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Peachtree City Elementary School Media Facility Plan Presented by: Sharon Moore ITEC 7132 Administration of the Instructional Media Program Fall 2008 Instructor:

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1 Peachtree City Elementary School Media Facility Plan Presented by: Sharon Moore ITEC 7132 Administration of the Instructional Media Program Fall 2008 Instructor: Ms. Sears and Dr. Repman

2 Table of Contents School Data Media Center Information Current Library Floor Plan Photo Tour/Video How the Facility is Used Results of Student Survey Results of Teacher Survey Modified and Updated Floor Plan Improvements

3 School Data Peachtree City is located in the diverse area of Peachtree City off of Wisdom Road. Peachtree City is getting ready to celebrate its 40 th birthday in December. The school opened in 1968. It is Fayette County's oldest elementary school. The exterior of the building is stucco and brick. The school is very old and needed an updated look. This past summer the entire school was repainted, re-tiled, and re-carpeted in certain areas.

4 School Data (Continued): Peachtree City is a golf cart accessible city. The entire city is connected via golf cart paths. The student population is approximately 436. Peachtree City has 65 faculty and staff members. The school is lead by 2 great administrators. PCES is located in a suburban area of Atlanta. Picture in the background is Peachtree City Elementary.

5 Media Center The media center is approximately 6,000 sq. ft. It contains one office space, one leveled and big book room, an audio/visual room that is also a media production room, and one data room (These spaces combined total 1,300 sq. ft. to the Media Center.) There are a total of 8 computers available for student use. Five computers are designated for AR testing, and three are to be used for Destiny searches. The book collection is comprised of over 16,000 titles.

6 Existing Library computers circulation Quiet Reading Lesson area Presentations

7 Click the picture to view the video. Video of PCES Media Center

8 Main Media Center Area These pictures show three views of the library entrance. The entrance is very colorful and welcoming. The picture to the left shows the hallway to go outside. The picture to the right shows another exit point from the school.

9 Main Media Center Area Welcome to the Media Center at Peachtree City Elementary. The Media Center is located at the end of the front hall as you enter the hallway on the right. The picture to the left shows the entrance to the Media Center. It is also the exit from the media center. We have an emergency exit towards the back of the library. (Pictured on the right)

10 Main Media Center Area This is the view of the two computer areas located inside the library. Computers are located in two different places in the media center. One area is mainly for AR tests and Destiny searches. The other station allows for small groups to conduct research or to search for information on Destiny.

11 Main Media Center Area In the first picture, you are standing near the computers at the center of the room looking toward the back wall of the media center. You can see the nonfiction book area and just a tiny bit of the reference area. Both pictured areas are used for class lessons. In the second picture, you are also standing in the center of the room by the computer workstations and looking toward the fiction section. This area is to the right after you enter the library.

12 Main Media Center Area This is a view of the circulation desk and book drop slot. You can also see the office used by the media specialist. This spot allows for easy viewing of all areas of the library. It is to the left as you enter the library. The picture to the right is the big book and leveled readers room. We also have a large supply of die cuts in this room. The books on the shelves are teacher resources and periodicals.

13 Main Media Center Area This is a view from behind the circulation desk, looking in the direction of the fiction section, and the circular tables area. This is also the biography section. Unfortunately the read aloud area is to the right as you enter the library. The second photo was taken in front of the data room looking toward the rear exit of the library. This is the old area where story time was held.

14 Main Media Center Area The first picture shows a view of the entrance into the news and audio/visual room. It is in the back left corner of the library. This picture was taken from the center of the library. The second picture shows the reference and non-fiction reading area. It is sitting to the left of the square tables used for lessons.

15 Office Space This office space houses our Media Specialist. The specialist has a desk, computer, network access, printer, and telephone. The space measures approximately 300 sq. feet.

16 Data Room This space is located in the back of the media center. It is about 300 sq. ft. of space. This room was created about two years ago to be used as the school conference room. That space was no longer needed for that area, but they did not want to tear down the walls again. This area is currently used as a room that reflects evidence of school improvement. It also has extra resources to help students.

17 Media Production / AV Room The Production room is about 300 sq. ft. in size and is located at the back of the media center to the left of the references. It is currently used for our morning news broadcast and for storing videos for checkout.

