time students. Total Fees of IT Bachelors are between MYR 24,035 to MYR 24,197 for Full Time Students, and MYR 24,635 to MYR 24,797 for Part Time students.

11 Academic Pathways for MEDIU
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Bachelor of Information Tech. in Mgmt Information Sys. (Hons) Bachelor of Information Tech. in System Dev. Admin (Hons) Diploma in Information Technology Diploma in Business Information System Post Graduate DIPLOMA YEAR 3 BACHELOR YEAR 4 DIPLOMAYEAR 2 BACHELOR YEAR 3 DIPLOMA YEAR 1 BACHELOR YEAR 2 BACHELOR YEAR 1 SPM/SPMV/’O’ LEVEL STPM/STAM/’A’ LEVEL /FOUNDATION

12 QA-4 Courses Applied Current and Projected Enrolment (2009 & 2013):
Programme Courses Current 2009 Projected 2013 Bachelor Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) 30 235 Bachelor of Information Tech. in Mgmt Information Sys. (Hons) Bachelor of Information Tech. in System Dev. Admin (Hons) Total 90 705 Diploma Diploma in Information Technology 25 200 Diploma in Business Information System 50 400

13 QA-4 Courses Applied Projected Enrolments (2009 – 2013)

14 QA-4 Courses Applied – Projected Graduates
Over the period of 5 years ( ), MEDIU will be producing a total of 314 Bachelor and Diploma graduates specializing in Information Technology

15 QA-5 R & D Activities ITEM DETAILS Research Strength/ Focus
Communication Networks Computer Security Funding E-Science Funding Highlights Internally developed systems being used in all branches; possible commercialisation in the future. Technology Division: SYSTEMS CMS (Campus Management system) CMS, which is currently operational, covers the major aspects of the University’s campus operations and management. ALIM (Advanced Learning and Interactive Management System) A comprehensive one-stop centre, or student portal, to support and enhance the learning process. DIGITAL LIBRARY MEDIU's Digital library allows students to access a virtual library and to browse the references, numerous digitized and scanned books, online journals, and other sources of information with the support of a cataloging system (DLMS).

16 QA-5 R & D Activities ITEM DETAILS Highlights
COURSEWARE- As part of the move towards realizing the full potential of a virtual learning environment by the University, the internal courseware team is responsible for developing the courseware materials used by the students. COMPLETED COURSEWARE: Currently, courseware modules have been developed and completed for a total of 20 of the current courses offered by the University. PLANNED COURSEWARE: In view of the increase in number of courses offered, a total of 70 courseware modules are planned for development in 2009. WEBSITE- The University’s website is the main source for the public to view the latest news and activities. This website is maintained and updated by well trained and professional in-house webmasters. SECTIONS: Currently, the University’s website has a total of 23 main features of interest. VISITORS: As the University continues to grow, the website is being enhanced and updated on a regular basis to provide visitors with the latest news and information. In 2008 the number of visitors to the website reached 104,260 over an eight month, i.e. 13,000 on average per month. In 2009 the number of visitors is about 14,000 per month on average. FREE ONLINE SERVICES: Free services are available as part of Mediu's outreach responsibility to the student community. These useful services include: Online MAPT(Mediu’s Arabic Placement Test) and MEPT(Mediu’s English Placement Test) Free Digital Library Membership Online CRM(Customer Relation Management) and free request for Information FAQs

17 MEDIU’s Learning centers MEDIU’s Technologies Systems.
MEDIU’s CMS System MEDIU’s Digital Library MEDIU’s LMS system (ALIM) MEDIU’s CRM system Learning centers

18 KEY FINANCIALS Revenue Net Profit R&D and IT Sales R&D
xxx R&D and IT Financial Comments: R&D Revenues expected to grow to RM13.015M in 5 years with average net profit margin of 32% Majority of revenues come from the Bachelor’s programme Investment in R&D and IT equipment expected to increase to RM9.659M by 2013.

19 VALUE PROPOSITION Flexibility for Students. MEDIU's Programs allow students the freedom to study online anytime, and anywhere. Affordable higher education system. Strategic location in Klang Valley. Producing relevant knowledge workers to the MSC in the fields of Information Technology, Electrical and Electronic and Business Computing.

20 VISUALS from Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU)

21 MEDIU's HQ & Shah Alam’s Learning Center Location

22 MEDIU’s Head Quarters

23 MEDIU’s Head Quarters

24 MEDIU’s Shah Alam Learning center

25 MEDIU's Technologies infrastructure

26 Shah Alam’s Learning center Lab (1)

27 Shah Alam’s Learning center Lab (2)

28 MEDIU’s overseas Learning Centers Multimedia Labs
MEDIU’s Sulawesi/ Indonesia. LC Lab MEDIU’s Yogyakarta / Indonesia. LC Lab MEDIU’s MADINAH / Saudi Arabia. LC Lab MEDIU’s London/ UK. LC Lab

29 Activities in MEDIU’s Local Centers.

30 Activities in MEDIU’s overseas Learning Centers.
Bangkok LC Singapore LC MADINAH/ Saudi. LC

31 MEDIU’s Website Visitors Analysis.

32 MEDIU’s Future Main Campus Project in Cyberjaya.
Phase one to be completed by 2013

33 RECOMMENDATIONS Educational Tourism
Malaysia is emerging as one of the early pioneers in establishing itself in educational tourism. The establishment of MEDIU in Shah Alam, and later plans to move its main campus in Cyberjaya will greatly contribute in attracting and offering international students a wide choice in terms of courses. Supporting the Nation vision to be an Educational hub. This directly support the concept of Malaysia becoming a regional education hub to raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation in the country. Creation of an employments & Research Opportunities for the Locals. MEDIU will bring intellectual capital to Malaysia, enhancing collaboration with local universities through joint research projects and student exchange programs. It also generates academic job opportunities for university graduates. Supporting the Nation economy, by bring fund & investor from Middle east. Malaysia is promoting regional and international integration by intensifying economic linkages with major economies in Asia and in other regions. MEDIU efforts foster investment ties in education with other potential partners from the Middle East. Enriching the local society with Islamic & moral cultures exchange. (MEDIU will move to Cyberjay & build Madinah Mosque). This promotes cultural tourism in term of rich Islamic cultural diversity in the country.


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