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Machine-Status Outline: Organization Financial aspects

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1 Machine-Status Outline: Organization Financial aspects
Radiation Safety Cooling SR Magnets (CESSAMag) SR Vacuum SR RF Erhard Huttel in Behalf of the SESAME-Team TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

2 Organization Beamlines (+1) Cooling/Vacuum
XABS:Messaoud Harfouche IR: Ibraheem Yousef PD: Rabia Kaneez (2013) Cooling/Vacuum Firas Mahahleh Osama Nour (C) Mohammad Al-Nadjdawi (V) Adel Amro (V) Saed Budair (V) Power-Supplies / Electric (+1) Sofian Javar Ifikhar Abid Osama Khader (2013) Yazeed Momani Farouq Al-Omari Machine-Physics (+2) Maher Attal Mohammad Ebeni (2013) Koryun Maunkyan (2013). Computing Salman MAtalgah Mustafa Zoubi Design/Mechanics Maher Shehab Thaer Abu-Hanieh Akrum Al-Homoud Ahmad Ateieh Open position RF/Diagnostics Darweesh Foudeh Nashat (RF) Alaa Alkurdi (RF) Hussain Al-Mohammad (D) Control (+1,-1) (Ziaulhaque Qazi) left 2013 Ibrahim Saleh Abdallah Ismail (2013) Open Positions Administration (+4) Sonia Al-Faques Majeda Salama ( 2013) Ayman Al-Zoubi Ibrahim Radwan Abd Al Mawla Gnaimat Ameyreh Basheer(2013) Khaled Al-Zoubi (2013) Rawan Ramadan (2013) Radiation-Safety Adli Hamad Morteza Mansouri Majeda Salama (2013, Purchasing) Administrative Sector Technical Sector Scientific Sector Groups working for both Sectors (more efficient for a small facility) TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

3 Financial Aspects till 2016
Injector-upgrade 0.9 M€ Magnets and PS:5.0 M€ Girder: 0.8 M€ Vacuum: 3.0 M€ RF: 3.0 M€ Diagnostics: 1.5 M€ SR-Cooling: 0.5 M€ Cabling: 0.5 M€ Commissioning: 1.5 M€ Control-System 1.1 M€ Safety P+A 0.8 M€ Front-Ends: 0.5 M€ Sum [€] M€ Sum [$] M$ 10% M$ Income EU-CERN: M€ Jordan: 4 x 1.25 M$ Turkey: 4 x 1.25 M$ Israel: 4 x 1.25 M$ Iran: x 1.25 M$ ? Sum: M $ ? Machine: M$ 4 Beamlines upgrade: M$ Guesthouse M$ Sum M$ TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

4 Cost Planning / Schedule Plan A
Date Provided [M$] 1) Contract (cost [M$]) Committed [M$] Spend [M$] 2) Nov 12 3.75 Jordan+IR (0.6) SR.Vac (2.0) Rad.Saf (0.4) AOB (0.3) 3.2 1.6 Nov 13 7.50 RF.Cav (2.0) Girder (1.2) Vac.Pumps (1.2) Vac.Valves (1.2) RF-Ampl. (3.2) AOB (0.5) 12.5 6.0 Nov 14 11.25 RF LL etc (0.5) Diagnostics (2.0) Rad.Saf (0.5) Frontends (0.7) AOB (0.5) 16.7 11.8 Nov 15 15.00 Jan 16 Start Operation Nov 2013 till Nov 2014: Committed money M$ > provided money M$ < less spend money M$ If committed money must be less provided money Schedule must be revised! Plan B. Start of operation delayed! 1) Contribution Israel, Jordan, Turkey 2) due to partial payment over two years spend is less than committed money The contribution of Iran is needed for the built up of the beam-lines! TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