18 Student Survey Says…! I surveyed about 30 students. 2 of these students were special needs students in grades k-5. The rest were general education students in grades k-5. None of the younger students had new ideas about what should be added to the library. All the students mentioned the media specialist and parapro are nice people. Most students agreed that more books should be added. Several mentioned that there aren’t enough Star Wars books. (They want variety)

19 Student Survey Says…! Students also agreed that the shelves are too tall. Students mentioned that the sofa area does not fit everybody. This idea came from students in 3 rd - 5 th. Most students thought that the library should be opened to check out books during announcements.

20 Teacher Survey Says…! I surveyed 10 classroom teachers, 1 media specialists, and 2 paraprofessionals (including the media center paraprofessional). The media specialist and media parapro thought that the data room should have been located in a different location and that space given back for library use.

21 Teacher Survey Says…! Those surveyed thought that a more comfortable presentation area would be nice. Several technology savvy teachers suggested a permanent smart board for at least one of the presentation areas. Teachers want more activities for the guided reading books. All teachers agreed that the center computer workstations needed to be relocated due to the space it needs and difficulty of monitoring. Teachers suggested that a computer research area would be nice inside the library. However, they realize that space really does not allow for that.

22 Teacher Survey Says…! Some of the third grade teachers felt as though a student book recommendation area would be a nice addition. Both media specialists also stated a need for better shelving and bookcases. Teachers in general want longer hours. One other suggestion was for better bookends. (we have the old metal ones) A majority of the teachers said although the pictures and posters are nice, we really need more kid friendly murals painted. The teachers wanted me to include their appreciation for our large number of die- cuts. Teachers, like students, want different seating for read alouds. All the students can’t get on the sofas and some have to sit on the floor.

23 Teacher Survey Says…! The staff agrees that the librarians have great attitudes. The library is very welcoming. Teachers commented that this is important because students’ feelings about the librarians could affect their attitude about books. The staff also agreed that the library is very organized, and the librarians are good about pulling materials even at the last minute.

24 Facility Use Peachtree City Elementary library operates on a flexible schedule. Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with the media specialists on lessons and uses of the media center. The teachers did not seem to feel the librarian was doing her part in this. The media center remains open everyday that school is in session from 7:30am-2:45PM. This is 15 minutes before school begins and 15 minutes after the last students are dismissed. All facility information attained from the media center website, DOE media center pages, and from interviews with the media specialist. Fayette County is currently revamping their policies about the media program.

25 Facility Use Parents are allowed to check out materials from the media center. They cannot check out equipment. Outside groups associated with the school can use the media center for meetings and presentations (arrangements made with school administration and librarian). Students have access to the media center individually and with groups. Meetings in the media center are allowed as long as the facility remains open. The library operates under a flexible schedule and teachers are encouraged to cooperate. (A sign-up form is used to deter this.) The library cannot be used to provide planning time for teachers.

26 Facility Use Students are not able to print from any of the computers. Teachers can have items laminated and waxed by the media center staff. A elementary media center needs a minimum of ten books per student.

27 Facility Use 2 nd - 5 th grade students can check out 2 books at a time. K- 1 st can check out 1 book at a time. Books can be checked out for two weeks. All periodicals and reference resources must be utilized inside the media center. Teachers can check out magazines, like Mailbox, for their use. No book fines are charged, but a lost book fee will be charged. Students are not allowed to check out any other materials until the fees are paid. Students with a book past due for a month cannot check out materials until the book has been returned, or paid for.

28 Facility Use Teachers and staff do not have a specific checkout limit but are asked to return materials as soon as they are finished with them. All materials should be returned two weeks before the end of the school year. No overdue book fines apply to teachers or staff. Teachers and staff are not expected to pay for lost or damaged books/equipment.

29 Facility Use Teachers are asked to schedule entire class visits at least a day in advance. Teachers should sign up to use the media center by signing the media center schedule book which is located in the media specialist’s office. Following these guidelines allows the media specialists to prepare for the topic and to ensure the availability of the media center and its resources. Teachers should remain with their class at all times.

30 Facility Use Students are not allowed to utilize the media center after school is out unless accompanied by a parent. Students may use the media center without their teacher with an appropriate pass. (Two passes per teacher) Students may use the Media Center on leave from class with teacher permission and an appropriate pass.

31 Recommended Facility Use Changes Recommended Facility Use Changes The librarian should teach one library lesson per month to all grades. The library should be able to be accessed during after school hours. (Teachers that work over the weekend and late hours sometimes need access to library materials.) A teacher friendly meeting and reading area would be nice for planning and meetings.

