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2 SocialGains TechnicalGains Government & Judicial Gains Gains of UYAP

3 By the use of up to date information technologies the services that are given to the public about judicial processes are higher qualitiy. Gains of UYAP

4 Minimizing the judicial mistakes Ability of tracking a person’s whole judicial history Reaching different case files of a person Catching the fugitives %100 management of prisons Adaptation of users to new laws Fully online and workflow driven processes Minimized paper work by the use of DMS and integration Integration with other government units Reaching the data online when needed No data repitition Government &Judicial Process Gains

5 Transparency at judicial processes Lawyer and Citizen Portal Automatic calculation of penalties Minimized procedural mistakes Distribution of crimes No waiting at lines Social Gains

6 N-tier Web-based Object-Oriented Multiplatform Developed infrastructure Document Management System Workflow Management System Smart Card and Electronic Signature Know how of judicial system and main problems Know how of how to take a system like this into production, how to educate users Technical Gains & Abilities

7 System of alerts In every stage of investigations, especially during the hearings, the system may suggest some proposals to the users whenever they request or may warn the users in order to prevent basic judicial errors. Thanks to some warnings and proposals produced by the system with pop up on the screen, procedural mistakes are reduced to a minimum level. Owing to this it is expected that there can be 80 % decrease in the number of cases returned from supreme Court becouse of proceeding error. For example many fugitives were caught thanks to this system. If any data of fugutives enter to the system, a pop up on the screen warns the user. Warrants about fugitives can be sent to all units of judiciary in a very short time and it became very easy to follow and catch them. And the system warns users by pop up on the screen, if any fugutives’ data is entered to the system. The aims of this facility are to prevent procedural errors during legal proceeding, to minimise other possible errors, to provide accuracy and speed to the legal proceedings and to accumulate public trust in justice. (1350 warnings or proposals have been produced in the system till this time and they are presented for the use of the users). For example, if a spesicif rule have to be applied to the case and judge or staff forget to do this, system warns to user by pop up on the screen. It is completely up to users choice whether to obey this remind or ignore it. Thanks to this system procedural errors has been decreased significantly.

8 All documents, processes and files are standardised Before UYAP courts and other judicial units have being writen the writs one by one. After UYAP similar writs are being writen through stencils. Due to standart and ready forms, all the data are filled automatically into the documents like instructions, indictmans, hearing minutes, decision and others so as to finish cases faster and more efficient and not to wait for days. It is nearly saved on labour force by 30 % In the past it took so many times to prepare all the documents durıng the case or hearing but now it takes only minutes and it provide us speed and reliance.

9 Economical judicial services: With the on-line connection of courts, expenses of bureaucracy and postal costs are removed. Before UYAP it could be reached to old issues of the Judicial Legislations Bulletin only per department of the Education of MoJ and that is being taken up time. After UYAP these issues can be accessed via MoJs web site online. Ministry of Justice issues a periodical, a monthly bulletin about Turkish judicial legislation. The copies of the said bulletin amounting to 13.000 copies were being sent to all Turkish judicial units including lawyers,bar associations,etc. A recent policy change has led to a an important saving in the budget of the judiciary. Thus some 400.000.- New Turkish Liras (NTL) will be saved. Indeed, since the recent decision, bulletin concerned will be published through Ministry’s web site. Hence, MoJ will not send 12.000 copies of bulletin per post. And some 370.000.- NTL will be saved.

10 The payments of the experts and taxes can be controlled in a more reliable way. Now the budget of the judicial units are prepaired by UYAP and budgetary control is made via UYAP online and momentary. Determination, audit and expenses are pursuitted on a central database with the accounting system in UYAP. Obtain central financial control

11 All takeover files from previous year can be prepared within instantly. Easy and fair dispatch of the files and works of courts and enforcement units is ensured. Prevention of corruption: Destruction of files are impossible because of electronic recording and all the activities are logged in the system. Transparency in terms of accountability and data accuracy:

12 The performance of the personnel can be followed via the electronical environment. To provide the capability to measure performance and report on the effectiveness of Turkish judicial services in terms of such performance indicators are defined by Government and stakeholders. Performance management through integrated management information

13 After UYAP inspections of the judicial would be per UYAP online and remote. That possibility will be bring in time, costs etc. Provision of Clear Evidence on performence and quality for inspectors, every processes are logging by system Fulfill inspections in to electronic means

14 The processes that takes hours or days can be done only in minutes by UYAP. UYAP decreases the administrative and judicial workload so to enable practitioners to focus on their other priorities. Before UYAP promotion (being raised to a higher rank) of the employees are being notified with one by one arranged notifications. After UYAP that notifications are notified to relevant units with in a single copy which in a one list arranged. Decrease administrative and judicial workload so to enable practitioners to focus on their other priorities. The processes that takes hours or days can be done only in minutes by UYAP. Furthermore, the figures as to the files, selected spesific crimes and the workload of units can be obtained in much more swift way nationwide Instructions to other courts or other public offices in order to collect evidence can be instantly sent and received. Serving term of offenders can be calculated automatically by considering all related enforcement laws in detail. Miscalculations, discrepancies and waste of time are prevented. Forms and tables prepared by judicial units at the end of the day or year in order to takeover files were being lasted hours and weeks. But now, all this documents can be prepared within second and minutes in UYAP. It caused 25 % saving on working time of staff and it prevented overtime. Despatch of the files and works of courts and enforcement units are being done and monitored easily and fairly by UYAP.For example, in the courts taken into operation, delivery bureaus have been taken into operation and collection of charges and duty distributions which are carried out hand by hand before are now carried out by the system as to the objective criteria determined in an electronic environment. Simplify process:

15 Evaluation of statistics (papering crime maps, data mining) will be possible. The users who have the authority to gain access to these data, can see those data simultaneously and currently and can make processes. Data mining in judicial field:

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