5 Cost Planning / Schedule Plan B
Date Provided [M$] 1) Contract (cost [M$]) Committed [M$] Spend [M$] 2) Nov 12 3.75 Jordan+IR (0.6) SR.Vac (2.0) Rad.Saf (0.4) AOB (0.3) 3.2 1.6 Nov 13 7.50 RF.Cav (2.0) Girder (1.2) AOB (0.5) 6.9 4.3 Nov 14 11.25 Vac.Pumps (1.2) Vac.Valves (1.2) 2 RF-Ampl. (3.2) AOB (0.5) 11.4 7.1 Nov 15 15.00 2 RF Ampl. (3.2) RF LL etc (0.5) Diagnostics (2.0) Rad.Saf (0.5) Frontends (0.7) 16.7 12.7 Nov 16 Delivery Nov 17 Start Operation Provided Money (blue) > committed money (red) > spend money (green) Commissioning delayed to 2017! The contribution of Iran is needed for the built up of the beam-lines ! 1) Contribution Israel, Jordan, Turkey 2) due to partial payment over two y ears spend is less than committed money TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

6 Project-Development TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel Still in the expected range for commissioning in 2016

7 No-In-kind Contribution Pakistan
Visit of SESAME Director, Scientific- and Administrative Director Jan. 2013 Visit of SESAME-Technical Director and Mechanical Group-Leader March 2013 In preparation of contracts: Our mails have not been replied Kick off meeting at HMC3 TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

8 Cooling System Design by SESAME : Firas Makahleh
Done by local provider: Alpha-Amman Volume: M $, Built up: Financed by: EuropAid Chillers, Cooling towers (2 x 1.1 MW) Air conditioning Hall (600 kW), Tunnel (30 kW) Heat-exchanger (2x 0.9 MW) Pumps TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

9 New Commissioning Permit for Microtron-Operation
Dose [mSv] Microtron SESAME dose calculation confirmed by JNRC: Expected dose less 1mSv/y Limit for general public access TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

10 Radiation Safety Two bids (Thermo/Eberlein, Berthold (178 k$, 275 k$)
On-line-Radiation Monitors (Thermo/Eberlein) delivered: Aug. 13 X-ray and Neutron Personal (Luxel) Dosimeter ordered from Landauer Radiation Monitor installed on top of the SESAME Booster Luxel Dosimeter TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

11 Personal Safety System
Invitation to bid: May 13 3 Bids received: Jul. 13 (SAM, PROCON, SELMER) (73 k$, 163 k$, 743 k$) TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

12 Booster Installation Done: Vacuum Installed and pumped Magnets aligned
RF Installed Septum, Kicker PS built up Cabling done Control system built up Radiation-Monitors installed Commissioning Jan.2014 Dipole Current-Monitor Cavity Corrector Quadrupole TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

13 Control-System Booster fully in Control
Development of Virtual Servers (EPICS) and Graphical User-Interface (CSS) for: Booster -Vacuum, -RF, -Power-Supplies and -Timing Booster fully in Control TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

14 CESSAMag-Project CERN SESAME agreement: 15.05.2012
EU CERN agreement FP7: CERN Jean-Pierre Koutchouk Davide Tommasini Attilio Milanese Louis Walckiers Theodor Tortschanoff SESAME Erhard Huttel Maher Attal Maher Shehab Firas Makahleh Mohammad Ebeni ALBA Montse Pont Paul Proudlock Jean-Paul Burnet Miguel Cerqueira Bastos Invitation to Bid (Jun. 2013) Opening of Bids (Aug.2013) Dipole: (TESLA, DANFYSIK) Quadrupole: (ELYTT, SIGMA-PHI, SCANDITRONIX, DANFYSIK,TESLA) Cost allow Power-Supplies to be fully paid within CESSMag Project TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

15 Storagering Magnets Dipole: B: 1.46 T B’:2.79 T/m L: 2.25 m
Quadrupole: B’: 17 (-9) T/m L: 0.28 (0.1) m Sextupole: M: 90 (-140) T/m2 l.: 0.1 m First punched laminations TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

16 Measuring Bench Measurement Radius 29 mm Measurement Length 1200 mm
Max allowed weight 1100 Kg Power supply 50 V, 300 A Compensation scheme Dipole, Quadrupole Absolute field measurement error ± peak-peak Relative harmonics resolution ± Main field angle measurement error ± 0.5 mRad Magnetic axis measurement ± 50 µm peak-peak TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

