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Labor Management Program Presented by: Jim Mercer.

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1 Labor Management Program Presented by: Jim Mercer

2 Labor Management Program How Do We Do This? 1.Efficiency in Scheduling. 2.Professional and Uniform Presentation 3.Consistent Team Effort Our Labor Planner is Designed to put Hard Earned Dollars Back in the Register!

3 Through our combined efforts, we assign each store an individual planner designed to measure individual “$ales Per Labor Hour” Labor Management Program Measuring Sales per Hour

4 MAXIMIZING STORE EFFICIENCY O ur program relieves stress on the Manager and the Associates - Providing them the ability to assign time and responsibility.

5 - Labor Planner designed for each store - Master Task List - Customer Transaction Report - Weekly Labor Planner Summary Report - Division Manager Reporting Sheet Planner Tools to Achieve Goal

6 RESPONSIBILITIES Labor planner Provide labor Hours to show Tasks and Register time Division Manager Train, Track & Enforce proper Use of Planner- Communicate With Store Manager & Planner Store Manager Initiate proper Schedule & Track Daily to Ensure Correct Hours Used Communicate To Division Manager All stores should utilize the labor program

7 Sales per Labor Hour Your store hours are determined by the number of customer transactions as well as the unique fixed and variable store tasks for your store. Total sales divided by total store hours (including 50 hours for salaried manager) = Sales Per Labor Hour

8 Every Task on the Labor Planner has a corresponding task list to use for training. The task list details exactly what is expected to be accomplished in the task. For example: Thoroughly stocking the cooler vs. touch up stocking, which is restocking high volume items, etc. Detail Oriented and Customized

9 Customer Count Report Our Labor Planner indicates the number of customers in three ways - By Hour - By Shift - By Day Using 30 seconds per avg. transaction with one person on register would leave 25 ½ minutes to perform tasks in the store Measurable and Accountable

10 DIVISION MANAGERS Train, track and enforce proper use of labor planner Contact each store on pre determined schedule to verify that store hours are on track for the week. (Use Tracking form) Adjust & correct if necessary. Monitor and approve (prior to week ending) all overtime. Communicate any salaried manager absence to HR Director for adjustments by Friday of each week ending. STORE MANAGERS Schedule store hours within allotted hours on labor planner Use the Customer Count Report to schedule associates for best customer service Train associates to accomplish goals and tasks on planner All overtime hours must have prior approval by division manager Verify DAILY correct hours are used (per planner) and adjust if needed to achieve goal. Defines Specific Performance

11 Division Manager Hour Tracking Division Manager completes form comparing budgeted daily hours to scheduled daily hours and actual hours used. Division Manager and Store Manager work together to ensure total hours for week are within budgeted hours per labor planner Budgeting

12 Potential Savings over 30 months could equal up to $3,000,000 *By effectively using our Labor Planner formula for each store, all stores will improve their “Sales Per Labor Hour” while improving overall store labor efficiency, customer service and store standards. Labor Planner Project Goals

13 “Jim Mercer and his Associates have seen all sides of the convenience store business. They bring impressive wisdom and experience to problem-solving in this specialized area.“ Bob Gordon Former NACS Chairman “They really have their finger on the pulse of the Convenience Store and Petroleum industry. If you want to increase your sales and profits, they can assist you.” Paul Reuter Publisher CSP Magazine Testimonials

14 “Jim and his team know the convenience store industry, they know all the right people in the industry, and they know how to be successful!” Drayton McLane President McLane Group "We are very pleased with the Labor Planner Program. We have been able to make significant reduction in our labor cost while increasing the efficiency and improving customer service. The planner is unique and fair to each individual store." Randy Fulkerson President Hucks Food Stores Testimonials

15 Labor Management Program Thank You! Q&A

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