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Submitted by Chaudhry Abid Ali Registration # 0612107.

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1 Submitted by Chaudhry Abid Ali Registration #

2  What is AI?  Human v/s Computers  Robots and its types  Robotic Surgery & its future  Robotic Surgery in Pakistan  Rationale with Bio-Informatics

3 Field of computer usage which attempts to construct computational mechanisms for activities that are considered to require intelligence when performed by humans Derek Partridge

4  Computers  Numerical computation  Information storage  Repetitive Operations  Humans Common sense/judgment based reasoning - crossing a road - A glass plate when thrown up falls down and breaks up - Just looking at the sky for a fraction of a minute, we may correctly tell about impending eye lone. Language, speech, scene situation understanding

5 “ A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly, with speed and precision. There are as many different types of robots as there are tasks for them to perform”


7  Inducing AI in robots  Ferrari Manufacturing Facility  To coordinate with different mechanical parts attached to a robot, there is a need of intelligent algorithms  Robots interacting with human




11 IN-SURGERY  Surgeons have enhanced view  Fewer doctors required in operating rooms  In turn, cheaper for hospitals  Smaller risk of infection  Less loss of blood POST-SURGERY  Less scarring  Faster recovery time  Tiny incisions  Less post operative pain

12 AREAS  General surgery  Cardiothoracic surgery  Cardiology and electrophysiology  Gastrointestinal surgery  Gynecology  Neurosurgery  Orthopedics  Pediatrics  Radiosurgery  Urology TYPES  ZEUS  AESOP  da Vinci  Hermes  Socrates


14  Relatively new  Robot for Tele-Health & Tele- Surgery in Pakistan by NUST  Aga Khan Hospital  Rawalpindi Medical College  The mind set and nature of the patient here  The craft side of the society is being over looked



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