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Danvers Police Department

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1 Danvers Police Department

Chief of Police Neil F. Ouellette Records Secretary Lynne Horn Executive Assistant Elaine A. Russo Public Safety Analyst Christopher Bruce PT Record Clerk Carol Lang Administrative Services Commander Captain Patrick Ambrose Operations Commander Captain Edmund Plamowski Community Policing/ School Outreach Sgt. Robert Bettencourt Communications Section Richard Beaulieu Patrol Section Criminal Investigations Section Sgt. William Carleton Day Shift Commander Lt. Dana Milne Dispatchers Community Outreach Detectives Accreditation Public Information Evening Shift Commander Lt. Walter Roberts Grants Records Personnel Scheduling Special Operations D.A.R.E. Officer Traffic Crossing Guards Day-off Shift Commander Lt. Carole Germano Building Maintenance Professional Standards Domestic Violence Licensing Department Property Recruitment & Selection Firearms Licensing Fleet Maintenance Sergeants Sex Offender Registry Armory S.A.T.U.R.N. Blue Team Patrol Officers House Officers Training & Inspections Prosecutor Property & Evidence Revised March 2008


4 Composition of the Danvers Police Department
47 Sworn Officers 1 Executive Assistant 9 Civilian Dispatchers 1 Civilian Public Safety Analyst 1 Administrative Assistant 1 Part-time Records Clerk

5 K-9 Officer Kevin Wood and his partner Hogan have been working the street for two full years. Hogan is certified as a a narcotic detection K-9. He is utilized by the Patrol Division and Detective Section on a regular basis to conduct narcotic searches. Kevin is assigned to the 5-1 Shift in the Patrol Division. Kevin has integrated Hogan into the community at various events as well as utilizing him for drug searches at our schools.




9 Salaries and Wages $ 4,670,058 Capital $ 143,670 Other $ 409,480 TOTAL: $ 5,223,208


11 5 Fully Equipped Police Cruisers
Capital Outlay 5 Fully Equipped Police Cruisers $143,670.00

12 What Was Up in 2007 ? Prostitution + 67% Drug Offenses + 21%
Fraud & Forgery % Shoplifting % Simple Assaults % (Related to Domestic Assaults) Medical Aids % 911 Hang-ups % Harassing Phone Calls %

13 What Was Down in 2007 Commercial Burglary - 31% Auto Theft - 38%
Vandalism % OUIL’s % Liquor Law Violations %

14 Motorcycles

MOBILE LAPTOPS 3 $3,675 $ 11,025 DEFIBRILLATORS 3 $3,000 $ 9,000 PORTABLE RADIOS 16 $1,462 $ 23,392 RADAR EQUIPMENT 2 $1,500 $ 3,000 OUTSIDE SECURITY CAMERA 1 $5,808 CRUISER RADIOS 5 $4,113 $ 20,565

16 Community Policing Grant FY 08 Awarded $50,000
2 Motorcycles (one purchased) Share Point Intranet Package (includes custom modules) Adult Citizen Police Academies 2 Juvenile Police Academy Bicycle & Walking Patrols Rape Aggression Defense Class RAD K-9 Demonstrations Neighborhood Watch Juvenile Probation Checks

17 Edward J. Byrne Memorial Grant FY 2008 $ 23,775
Citizen Drug Recognition Academy Students Against Destructive Decisions Courage To Speak Foundation Strengthening Families Program Underage Liquor Checks Liquor Establishment Education Seminar Juvenile Police Academy Materials

18 Charles Shannon Anti-Gang Grant FY 2008 $11,129
Anti-gang Operations in Southern Essex County Communities Gang Trainings for Officers/Detectives Anti-Gang School Programs Teen Work Programs Monthly Gang Meetings Boston

19 Regional Operations Center Update
11 Communities have pledged support. Sheriff Cousins has funded a Project Manager’s position. Candidate Interviews have taken place. The Sheriff has approximately $400, to be utilized. EOPS met with the steering committee and pledged support. Legislation for telephone lines & wireless charges has been rewritten to include a portion of monies to be used for Regional Dispatching Initiatives. Meet with Congressman Tierney to discuss potential federal funding.

20 Proposed Legislation Agency will develop performance measure standards for enhanced 911 Systems Service level standards for providers of enhanced 911 service in Commonwealth Requirements for enhanced 911 Telecommunicators including but not limited to certification requirements for emergency medical dispatch, and guidelines for developing and administering grants

21 LEGISLATION PSAP Support 911 Personnel Costs and Equipment
PSAP Training Grant-2.5-5% of net revenue Primary Regional PSAP and Regional Dispatch Center Grant range % Allocation call volume and population PSAP Incentive to Regionalize 10 or more communities 1.5% of previous FY surcharge revenue Regional PSAPs and Regional Dispatch Centers, Radios, and E911 consoles, telephone notification systems, Regional Dispatch Centers, public safety radio systems. Start-up Costs Left to Agency to set criteria 7.5 Million Dollars

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