32 Remodeled Library

33 Floors One of the first things I would do in the Media Center is replace the carpeting with a more colorful design. (7.58 per sq. yd.) Carpet is a super sound-absorber, ten times more efficient in airborne noise reduction than any other floor covering, creating a more pleasing atmosphere for students and faculty. Read more carpet information from the attached pdf. “Shaw and Mohawk” carpeting are two well-known carpet manufacturers in Georgia. Information from Dalton Carpets.

34 Reference The reference section would stay to the back of the media center, but be moved to one of the taller shelves since most of them are pulled by teachers for classroom use. These measures should ensure that more books that students use are at levels easily reached by students.

35 Book Collection I would seek to have a fundraiser to help build our collection of books. I would set up a suggestion box to get the input of students for book selection. I would also like to work towards obtaining lower user friendly shelving. The pictured bookends would do a better job than the current ones. Cost is about $7.49 for 20+. The shelves pictured on the right would be great for the easy section books. The shelving on the left would be great for the fiction and non-fiction books. The books would be a lot easier to reach. Apprx. $618.

36 Computer Desks and Placement The computer setup on the left would replace the one on the right. It would still be in the center due to the fact the wires are there. Two other computers would be set up at the end of a couple of the shelves.

37 Single Computer Setup This would be the setup for the two remaining computers. These are designed to go at the end of bookshelves. http://www.internationalli php/Study-Carrels--- Computer-Workstations- 5/ Cost is anywhere from $300 to $1,000; depending upon the design. The one pictured is closer to the $1,000.

38 New Presentation Group Space Two spaces large enough for a class would be redesigned to allow a smart board to be added and better seating. One class could work in this area while another class works in the other presentation area. I really like the fact that the table and chairs at the bottom come in round and rectangular shapes. One type could be in one area and the other type could be put in the other area.

39 Presentation Areas Smart board for presentation area- $1,999 Touch to control your computer - Write, erase and perform mouse functions with your finger, a pen or an eraser – you need no proprietary tools. Pick up a pen and write - Pick up a pen or the eraser, and the pen tray automatically detects which tool you’ve selected. Buttons activate the On-Screen Keyboard, right-click and help function. Save your ideas - Capture your work to SMART Board software as a screen shot that you can edit, or save your notes directly into several software applications, including Windows versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, or into AutoCAD software. Size: 77" Active Screen Area (Diagonal) roduct&method=showdetails&rollid=8164 Your Price: $3,519.99 Manufacturer's Price: $4,509.99 Save 22% SKU: DRA-114-1520 Get an estimated shipping & handling cost Draper’s Paragon Motorized Auditorium Projector Screen is easy to operate despite its size, making it the perfect choice for lecture halls, church sanctuaries, theatres or any large venue. Comes with a three-position electrical control switch and is ready for you or an electrician to mount and wire. The electric roller operates quietly and won’t disturb your audience as the matte white screen moves up and down. The case is made of aluminum and fire-retardant hardboard and can be suspended almost anywhere.

40 Relaxing Reading Area A relaxing reading area good for adults or children would be added to encourage reading for pleasure. This would help meet the need of those who suggested an area where adults could plan or read. Students could also sit here during quiet reading time.

41 Relaxing Read Aloud Area Bench Trapezium Double Tier 16H x 58W x 27"D WW-H8467 The bench is constructed with a solid beech wood frame that is covered with carpeting, for comfort. The butcher block ends have built-in handles for easy carrying and reconfiguration. Use the benches individually or place several side-by-side to create a cozy, raised group activity area, play place, or reading bench. They dove-tail together into interesting shapes that appeal to children. The stairs make great seating for movie time or story hour. $1,020.00 block.asp?abid=11488&sid=678B 4017DD4F40BCB99704B9812B14

42 Check Out Help New individual checkout system for the faculty. One of the main concerns with faculty is the ability to go in the library during irregular hours. This system would allow the faculty to check out materials even when the library system is not normally up. This will also help the librarian keep up with materials. This device adds convenience and security. It would help to prevent loss of materials as well as provide faculty an easier way to get materials after hours.

43 Conclusion I am hopeful that the information and designs presented will help to make the library a central part of the school community. I have sought to include changes that reflect the desires of the teachers, students, and administrators of the school. (New On The Job, 2007).

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