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Basic Education Information System Prepared by Abram Y.C. Abanil August 23, 2009.

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1 Basic Education Information System Prepared by Abram Y.C. Abanil August 23, 2009

2 Acknowledgements Region X Management led by Dir. Estrella Abid-Babano and the Schools Division Superintendents Original BEIS Team which developed the Excel- Based BEIS: –Deogracias Genito, Mercy Castro, Josephine Martinez, Jeremiah Gumboc, John Dispo and Abram Abanil Region X Planning Unit Region X Division Planning Officers School Heads

3 Objectives Make budget data available by September Introduce a preventive dropout monitoring system within the school year Make performance indicators available by December Make teacher deployment analysis (warm bodies) available per month Initiate the decentralization of encoding data down to school districts and schools



6 Main Page

7 Edit Password

8 Edit Contact Information

9 Edit School Information


11 If the school is an annex, select the Annex School option in the dropdown. You will also need to enter the Mother School ID of the annex school. Redistricting can be done by changing the school district of the school Moving a school to another region or division can only be done by the administrator or regional office

12 Adding of Schools Only the BEIS administrator can add schools Must send email to the administrator containing information found in the edit school screen Current administrator: – –(088) 856-3932 –(0920) 952-6108 or (0921) 978-5500

13 Opening/Closing of Schools

14 Entering Integrated Schools

15 Entering Form 3 Data


17 After clicking on add button

18 Entering Form 3 Data Multigrade classes

19 Entering Form 3 Data Multigrade classes

20 Entering Form 3 Data SPED classes and SPED multigrade classes

21 Entering Form 3 Data For substitute teachers, enter the name of the original teacher in the textboxes for First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name as well as the position. The enter the name of the substitute in the Remarks textbox with a note that he/she is a substitute. To encode a class handled by a locally paid teacher, enter all the information required but leave the dropdown blank and enter the source of funding in the textbox.

22 Entering Form 3 Data To encode a class which is assigned to an item that is now vacant, enter a number in the textbox and “Vacant” in the textbox. If there are more than one vacant items, the first name should be different for each item to be counted correctly in the reports To encode a Subject Teacher, School Head or Support Personnel select the appropriate option in the dropdown. To encode morning and afternoon preschool classes taught by the same teacher, treat the two classes as different sections.

23 Entering Form 3 Data

24 An elementary teacher teaching at the secondary level of an Integrated School should be recorded at the elementary level with set to “Others” and stating that the said teacher is teaching at the secondary level. The same teacher will be recorded in the secondary level with set to “blank”, set accordingly and stating that the said teacher is borrowed from the elementary level.

25 Entering Form 3 Data To review the data encoded, generate the, and to be discussed later If there is a need to add options in the and dropdowns, send an email to the Administrator so the system can be updated.

26 Entering Form 3 Data Editing/Deleting data

27 Entering Form 3 Data Copying data from previous months

28 Entering School Head Data

29 Entering Pupil Data

30 Entering Age Profile Must match with July Form 3 data

31 Entering Shifting Data Must match with July Form 3 data

32 Entering Promotees

33 Entering Dropouts

34 Entering Classroom Data

35 Entering Utilities

36 Entering Furniture Data

37 Entering Toilets

38 Entering Locally Funded Teachers

39 Entering Non-teaching Personnel

40 Entering Teaching Personnel

41 Entering Teaching Assignment Must match with Teaching Personnel data

42 Entering Enrolment by Program

43 Entering Teaching Load and Specialization

44 Entering ICT Facilities

45 ICT Coordinator

46 Entering ICT Facilities Computer Facilities

47 Entering ICT Facilities Internet Connection

48 Finalizing Data

49 Generating Reports

50 Generating Regional Reports

51 Generating Division Reports

52 Generating Sch. District Reports

53 Generating Leg. District Reports

54 Generating Province Reports

55 Generating Municipal Reports

56 Generating School Reports

57 Types of Reports Form 3 Data –Monthly Report on Enrolment and Attendance –Monthly Report of Personnel –Monthly List of Personnel –Monthly Attendance Data –Form 3 Checker

58 Monthly Report on Enrolment and Attendance

59 Monthly Report of Personnel

60 Monthly List of Personnel

61 Form 3 Checker

62 Types of Reports Enrolment Data –Total Enrolment –Monograde Enrolment –Multigrade Enrolment –Number of Classes –Shifting Data –Muslim Enrolment –Alive Enrolment –Indigenous Enrolment

63 Types of Reports Enrolment Data –Enrolment by Program Type –Enrolment in Integrated Schools –Age Profile of Pupils/Students –Pre-School Data –Age Profile of Preschool Pupils

