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A GRI SPECIAL REPORT An Analysis of Global Current & Future Events Part 2 of a 5 part series: Global Research Initiative.

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2 A GRI SPECIAL REPORT An Analysis of Global Current & Future Events Part 2 of a 5 part series: Global Research Initiative

3 RUSSIAN PREPARATIONS FOR WAR  Part 5: What can be done Global Research Initiative  Part 1: The Plan (When, Why & Who prepared it and its outline)  Part 3: Chinese Preparations for WAR  Part 4: How Soon ?  Part 2: Russian Preparations for WAR  Addendum: Additional Confirmations

4 Copyright 2008 Roger K. Young--All Rights Reserved The NEW SOVIET EMPIRE Future Russian Allies/Conquests EU Pipeline Russian Pipeline China Pipeline Russia Romania Bulgaria Belarus Ukrain e Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Poland Latvia Estonia Lithuania U.S. /Joint Pipeline GRI Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Turkey GeorgiaKyrgyzstanGeorgia Poland

5 NEW ALLIES FOR Russia EU Pipeline Russian Pipeline China Pipeline Russia Romania Bulgaria Belarus Ukrain e Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Poland Latvia Estonia Lithuania U.S. /Joint Pipeline Iran Armenia Turkmenistan Azerbaija n Turkmenistan Azerbaijan GRI With the new conquests, Iran, and Syria as allies, Russian now has a real chokehold on almost all oil in the region…in fact the entire world. Turkey Syria

6 In fact, within a couple of hours, Russian and it’s allies could cut off 80+% of oil supplies to the world, while still having plenty for themselves. Russia Romania Bulgaria Belarus Ukrain e Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Poland Latvia Estonia Lithuania Iran Turkmenistan Azerbaija n GRI Turkey Syria

7 RUSSIA AND IT’S ALLIES NOW, EITHER CONTROL THE PRODUCTION…OR CAN EASILY STOP THE SHIPMENT… OF 80+% OF THE WORLDS OIL PRODUCTION. If the “Moderate” Arab Nations join the Anti- American, Anti-Israel Russian/Chinese “cabal”, they would control almost 90% of the worlds oil production. (All except Norway, Canada, US, & Mexico). Copyright 2008 Roger K. Young--All Rights Reserved6 GRI

8 But…there is more bad news…. And it is only understandable, in the context of Russia is preparing for war.

9 -50 miles- Israel West Bank Haifa Tartus --New Russian Naval Base—SS-24 Nuclear Missiles Russian S-300 enhanced multiple anti-missile system + anti-stealth radar (300 mile range) 8 GRI Copyright 2008 Roger K. Young--All Rights Reserved Damascus One of the latest critical developments is the building of a New major Russian Naval base at Tartus, Syria because of a military agreement with Syria. It is the first ever Russian base in the Mediterranean, and Russia has already declared that it is stockpiling nuclear missiles there.

10  The New RUSSION/SOVIET “UNION” or EMPIRE… is much larger and more powerful than the former Soviet Union.  NATO, formed to oppose Soviet Aggression… has become non-existent and totally ineffective. In fact, in 2002 there was formed a NATO-RUSSIA Council to enhance cooperation between NATO and Russia.  With Turkey, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and other NATO countries…now becoming part of the New Soviet Union… NATO has been further compromised.


12  July 31,2009- The presidents of seven ex-Soviet states were to meet Friday for a summit of a security grouping led by Russia and moving to be seen an eastern counterweight to NATO...The leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) were to discuss the implementation of a deal signed on June 14 of the group's first joint rapid reaction force, said the Kremlin in a statement.  UZBEKISTAN ACCEDES TO COLLECTIVE SECURITY TREATY ORGANIZATION  Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 124  June 26, 2006 10:00 PM Age: 4 yrs  By: Vladimir Socor  Uzbek President Islam Karimov joined the presidents of the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s member countries -- Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan -- in Minsk on June 23 for a meeting of the CSTO’s top political body, the Collective Security Council. At the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Uzbekistan has become a member of the CSTO.   The move, a strategic and political boon to Russia, caps the process of Uzbekistan’s alienation from the United States, breakdown in the U.S.-Uzbek shared threat perception (one that Washington had successfully nurtured for several years post-9/11 in Central Asia) and mutual loss of the U.S.-Uzbekistan security partnership. It is the result largely (though not exclusively) of Washington’s one-sided response to the May 2005 conflagration in Andijan, which led sequentially to closure of the American air base at Karshi-Khanabad, the November 2005 signing of the Russia-Uzbekistan alliance treaty, and, now, Uzbekistan’s accession to the CSTO, which completes Uzbekistan’s reversal of alliances in Russia’s favor. 