17 SR-Girder Design ready (ALBA Design) 6 feeds
3 struts used for transverse and longitudinal adjustment 3 jacks used for vertical adjustment and clamping Magnet Position defined by pins Tender Request next week TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

18 SR-Vacuum-Chamber-Design
Pressure < mbar for lifetime > 10 h Syn.Rad. is absorbed on lumped absorber, Pumps beneath Syn.Rad. is passing into ante chamber Electron beam chamber 70 x 28 mm2 Installed Ion-Pumps: 16 x ( 2x 300 l/s l/s) TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

19 Vacuum-System-Purchasing
Invitation to Bid: Jun. 13 3 bids received : Aug. 13 (FMB, CECOM, RCJ) (2.0 M$, 2.2 M$, 3.9 M$) Next: Purchasing Pumps (Varian, Gamma-Vac) Purchasing Valves, Bellows (VAT) TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

20 SR-RF Cavities Two old ELETTRA cavities (reduced performance) available. Disconnected and leaking cooling pipes. Two half performing cavities: GeV (250 kV) 200 mA Three cavities: GeV (615 kV) 100 mA Four cavities: GeV (615 kV) 300 mA Purchasing of 4 new cavities ( ELETTRA, BESSY, KEKII/PF) Invitation to bid: Sep. 2013 Opening of Bids: Nov (2.2 M$, 2.1 M$, 4.3 M$) TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

21 Cavities Specification: Number: 4 Frequency: 499.65 MHz
Shunt Impedance: > 3.3 MΩ Max Cavity Voltage: > 650 kV Max Window Power: > 120 kW HOM-Damping Properties: Wave guide (BESSY) ++ Beam-Pipe (KEK/PF) + Temperature (ELETTRA) 0 Invitation to Bid: Sep. 13 3 bids received : Nov. 13 (RI, ELETTRA, TOSHIBA) TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

22 RF Amplifier Intended : Use 500 MHz solid state amplifier (0.6 kW Module) developed at SOLEIL Needed: 4 x 80 kW from 4 x 10 x 16 x 0.5 kW Status: 16 Modules combined and tested by SOLEIL. 40 kW tower will be built up by SOLEIL for THOMX (Beginning 2014). Export of Technology from SOLEIL to SESAME on halt (May 2013) Export approval received (Aug.2013) Intended: Built up of one 80 kW tower (Demonstrator) by SOLEIL, sold to SESAME. Participation of SESAME. Licensing of 500 MHz technology from SOLEIL to SIGAM-PHI-Electronics? Purchasing of further 3 towers from SIGMA-PHI-Electronics? Cost? TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

23 500 MHz 80 kW Solid-State-Amplifier
X 16 X 10 4 x 0.65 kW 10 kW 80 kW Syn.Rad. Losses: (200 mA 600 kV) / 4 = 30 kW Cavity Losses: (500 kV)2 / (6 MΩ)= 40 kW 4 Cavities: kW TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

24 Summery Thank you for your attention! Done in 2013:
Cooling plant/Air-conditioning: Installation done. Microtron: Commissioned. Booster: Installation done. Radiation Monitoring System: Installation done. SR Magnet System (CESSAMag): Design, Tendering, Contracting done. SR Vacuum Chamber: Design, Tendering, (Contracting) done. Girder System: Design, (Tendering) done. SR-RF-Cavities: Tendering done. Foreseen in 2014: Booster: Commissioning SR Magnets: Testing of Prototype, Start Production SR Vacuum Chamber: Testing of Prototype, Start Production SR Girder: Testing of Prototype, Start Production RF amplifier: Tendering. SR Pumps: Tendering. SR valves, bellows: Tendering. Thank you for your attention! TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

25 Power and Cooling Electric Power Cooling Capacity
Cooling Tower Compressor kW 2x kW Chilling water tank Pumps kW Heat Exchanger x kW Pumps kW Air-Conditioning kW kW De Ionized Water Circuits: SR Magnet 500 kW RF Amplifier 250 kW RF-Cavities 200 mA 125 kW SR Absorber (200 mA) 125 kW Booster (PS) 100 kW Sum kW TAC-SAC-2013/11/23-E.Huttel

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