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1 Presented by: Arthenia Johnson LeFlore

2 Request for Proposal (RFP)
Request for Information (RFI) Request for Quotation (RFQ) Responding to an RFP Bid/No Bid Evaluation Form and Checklist

3 Is this a strategic opportunity? Is it in line with your business?
Can you win the competition? Can you make money? Is the risk manageable? Can your business do the job?

4 Proposal Development Checklist
Project Task Assignment & Progress Sheet Should Include: Application Form(s), Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Budget, Narrative, Project Description, Required Documents, etc.

5 Phase One: Plan it and Know Your Team.
Gather documentation: The first step in writing your proposal is to gather the documentation for it. Decide what you want to say: The second step is to decide what you want to say in your proposal.

6 Have a Consistent Concept
Have a Program Statement Get a Handle on Expenses

7 Phase Two: Get all the Data In and Make It Perfect.
Don’t assume that the reviewers understand the information, and don’t assume they already have knowledge of your business.

Transmittal Letter Executive Summary Statement of Understanding Project Description Methods Budget/Pricing

9 Business Information Conclusion

10 Phase Three: Send It and Follow Up
If you win the proposal: You’ll need to complete other documents, such as contracts, work orders, non-disclosure agreements, etc. If you lose the proposal: Ask for a debriefing session.

11 Outsourcing Proposal Development
Best and Final Offer (BAFO) Keys

12 Meet the MD PTAP Staff Denise Warner Program Director
Arthenia Johnson LeFlore Procurement Specialist Mary Lee Kolich Bonnie Maliszewski Charina Chatman Training & Marketing Coordinator Mehjabeen Abid Project Management Specialist Roisin Doran Coordinator MD Procurement Technical Assistance Center is located in College Park at: 7100 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 402 College Park, Maryland 20740 Call Toll Free: for a PTAP office in your area

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