64 Types of Reports Pupil Data –Number of Promotees –Number of Repeaters –Number of Dropouts –Number of Balik Aral

65 Types of Reports Personnel Data –Nonteaching Plantilla Items –Teaching Plantilla Items –Nonteaching Personnel Actually Working in the School –Teaching Personnel Actually Working in the School. –Vacant Nonteaching Items in the School –Vacant Teaching Items in the School –Locally Funded Teachers –Teacher Assignment –Teachers Teaching Subjects without Specialization –Teaching Load and Specialization of Teachers

66 Teachers Teaching Subjects without Specialization

67 Teaching Load and Specialization of Teachers

68 Types of Reports Facilities Data –Instructional Rooms –Non-Instructional Rooms –Pupil Seating –Toilets –Water Facilities –Electric Facilities –ICT Facilities

69 Water Facilities

70 Electrical Facilities

71 ICT Facilities

72 Types of Reports Monitoring Reports –Enrolment Monitor –Classroom Level Enrolment Monitor

73 Enrolment Monitor

74 Classroom Enrolment Monitor

75 Color Coding for Enrolment Monitor Blue0% & lower(No Decrease) Yellow0.01% - 2.00%(Manageable Decrease) Gold2.01% - 5.00%(Moderate Decrease) Orange5.01% - 10.00%(Considerable Decrease) Red10.00% higher(Severe Decrease)

76 Types of Reports Deployment Reports –Teacher Deployment of Plantilla Items –Monthly Deployment of Nationally Paid Teachers Working in School (based on Form 3). –Monthly Deployment of Nationally and Locally Paid Teachers Working in School (based on Form 3) –Instructional Rooms Analysis –Furniture Analysis

77 Teacher Deployment

78 Color Coding for Teacher Deployment BlueLess than 25 (Excessive tchr surplus) Sky Blue25.00 - 29.99 (Surplus tchrs) Green30.00 - 34.99 (Generous tchr provision) Yellow35.00 - 39.99 (National mean ratio) Gold40.00 - 44.99 (Manageable ratio) Orange45.00 - 49.99 (Moderate tchr shortage) RedMore than 50 (Severe tchr shortage) BlackNo teacher (No tchrs)

79 Types of Reports SPED Data –Total SPED Enrolment –SPED Enrolment for Autism, Behavioral Problem, Blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Communication Disorder, Gifted/Fast Learners, Hearing Impaired, Intellectually Disabled/Mentally Challenged, Hearing Impaired, Learning Disability, Multiple Handicap, Orthopedically Handicapped, Special Health Problems

80 Types of Reports Miscellaneous Data –Status Report –List of Regions –List of School Divisions –List of School Districts –List of Temporarily Closed Schools –List of Mother Schools and Annexes –Masterlist of Open Schools –Number of Open Schools

81 List of Mother Schools and Annexes

82 Complying with Deadlines To fast track Quick Counts, prioritize encoding of July Form 3, Rooms, Furniture and Teaching Personnel To fast track Performance Indicators, prioritized encoding of Pupil Data, Age Profile, Promotees and Dropouts

83 Complying with Deadlines QC deadline is October 31 3 months encoding and validation time Performance Indicators needed by December for Annual Report SSM deadline is February 28 On July 17 Misamis Occidental encoded 23 schs Bukidnon encoded 24 schs In 16 days Misamis Occidental encoded more 206 schs Ozamiz and Oroquieta 100% (Elem, Sec)

84 Advantages Accessible wherever there is internet Faster than excel-based system Decentralized editing of school information and opening/closing of schools Capable of simultaneous encoding Encoding can be decentralized to schools or school districts Gathers detailed enrolment data

85 Advantages Can provide enrolment by grade level Can provide teacher data Performance indicators can be computed as soon as July enrolment is encoded (to be developed) Can provide teacher deployment of warm bodies on a monthly basis (to be developed)

86 Disadvantages Needs internet connection –PC based reporting system to be developed Reports need to be transferred to excel for manipulation More information on enrolment and teachers have to be encoded

87 Readiness for Nationwide Implementation Server is Core 2 duo, 2.66gh, 2gb RAM, 3 HD – 600gb Windows XP, EasyPHP 3.0 ISP provides up to 1 mbps bandwidth Faster than DepED website Server is available 24 hrs, 7 days Server will automatically switch on after a brownout in CDO

88 Readiness for Nationwide Implementation System automatically creates a backup everyday at 1 am and sends this to gmail Administrator can control server anywhere in the world with internet connection All schools as of SY 2008 already uploaded Only a request to the BEIS administrator is required to create a user account for division, region, school district or school Manual complete

89 Next Steps Train planning officers in web based programming - 150T budget already allocated from Project REACH for RO10 planning officers Develop PC based reporting system Develop private school system Develop performance indicators system Develop reports for general public

90 Guiding principles Make the work of planning officers easier Make information timely and relevant Continuously improve the system Give the power of maintaining the system to the planning officers –Make a system that is easy to understand (readability) –Make a system that is easy to enhance (modular) –BEIS should be owned by the planning officers

91 Basic Education Information System © DepED Planning Officers

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