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1 Public Private Partnership (PPP) To Promote Quality Sustainable Education A collaboration between Unilever & Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)

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1 1 Public Private Partnership (PPP) To Promote Quality Sustainable Education A collaboration between Unilever & Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)

2 NGO PROFILE Name of NGO: Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) Public Trust Chairperson Baela Raza Jamil/ Chairperson ITA Registration No.:8499/3503 dated 30-Jun-2000 Registration Agency: Societies Registration Act, 1860, Government of Punjab, Pakistan (Trust Act) DUNS No (D&B World database USA) 64-547-9465 dated 20 th August 2004 Met USAID Management Standards Institutional |Management & Certification Program (IMCP) implemented by NGORC -AKFP PCP CertificationNPO Certification Award (Certificate No. PCP/2006/0102 ) UK Registration Charity No : (ITA Public Trust UK) 1093485 Key Sectors of Working or Scope of Work 1.Formal Education : Whole School improvement Programme 2.Child Labour - / Non Formal Education 3.Child Domestic Labour - / NFE /Literacy & Vocational 4.Health and Environment 5. School Enrichment Program & ECE 6.Material Development for Citizenship Education, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Local Governance (SMCs) 7. Private Public Partnerships in Education 8.District Education Planning (DEP) 9.Training/Capacity Building in Pakistan and Abroad 10. Enabling Relief & Rehabilitation Through Education (AJK)

3 ITA’s Partners & Sources of Funding And Individual Philanthropists, Expatriates e.g. ITA-UK, PAGH, Aisha Foundation USA

4 Different Categories of WSIP: 70 Intensive WSIP partner schools 253 Schools Addressing Child Labour –Quality Education for all (ACL- QEFA) Schools in Sheikhupura, Nankana and Kasur 212 schools in AJK under a school rehabilitation program 65 schools where PSU alumni are working.

5 ITA’s Whole School Improvement Program A 4 Phased Process: Phase I: School Identification, Survey & Orientation to the School Improvement Program Phase II: MOU for Adoption ; People’s Mobilization & Changing Attitudes Phase III: School Development Planning, Implementation & Changing Practices Phase IV: Exit Strategy Partnerships & Systems for Sustainability Challenge of Agents of Change From Within

6 Early Childhood Education Reading Club Health Action Program Home Work Study Centre Community Learning Centre Summer School Information & Communication Technology WSIP

7 Unilever and ITA signed an MoU on August 1 st 2007 for the period ending December 31 st, 2007 for an initial period of 6 months.

8 Sr # Interventions in Unilever School Project RYK in collaboration with ITA July-Dec 07 Unilever School 1.Teachers’ Salaries 2.Sweeper 3Computer Maintenance and Teacher 4Education Material 5School Enrichment Support 6Health Support/Primary Health Programme 7Telephone.. 8Star Merit Program/Assessment 9Uniforms Shoes and Sweaters to 150 max. students 150 x 650 = 97500 (one time) 10Stationary & Books (English medium VI-VII Maths/Sci -30 students ) Rs. 50000 (one time) 11Events/Programs/Field Visits 12Annual Prize Distribution….

9 Hopes & Fears Session May 30, 2007 Following were some critical questions/fears raised by the teachers: Why ITA is here? This school has been totally transformed by Unilever in terms of infrastructural improvements and other facilities. ITA should pay attention to underprivileged dilapidated schools located in far off rural areas. There is no need for teachers’ professional development as they are qualified and capable enough to improve and sustain quality of education. Why have they (teachers) not been trusted by Unilever? Unilever could have entrusted such responsibilities or project to any school teacher as school coordinator instead of ITA. The session ended on a positive note as an ice breaker / catharsis session.

10 Conflict Resolution – II with School Staff July 17-19, 2007 Time: 1:30 – 5:15 pm. Participants: School Staff: 18 (all male faculty) Dr. Baela R. Jamil Chairperson ITA Saeed ul HassanManager WSIP (ITA)

11 Key Decisions: School is willing to work with ITA but this will not be an inspectorial relationship but one of Support. Teachers’ self esteem and respect to be ensured School board terminology to be reviewed and its meetings to be held in the school premises Willing to provide space for a resource centre and work as a Cluster Centre with DSD/DTEs One coordinator for the school to be from within the school and a second one hired The link will now be directly with ITA and not through UNILEVER. Norms of the relationship will be set between the three entities Staff pays and resources to be transferred to School Council account for disbursement according to proper documentation All hired staff records to be properly maintained /recruitment and TORs from back dates A liaison person will be selected from EDO’s office for the school for review of the partnerships and links with the development/recurrent programs and planning ITA will have two to three focal persons with Mr. Saeed Ul Hassan as the principal officer from ITA’s with two school development associates to work jointly on leadership, teacher training; school councils strengthening, gender sensitization, life skills, school enrichment, health and environment. Chairperson to liaise as an adviser and in policy work The school is keen to have a website developed and have a school to school link as well as professional development online support A school calendar will be prepared of all key activities cleared by Dept and UNILEVER to ensure maximum opportunities for improved learning, confidence building and creative initiatives.

