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Introduction to Applicant Livescan processing for DPW.

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1 Introduction to Applicant Livescan processing for DPW

2 The solution provider for DPW’s background check program is Cogent Systems; serving government, law enforcement and industry Cogent develops the science that make Identification and verification possible

3 Biometrics The use of biological traits and/or behavior characteristics that identify an individual DPW’s background check is a fingerprint based and is comprised of: Applicant Fingerprints Livescan The FBI AFIS

4 Roller & Ink - Proved it’s reliability in the past - Quality depends on skill of roller Livescan Technology -Electronic -Faster -Reduces workload & error rates -Expands access to public Biometric Fingerprinting

5 An FBI background check determines, based on fingerprint images, if an applicant has a criminal history 1.Fingerprints (applicant input) 2.Records Check (Image check of the FBI database - record/no record only) This check does not verify applicant’s identity Cogent Fingerprint Site Cogent Store & Forward Servers Pennsylvania State Police Federal Bureau of Investigation Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Identification Records Check

6 Preparation for a Background Check Applicant Registers and makes payment via Cogent’s online service Applicant visits the Fingerprint Service Site of their choice Results of background check are returned to the authorized recipient

7 Applicant Registration & Payment 1-888-439-2486


9 At the registration page: Payment Type & ABID Name Social Security Number The ABID designates which third party is to be billed The ABID Password is a verification code insures authorized use of the ABID

10 At the Fingerprint Site: Fingerprint Locations As of 1-2-2008 Additional Units to be scheduled to be installed by 2-1-2008 Units immediately being sought

11 At the time of Fingerprinting: Identity Verification Payment Verification Resubmission Verification Receipts not available at site Results not available at site

12 The Fingerprint Capture Process Capturing Fingerprint Flats Capturing a Rolled Print (Begin) Capturing a Rolled Print (End) The software guides operators through the capture process, with onscreen displays to help the user to properly center the print during capture. If all fingers are flagged in green, as in the example at right, the record is ready to be submitted to PSP

13 Registration All applicants MUST be registered prior to proceeding to a fingerprint site. Each registration MUST contain a proper REASON FOR FINGERPRINTING code. The ORI number for DPW will be chosen by default. Registration may be completed by the applicant at either or by calling 1-888-439- 2486. If AGENCY PAY registration must be completed online by the Agency (the ABID holder), to whom the transaction is to be Applicant MUST bring proper ID and either SSN or Registration confirmation number. During registration, the entry of correct SSN is critical. Applicant registration data is “pulled down” from Cogent servers after proper ID verification is made by site personnel. Applicant should verify proper name and spelling of “pulled down” data before proceeding. Errors in registration data are easily fixed by re-registration. Fingerprint sites are not responsible for fixing applicant registration errors Payment Payment type selection is CREDIT CARD, AGENCY PAY or MONEY ORDER (guaranteed payment) NO CASH is accepted at the Fingerprint site Money orders are to be made payable to COGENT SYSTEMS in the amount of $40.00 Payment is linked to applicant registration by SSN. Credit card payments should use the SAME SSN as applicant registration. If AGENCY PAY, registration must be completed online by the Agency to whom the transaction is to be billed.

14 Fingerprint Sites Fingerprint sites are not responsible for fixing applicant registration issues. If an applicant’s registration information is not available at the fingerprint site, 99% of the time it is a failure to register properly. 99% of the time either the SSN or Confirmation number is incorrect or no payment has been made Fingerprint sites manage the collection of fingerprints. They are generally unaware of reason’s why or processes outside this aspect. Applicants with detailed questions should seek help at the website or from their agency directly Fingerprint sites are WALK-IN unless otherwise noted on their Cogent webpage Fingerprinting Applicants must be patient with the process: This is new to everybody and nobody enjoys having to do this Applicants that cause disturbances on site, that interfere with the sites business or workflow efficiency, will be asked to leave to fingerprint site Fingerprinting can take anywhere between 4 and 10 minutes depending on the quality of the applicants fingerprints. Even the worst prints, those that will be rejected, should take no more than 10 minutes. 1% of the general population CANNOT be fingerprinted. They will be rejected. Many hard to print individuals are likely to be employment, age and gender related More than half of the reprints are accepted the second time, but 2nd rejections tend to be fingerprint related Once submitted, Cogent Systems does not have access to the transaction. Cogent may resend the original transaction if requested by PSP

15 Results The applicant's scanned fingerprints will be electronically transmitted to the Pennsylvania State Police, who in turn submits the fingerprints and demographic information to the FBI as required by federal statute. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) will receive the Federal Criminal History Record from the FBI. DPW’s Verification Unit within ChildLine and Abuse Registry will return the results of the Federal Criminal History Record to the applicant or the agency if the agency was the payee. The results will be printed on standard 8.5" X 11" paper with the Commonwealth Seal imbedded on the paper. This document constitutes an official Record. If an applicant presents their Federal Criminal History Record and the Commonwealth Seal is not embedded on the paper, it should be considered as invalid and not an official Record. Rejections In the case of an FBI reject, applicants are requested by the FBI to submit a second set of fingerprints, at no charge to the applicant. This second submission must occur before alternative means of conducting a federal background can be initiated. Statistics reveal that a low percentage of the population may be unable to submit quality fingerprints because their fingerprint detail is inherently poor. Poor fingerprint detail may be caused by age, trade, or some other environmental/physical condition. If you receive an FBI rejection letter you must submit a second set of fingerprints if you wish to complete your Applicant Background Check. Take your rejection letter and proper identification to the nearest Pennsylvania Fingerprint location. Your second fingerprint submittal will be conducted at no charge. The fingerprint sites cannot answer questions except those involving times and locations of their fingerprint machines. All additional information regarding process, policy and print locations may be found at Fingerprint applicants should call (717) 783-6211 with any statute or DPW procedural questions.

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