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4/29/20151 POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION American Politics Comparative Politics International Relations Public Administration Public Law.

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1 4/29/20151 POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION American Politics Comparative Politics International Relations Public Administration Public Law Political Theory Nu Lambda Chapter The University of Toledo

2 4/29/20152 American Government & Politics Prerequisite Courses  American Nat'l Gov’t or  U.S. Public Policy Advanced Courses  State & Local Gov’t  Public Opinion  Gov’t & the Economy  Political Parties  American Foreign Policy  U.S. Congress  The Presidency

3 4/29/20153 A Few Careers... Douglas Adams, Comerica Bank Leesa Brown, Asst. V.P. for Communications, Ohio University Amy Borror, Professional Staff Member, Office of Governor Strickland Kim Cutcher, Executive Director, North River CDC, Toledo Courtney Hazen, Legislative and PAC Manager, Independent Petroleum Ass’n of America Jessica Horn, Deputy Sheriff, Alameda County, CA Steve Katich, Legislative Assistant, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-5 th Ohio) Ben LaRocco, Legislative Assistant, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-2d Ohio). Now lobbyist with Proctor & Gamble in Washington D.C. Nicole Littlehales, Westfield Insurance, Columbus OH Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor Megan Mamarella, Director of State Affairs, Nat. Ass’n of Health Underwriters, Alexandria VA Bryan Marshall, Ass’t Professor, Miami University (B.A., M.A.) James Moor, Prof. of Political Science, St. Bonaventure University. B.A., M.A. William Rose, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts and Professor, Albion College Elin Suleymanov, Consul General of Azerbaijan, Los Angeles William Inselmann, Head Football Coach, Patrick Henry H.S.

4 4/29/20154 Comparative Politics Gateway Courses  Government of Britain, or  Continental Europe, or  Politics in Africa Advanced Courses  Government of Canada  European Union  Governments of the Middle East

5 4/29/20155 A Few More Careers... Eberhard Köhler, European Economic Community (Dublin, IRE) Elin Suleymanov, M.P.A., Consul General of Azerbaijan (Los Angeles, CA)

6 4/29/20156 The University Studies Abroad Consortium: Great Britain University of Reading  Lee Novak  Jarrett Rinehart  Melissa Rineheimer  Regina Dixon University of Brighton  Karia Gasser University of Northamptonshire  Jody Knapke

7 4/29/20157 Study Abroad: Free from English! Charles University, Prague  Jessica Brown  Nora Lyons University of Lüneburg, Germany  Janine Stroempac  Elyse Osterday University of Oslo  Anthony DeMatteo Heredia University, Costa Rica  Andy Trout  Nick Swartz  Sean Waxman

8 4/29/20158 International Relations Gateway Course  Principles of International Relations Advanced Courses  Current International Problems  American Foreign Policy  International Political Economy  The United Nations  International Law  Theories of International Politics World Court The Hague UN Building

9 4/29/20159 More Career Paths... Bianca Menendez, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State Job Mokgoro, M.A., Management Consultant, Economic Development, Johannesburg, South Africa

10 4/29/201510 Global Studies: We Do This Too! Core courses  GLST 2000 Principles of Global Studies  GLST 4900 Senior Seminar in Global Studies Two 15-hour (five course) “modules”  Area Studies (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America)  Global Studies (Development, Health, Esthetics, North- South relations, Ancient World, Multiculturalism, Cultural Studies) Advanced foreign language (3000-level or above) Other electives to complete the 48 hours required) There is also a Minor in Global Studies

11 4/29/201511 Public Administration Gateway Course  Principles of Public Administration Advanced Courses  Municipal Administration  Intergovernmental Relations  Public Personnel Administration  Environmental Policy and Administration  Public Organization Theory  Budgeting  Ethics in Public Administration Vern Riffe Center Columbus One Government Center Toledo

12 4/29/201512 The Master of Public Administration Degree Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration Prerequisites Principles of Public Administration Statistics Advanced Courses Intermediate Statistics Ethics in Public Administration

13 4/29/201513 Some Careers in Public Administration John Alexander, Administrator, City of Perrysburg, OH Timothy Brown, Executive Director, Wood City Juvenile Court Bryan Benner, BGSU Finance & Administration G. Keith Chadwell, City Manager, Pompano Beach, FL Denise Dahl, MPA, Economic Development, Downtown Petersburg, Inc. Petersburg, VA.

14 4/29/201514 And Some More... Steve DeBolt, Safety Service Director, City of Reynoldsburg, OH Eric Doctor, USAF Paula Folkes, Senior Analyst, Treasury Board of Canada Dee Dee Henzler, Nonprofit Consultant Michael James, Court Administrator, Monroe County, MI John Jezak, Administrator, City of Maumee OH Nate Johnson, M.P.A. Family Assistance Program Specialist, U.S. Dept. of HHS Lyubov McDonald, Compliance Officer, PSR Group, State of Kentucky Ed Millane, Budget Analyst, Ohio Legislative Service Commission Deb Ortiz-Flores, M.P.A., Executive Director, Lucas County JFS Bill Sanford, CEO, Compass (Toledo)

15 4/29/201515 And... Matt Sattler, Economic Development Specialist, LCIC Kelly Spivey, M.P.A., Program Manager, City of San Jose, CA Diane Stegeman, LCCS Assessment Supervisor

16 4/29/201516 Plus: W. C. Vance, Director, Undergraduate Admissions, Slippery Rock University, PA Andy Votava, Director of Organizational Development, Fulton County, OH Jodi Walker, HR Coordinator, LCJFS Frank Walsh, M.P.A., City Manager, St. Joseph, MI

