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Multi Factor Wage Incentive Program

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1 Multi Factor Wage Incentive Program
Plastic Part Trimming Process By Bill Caver

2 Process Definition The process that I wish to create a multi factor wage incentive program is the part trimming process. This is the process of taking a raw plastic part strait from the mold and trimming the excess plastic, commonly knows as flash, off the part to create a smooth surface. This process creates the finished plastic product in tooling.

3 Performance Factors The wage incentive plan should be based on the time in which the part is trimmed and also the quality in which it is trimmed. The program should be based upon these factors, because they are critical to the performance of the facility

4 Unit of Measurement The job should be based on a per part measurement. The per part method would give the worker incentive to keep a constant flow of work throughout the whole day. This would also reward the workers who are working hard, and give the person a way to gage the amount of work there doing based on the amount of output they are producing.

5 Weighted Factors The two factors would be weighted equal due to the fact that if the part is trimmed badly the part is no good to the customer, so it is no good for company. This would mean that the company would just lose money due to the fact that the part cannot be sold or salvaged due to the error.

6 Method of Implementation
Conduct a time study of existing process. With the data compose an average number of parts created during a normal shift. Set a per unit price on each individual piece. Provide a two week test period to gather results and compare data to the existing program.

7 Benefits Production will be increased due to the per price incentive, and with the production increase parts will be delivered faster helping customer receive products on time. This will also prevent people from working slower to obtain more hours, resulting in less overtime

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