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SAILABILITY Inclusion & Pathway for Everyone. Product Refinement Need for change:  No structured learning programs/outcomes  Knowledge of activity/program.

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1 SAILABILITY Inclusion & Pathway for Everyone

2 Product Refinement Need for change:  No structured learning programs/outcomes  Knowledge of activity/program within community Directional Objective:  Creation of Structured Programs (Clear Pathway for people to move progressively through the sport)  Skill Progression (Focused on skill development, while maintaining fun & enjoyment  Structured lesson plans in line GISBIS (AIM: Program accredited YA)  Program skills/development levels instructed by qualified Instructors & volunteers To Provide increased opportunities for Australians from all backgrounds, to participate in fun, inclusive, structured programs.

3 Research & Design  Structured Programs in other sports  Comparison with world-wide Sailability Programs  Factors associated with setting lesson-plans for the disability sector  Structured Development & learning for all  Financial viability/sustainability of product  Existing GISBS syllabus  Target market  Consultation with Sailability Partners, stakeholders  Consultation with participants/cares/volunteers

4 Product Refinement Sailability The Next Step: Structured development for all abilities SAILABILITY 1 Basic 1 Basic 2 SAILABILITY 2 Better Sailing SAILABILITY 3 Racing 1 Racing 2 CLUB SAILING Club Sailing HIGH PERFORMANCE Racing at Club, State, National & International RECREATIONAL PARTICIPATION TIMELINE: JUNE: GISBIS Competencies modified to Sailability/Access dinghie JULY:Lesson plans completed AUGUST:Meeting with key stakeholders/partners to discuss programs OCTOBER:Pilot program to clients @ Boatshed & Royals OCT-DEC:Continual assessment & review of programs DEC:Evaluation  Modify & write lesson plans for disability types 2011:- Improvement & continued development/change to program levels - Promotion of Programs to new cliental @ Boatshed - Rebranding/change of product delivered - Restructure of Statewide Programs overtime, roll-out to SVI

5 Potential Program Clients Mobility & Physical Impairments Learning & Intellectual Visual Impairments Communication & Hearing Disorders Mental Health Acquired Brain Injury Limbs for LifeVICSRAPIDBlind Sports Victoria Better Hearing Australia Wheel Chair SportsVision Australia Deaf Australia Spina Bifida Foundation Victoria Australia DeafBlind Council Cerberal palsy Association Guide Dogs Victoria DicDeaf Amputee Association of Victoria The Royal Institute for the Deaf and the Blind TAC SVI – Search Govt & AAA Database listings for disability schools / organisations / agencies

6 Future Direction  Pilot Programs  Age Specific Programs  Program Design  Branding & Promotion  Merchandise  Support for Instructors/Volunteers  Administration – Newsletters/Manuals/lesson plans etc.  High Performance – Support/Increased opportunity/Mainstream Racing  Facilities  Mobile Unit

7 Future Projection  Snapshot of expansion – Boatshed/SVI Clubs/Yacht Clubs  Amount of Increased participation  Delivery of Product  Volunteers – Manage demand

8 Volunteer Strategy CURRENT LANDSCAPE:  No-Formal united strategy amongst clubs  Engaging enough staff to cope with demand  Understanding the type of volunteer involved  Limited Links with organisations/community partners GENERAL RESULTS:  Very high levels of Support for Volunteering  Confusion as to how to get involved  Reluctance to be ‘locked in’ to volunteering  Need to tailor messages to different life stages and attitudinal segments  Compliance requirements are increasing and becoming more complex  Difficulty in attracting and engaging younger people with more ‘self interest’ attitudes  Lack of capacity (funding & time) to recruit, engage, manage, and support volunteers An Improved volunteer model (recruiting and retaining) to ensure a sustainable product, increasing the personnel to manage the growth in demand and product-vision.

9 Forward Direction: The two broad categories of audience for the strategy are: Individuals looking to volunteer and those that have never volunteered before but are open to the idea Organisations that will provide opportunities for people to participate in volunteering Target Audience:  Partnership with education industry creating sustained involvement, inclusion in curriculum for valued return Sustained volunteer concept  Linking partners with delivery of product within the community  Clear links/partnerships with commercial organisations (Employee Volunteer Programs)  Utilizing Apparent Partnerships Yacht Clubs Community groups/organisations Disability Organisations AAA providers  Volunteering Networks Communicate clear, accurate & attractive program Wider Audience

10 Key Elements Recruitment: Increasing the level of volunteer participation in Sailability Retention: Sustainable volunteering levels by providing an enjoyable and rewarding environment Recognition: Volunteers are the backbone of Sailability, recognition for the contribution they make to the program Resourced: Ensure that volunteers in Sailability are sufficiently trained and resourced to maximize their contribution to the program and its development

11 Social-Inclusion-YV members AIM of Disability Education Module:  Creating opportunities nationally through networks in education, classification and training.  Encouraging active participation in sailing, regardless of race gender, disability, religion, age or socio-economic background.  Encouraging sailing as a sport that can be enjoyed at a variety of levels by participants of all ages, regardless of ability. Need for change:  Modules not operational  Not included in YV accredited qualifications Directional Objective:  Include DEP in all accredited courses  Three specific Sailing Modules: Inclusive Coaching (Coaches & Instructors) Opening Doors (Clubs) Including sailors with a disability in racing (Race officials)

12 Social-Inclusion-YV members TIMELINE: AUGUST:Administration/Setup of Module SEPTEMBER-OCT:2 Pilot courses delivered, Assistance from VIS Boatshed & Mornington NOVEMBER-DEC:Incorporate Modules into accredited YV courses. Train & educate presenters Sustained attachment to YV courses End Result: Targeting all connected to yachting within the state, creating awareness of Sailability’s aims, objectives and pathway, whilst educating inclusion for all regardless of ability.

13 Support  VicHealth  Yulgilbar  Myer Foundation  SRV

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