12 School Development Coordinator (Female) Hiring (July 18 th ) Methodology: i- Written Test: 30 Marks ii- Demo : 20 Marks iii- Interview : 100 Marks Selection Panel: School Administration: Mr. Razi ur Rehman CheemaPrincipal Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad SV Department of Education:Mr. Rashid Latif – DEO (EE) Mr. Farooq Baig DDO (EE) Ms. Rehana Iram Focal Person UPE Ms. Zartash Momi EDO Office Ms. Shagufta ParvinDEO Office Unilever:Ms. Naila Ismail ITA:Baela Raza Jamil – Chairperson ITA Saeed ul Hassan – Manager WSIP

13 Meeting with DOE, District Govt. and Unilever Important Decisions: All resisting staff members agreed to work alongside ITA on performance based outputs with cooperation and under writing from DoE School Board to be called School Council and composition revisited to ensure presence of parents and also females (gender balance) DoE agreed to School Teachers participation in PEF trainings from August onwards DoE will ensure that the budgets for non-salary funds to school council and for other dev. Schemes will give proper consideration to UNILEVER school ; all correspondence must have EMIS Code..quoted always Farooq Baig Deputy DEO will be the focal officer /liaison officer between ITA/UNILEVER school School debris from old building will be auctioned according to govt. procedure. The auction committee shall comprise : Head Teacher; School Council Member/parent; DoE rep; UNILEVER/ITA rep. All funds from sale shall be deposited in school council account. DoE wants ITA to send PPP Policy passed in Faisalabad for consideration and passing through the Dist. Assembly. DoE will issue a notification for PPP Cell The Dept was pleased to play a role in the selection of the Coordinator (female) for the project supported by UNILEVER and look forward to adoption of more schools by UNILEVER

14 3 Days Orientation Workshop on Whole School Improvement and Team Building for Unilever School Project Team RYK In ITA Head Office Lahore. Date: 7th to 9th August 2007 Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Venues:Aagahi Teacher Resource Center, Abdul Karim Street Qila Gujar Sing Lahore (Day 1 & 3) ITA Head Office 49-A Jail Road Lahore (Day 2) Participants from Rahim Yar Khan: Mr. Farooq Baig Dy. DO (EE) Mr. Razia ur Rehman Cheema Principal Unilever School Mr. Mumtaz Shah SV – Unilever School Mr. Abid Jamil EST – Unilever School Ms. Aqeela Librarian – Unilever School Ms. Saima Ahmad ITA’s Coordinator RYK ITA Team: Dr. Baela R. Jamil Chairperson ITA Saeed ul Hassan Manager WSIP Razia Mughal Trainer & Material Developer Shakila & Saba Cluster Coordinators Aurang Zeb Coordinator Jhang Saira Nadeem Cluster Coordinator Sheikhupura TRAININGTRAINING TRAININGTRAINING


16 It was agreed that only those students will be admitted in the school during new admission who will pass the entry test and will secure at least 45% marks. As summer school was organized by Mr. Abid Jamil in July 2007 It was decided that no teacher will be ignored. Each one must participate in school enrichment and improvement activities. All committees were reformed and almost all teachers were given opportunity to be associated with these committees. The ToRs of Ms. Saima Ahmad were finalized jointly by the participants as ITA’s representative and coordinator RYK Unilever Project. It was decided that Unilever/ITA’s hired teachers will open individual bank accounts for online transfer of salaries. As identified and proposed by the principal and teachers of Unilever school, ITA agreed to conduct a training workshop on time tabling and syllabus division in Unilever School Rahim Yar Khan. The following are some important points of discussion and decisions:

17 Two Days Workshop on Syllabus Division & Time Tabling with the Teachers of Unilever School RYK for the next Academic Year 2007 – 2008 TRAININGTRAINING TRAININGTRAINING Date: - 17th -18th August 2007 No of participants/Teachers: Day 1 =26 Day 2 =30 ITA’s Representatives: Mr. Akhtar Mirza District Teacher Educator (DTE) RYK Ms. Razia Mughal Trainer & Material Developer (T&MD) Ms. Saima Ahmad ITA’s Coordinator for RYK Mr. Abid Jamil Honorary Resource Person for the training Mr. Saeed ul Hassan Manager (WSIP)


19 The Real Challenge for Quality Education


21 3 Days Session on Health and Environmental Programme, Classroom Management, Preparation of Learning Material & Displays 9th Oct to 11th Oct 2007 ITA’s representative is handing over First Aid Kit to the teacher TRAININGTRAINING TRAININGTRAINING

22 Future Plans & Prospects 1. South Punjab & Sindh A meticulously chalked out budget needs to be allocated for the Unilever Education for Sustainable Development Program (ESD) Rahim Yar Khan for the next 3 years. Scaling up of Whole School Improvement Program (ESD) through a phase wise c luster based approach by initially adopting 3 schools specifically in the following regions of 2 districts: 1.Rahim Yar Khan ; Sadiqabad 2.Ghotki (A used vehicle will be required for the outreach work) ITA is building the capacity of District Govt. Officials for Public Private Partnership Initiatives and CSR. Unilever School has been declared as the Cluster Center for District Teacher Educators by the Directorate of Staff Development. Debt-Swap School library project by GTZ will be implemented in the 1st quarter of 2008. The long standing issue of school debris has been amicably resolved and the generated fund has been transferred to school council fund. (Provincial Policy Decision) 2.Support to ITA for Professional Development Program with focus on ESD For ITA’s Professional Development Program-ESD, support is required for a systematic & self driven setup of a Professional Development Center. It will roughly incur operational costs of Rs. 150,000 per month for 2 years and after that it will sustain through its own resources. 3. Support to Hygiene & Nutrition Program for ITA’s Child Labor Program Unilever requested to partner with ITA in supporting hygiene and nutrition program for its Rag Pickers /Child Labor Project in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

23 Thank You!

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