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J. Arzt, INDT 100 Discussion Questions on Silver Screen Comes to the Local Scene.

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1 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Discussion Questions on Silver Screen Comes to the Local Scene

2 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Opening of Film  Shows a montage of photographs of three female characters growing up through the years  We see their closeness over the years through seasonal and holiday photographs  We get the sense that we are looking at a photograph scrapbook  The montage sequence captures events of the past in a quick sequence  The montage is similar to a quick flashback in this case

3 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Wedding Scene  We see the scene from JoJo’s point of view through the use of subjective camera (also known as point-of-view shots)  There is no dialogue  The sequence is much like a montage  We witness a series of shots that create an effect  Here the montage-like sequence is slower paced than the opening montage—just one event is captured  Voiceover is used as we hear the words the way JoJo hears them— with specific words taking on special meaning  We are beginning to see that the film deals with moving from adolescents to adulthood, the challenges of accepting responsibility and leaving behind the carefree spirit of adolescents

4 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Mystic Pizzeria in Opening Shots Mystic Pizzeria in Opening Shots  We get the feel that Mystic Pizzeria is an ordinary family-run, small business  We learn that the three lead characters work at the pizzeria  The scene at the restaurant appears to be a typical day-to-day scene  We see the contrast between Daisy’s and Kat’s character

5 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Mystic, Connecticut  Seaside town with boatyards and quaint coastal scenes  Working-class population that depends on fishing and lobster industry for its livelihood as well as family-run businesses  Small-town where everybody knows everyone  Wealthy people own the mansions and expensive homes on the shoreline

6 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Parallel Plot Development  The film develops three storylines with a similarity—the main female characters are engaged in romantic relationships and learning important lessons about growing up  We see JoJo with Bill, we meet Tim, who will be Kat’s love interest, and we see a glimpse of Charlie as his red Porsche catches Daisy’s eye as she looks through the restaurant window

7 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Clothing  Daisy wears a provocative red Mystic Pizza tee- shirt—she is the adventurism one in the group  JoJo wears a black tee-shirt—she is trying to appear mature and acts in control—she is also interested in seducing Bill  Kat initially wears a white tee-shirt—she is the young, innocent one, the least experienced of the group—the schoolgirl type  Daisy wears a low-cut, red sweater in the pool scene, making her look seductive  The Yale girls are dressed conservatively  Later Kat wears red in her seduction scene

8 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Symbols in the Film  Red Porsche—Charlie’s wealth that he flaunts, flashiness, trying to impress, carefree, but later the car gets a flat tire and lobster is poured on it  Bill’s lobster truck—his working-class status, his identity as a lobster fisherman  The windows and doors at Tim’s house—put Kat on the outside looking in  Tim’s sweater—he is flirting with Kat and inviting a relationship

9 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Music  “Respect”—the female characters want respect and they are the assertive ones in the film—plays during the scene when Daisy, Kat, and JoJo drive out to the country club in Bill’s pick-up truck  “Serious”—plays during the scene in the pool hall, as Daisy and Charlie are starting to think seriously about one another

10 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Important Close-Ups  Shot of praying hands in the hallway between Daisy’s and Kat’s bedrooms  Shots of Daisy playing pool  Shots of Daisy’s and Charlie’s face in the scene where Charlie tells Daisy about cheating at law school  Close-up of Kat’s face when she see Charlie through the window at the country club  Close-up of Daisy’s face when she sees Charlie at the country club  Shot of JoJo’s face when she faints at the church  What close-ups do you remember??

11 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Angle Shots  When Kat and Tim on the staircase, with Kat in the high angle shots looking down at her and Tim in low angle shots with the camera looking up at him—he is in control  Bill and JoJo in dockside shots—camera angles show Bill in low angle shots looking up at him when he is in control and high angles looking down at JoJo when she is in a weakened position

12 J. Arzt, INDT 100 POV Shots  JoJo at the wedding  Kat when she watches Charlie and Daisy kissing alongside the Porsche  Kat when she views Charlie at the country club with another woman  Charlie looking at Daisy during the pool game

13 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Coming-of-Age Theme  Kat’s is going through her first romantic encounter and feels the pain of a breakup  Daisy realizes that she has more in life than the day-to-day present and she takes control over her life  JoJo learns that she must move beyond playful seduction and decides to marry Bill because she sees the value of their commitment

14 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Outdoor Sets  Main Street in Mystic, Connecticut  The dockyard showing Bill’s lobster boat  Tim’s spacious front yard, boat dock, and the coastal inland view in the rear of the house  We see a contrast between the wealthy and working-class families and are reminded of the New England coastline—for the working class, the coastline functions as a way to earn a living, and for the wealthy as a frill for sport and enjoyment  Nighttime skies and stargazing at Tim’s house

15 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Indoor Sets  The pizzeria—a place of friendship and good times, a sense of stability—not only a workplace but a sense of family—JoJo’s and Bill’s wedding reception and the closing scene of the film are at the pizzeria  The living room and bedrooms at the Araujos’ home—ordinary, working-class family, the two bedrooms contrast the two sisters, and the hallway symbolizes what separates them—the bonding scene occurs in Kat’s bedroom as Daisy comes in and hugs her

16 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Male Characters  They are secondary to the female characters  The films depicts the 1980s with women taking an active role in romantic relationships, being the initiators  The three male characters contrast with one another  They also serve as “foils” for developing the characteristics of the female characters

17 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Parallel Plot Development in Final Scenes  Daisy and Charlie are re-united  Bill and JoJo are re-united  Kat learns that her romantic relationship with Tim is an empty infatuation  All three characters pass through a coming-of- age based on the outcome of their relationships with men  In the last portion of the film, we see three parallel seduction scenes and three parallel outcome scenes of each relationship

18 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Time Period and Location  Time Period: late 1980s—the Women’s Movement has made it okay for women to be the aggressive one in relationships  Females characters in films are increasingly playing gutsy roles  A Connecticut shoreline community is a perfect setting for showing the contrast of the wealthy and working-class  The screenwriter plays off the scenery of the Connecticut shoreline in creating a romantic comedy

19 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Humor  Hitch-hiking scene  Lobster in the Porsche  Phantom Diner  Raw pizza served to the table of woman  The false teeth in the water glass  JoJo followed by Bill coming out of the ladies room

20 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Acting  Which actors and actresses are the most convincing in their roles?  What do the film critics say about the acting? Do you agree?  Are the characters well cast?  Originally, Julie Roberts was considered for the role of JoJo—do you think Roberts landed the right role in the film?

21 J. Arzt, INDT 100 Full Circle  The film begins and ends with the wedding  The characters come of age Daisy’s relationship with Charlie succeeds because of Daisy’s forthrightness Kat realizes that she is ready to move on with her life and attend Yale; she gets over Tim JoJo realizes that she is fortunate to have found someone as loyal and true as Bill

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