17 4/29/201517 We also offer a Minor in Public Administration! Three required courses:  PSC 3110 Social Science Statistics  PSC 3420 Principles of Public Administration  PSC 4180 Computer Applications in Pub. Admin. Electives:  Part A – two courses from among: Administrative Behavior, Personnel Administration, Budgeting, Policy & Administration or Organization Theory Electives: Part B  Two courses from among Gov’t & Econ., Municipal Gov’t., Constitutional Law, Foreign Policy, Intergovt’al Relations or Health Policy

18 4/29/201518 Public Law Principles of Law Constitutional Law I Constitutional Law II Judicial Politics Current Issues in Law Civil Rights Gender, Race and Law

19 4/29/201519 Legislative and Judicial Careers Judge John Potter, U.S. District Court (Ret.) Judge Arlene Singer, 6 th District Court of Appeals Judge Gene Zmuda, Lucas County Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Osowik, Toledo Municipal Court State Senator Beverly Hammerstrom, MPA, Former Majority Leader, Michigan State Senate State Representative Peter Ujvagi

20 4/29/201520 Political Theory Gateway Course  Principles of Political Theory Advanced Courses  Sexual Politics  Contemporary Political Ideas  Politics of Violence in Law & Society  Gender, Race & Law

21 4/29/201521 Professor Renée J. Heberle Departmental Honors Director

22 4/29/201522 Our Students At The Washington Center for Learning Alternatives Recent Washington semester interns have included: Chauncey Alcorn: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Fanta Brooks: EPA Carin Erikson, Veterans Administration Megan Harrington, Republican National Committee Cortney Hazen – Republican National Committee (Continued On Next Slide)

23 4/29/201523 Recent Washington Center Interns Melissa Lang – Nat. Assn. of Health Underwriters John Lindsay – U.S. Coast Guard Jennifer Liptack – U.S. Department of Justice Megan Mamarella – Mulroy & Associates Sarah Nine – Nat. Assn. of Conservation Districts Danielle O’Rourke – Congressman Joe Knollengerg Continued...

24 4/29/201524 More Interns At “TWC” Joseph Pellman – Congressman Jim Jordan Christine Sailer – Veterans Administration Sally Steciw – Interpol Sean Stiff – Constituency for Africa Jon Strunk – D.C. Corporate Counsel P. J. Wenzel, The White House Shawn Wilson – Interpol

25 4/29/201525 The Ohio Legislative Service Commission’s Internship Program Some Recent Interns: Stephen Abraham Amy Borror Leesa Brown Anthony Jones Nicole Littlehales Henry Patterson Jennifer Sorgenfrei Jennifer Williams

26 4/29/201526 Career Development Is Like Climbing A Ladder Brian Swartz: First, Intern for Senator DeWine, then PIO Officer at Toledo Express Airport and now Public Information Director for Mayor Finkbeiner Cortney Hazen: First, TWC Intern at RNC, then Legislative Aide for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) and now Legislative and PAC Manager at the Independent Petroleum Association of America Ben LaRocco: First, legislative aide for Rep. Jean Schmidt in the Ohio House of Representatives, then with her congressional staff in Washington, and now with Proctor & Gamble’s Global Government Relations office in Washington.

27 4/29/201527 But can someone Minor in Political Science? Absolutely! Courses:  PSC 1200 American National Government or  PSC 1400 Current Issues in U.S. Public Policy The same three-course “gateway” requirement that majors will complete Plus four other courses Careers:  American Association of Independent Petroleum Producers  American Pharmaceutical Association

28 4/29/201528 There Are Also Certificate Programs at the Post-Graduate Level

29 4/29/201529 Endowed Merit-Based Department Scholarships Jon M. and Edward W. Binder Memorial Scholarship  Breanne M. Democko Albin Czerniakowski Memorial Scholarship  Max I. Kupresanin Sharron E. Doerner Memorial Scholarship  Jeffrey T. Kocher Edgar T. Kilbride Memorial Scholarship  Jordan D. Reed Daniel G. McNamara Memorial Award for the Outstanding MPA Student David Stevens Wilson Political Science Scholarship  Galenna V. Garcia

30 4/29/201530 Michael V. DiSalle Memorial Scholarship Antony P. DeMatteo Katelynn M. Evans Laquitha R. Jones Weronika A. Kusek Joseph F. Pellman Mayor of Toledo and Governor Of Ohio

31 4/29/201531 O. Garfield Jones Memorial Scholarship Whitney M. Clarkson Jody M. Knapke Melody R. Wilhelm

32 4/29/201532 Barney Quilter Good Government Scholarship Fund Audrey M. Craig Allison A. Denham Brittany M. Mikolajczyk Shawna A. Simon

33 4/29/201533 Joseph Tomasi Scholarship Fund Meghan E. Gallagher Nicole M. Hanna Ryan E. Horvath Joshua C. Miller

34 4/29/201534 About the Department Ten Faculty Members  Lynn Bachelor, Ph.D. University of Chicago  David Davis, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University  Mark Denham, Ph.D., Ohio State University  Renée Heberle, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts  High Hinton, Ph.D., University of Texas  James Lindeen, Ph.D., University of Nebraska  Sam Nelson, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin  Sunday Ubokudom, Ph.D., University of Kansas  Carter Wilson, Ph.D. Wayne State University  David Wilson, Ph.D., Cornell University 150 Undergraduate majors 20 Global Studies students Two graduate programs Visiting Professor  Miriam Wilson, ABD, Ohio State University Three Emeritus professors  Abid Al-Marayati, Ph.D., New York University  Ronald Randall, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin  Richard Weisfelder, Ph.D., Harvard University

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