13  Russia, over the last 8 years…has announced it is re-arming for “defensive” purposes, substantially increasing its military, announcing new sophisticated military technology, new missile deployments, etc.  Also, Russia has become increasingly militarily aggressive…especially with the US. It has resumed overflights and intrusions into US and allied airspace with Bombers and attack jets.

14  Mar 2009 - Russia reports it will build at least six nuclear-powered submarines with long- range cruise missiles for its navy, to be put into service in 2011.  April 2009 - China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan took part in war games in the first such exercise since Kyrgyzstan said in February it would shut the last U.S. air base in Central Asia. (Reuters)

15 The Russians have also apparently developed a new Stealth technology, (plasma?), which has allowed one of their long range bombers to fly into Canadian/US arctic airspace without detection in 2006. The Russians later bragged about it. Russia has produced 3 new ICBM upgrade missiles over the last 10 years, including the “undefensible” hypersonic MIRV SS-X-27. The new mobile- launched missiles are being produced/deployed at the rate of 3 per month. Russia just announced Jan 2010 a new 5 th Generation Stealth Fighter jet…based upon improvements to the F-22. (Interestingly, the former head of Russian Air-Force compared it favorably to the F- 22 since the Americans allowed him to fly in the F-22)

16  Russia Announced Jan 10, 2010..Plans To Build a new Generation Long Range Strategic Stealth Bomber.  They Also Announced (Jan 2010) Plans to Improve Their SS-X-27 Missile Even Further.  The good news… the Russians are having problems adapting the SS-X-27 to their missile submarines.

17  Meanwhile, the US has not built any new nuclear missiles in 30+ years, and the President has announced the US will “as a goodwill gesture” destroy ½ of the old missiles…  There is a current debate… DOES THE U.S. EVEN HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS PRODUCTION CAPABILITY ANY MORE?  Unfortunately, the answer seems to be that it would take from 1 to 3 years for the U.S. to produce a new nuclear weapon…if it wanted.

18  And so…  While the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians are all building & deploying new nuclear weapons as fast as they can…  The U.S. is continuing to DISMANTLE its nuclear ability.

19  While Russia and China are building & deploying new super sophisticated Attack submarines, Missile submarines, Attack Fighter Jets, long range stealth Bombers, Space weapons, etc  The U.S. is canceling their advanced technology weapons, canceling or postponing their attack fighter jet production, building no new submarines, no new missiles, no new bombers.

20  Over the last 15 years, the U.S. has shipped most of its heavy industry out of the country. …Most of it to China.  Over the last 20 years the U.S. has curtailed any new oil exploration, and production. Has not built any new Energy production systems, nor infrastructure…and is currently passing laws to tax out of existence most of its remaining energy production systems. (Such as coal and oil.)

21  This begs the question…  Was Golitsyn right?  Were there…ARE THERE…Communist sleeper agents in the CIA and high government places and the Media… helping to prepare America to be attacked and defeated… by purposely ignoring what is happening…and helping to lull America into a blind stupor?  YOU BE THE JUDGE….

22  But there is more….  The Chinese war preparations… are even more extensive, and even more overt.  This is covered in part 3.

23  The next video will contain parts 3, 4, and 5  CHINESE WAR PREPARATIONS  HOW SOON? (Probable Sequence & Timetable of Events)  SUMMARY & WHAT CAN BE DONE

24  As explained in the March 2014 GRI… Putin/Russia essentially took control of Ukraine in 2010…when his puppet Viktor Yanukovych was put into power. (Rigged election filled with accusations of massive fraud)  Obama then upped the foreign aid to Ukraine to almost a $Billion dollars a year (which went directly into Yanukovych’s pocket---making him a a multi-billionaire in just 4 years.)  The payments were for Ukraine to further disarm and disband their military…with promises of protection from the US, NATO, CHINA, and RUSSIA.  However, Yanukovych was so corrupt, and got caught red- handed murdering a popular reporter… that the people of Ukraine held protests against him.  Rather than continue to fight the protests…Yanukovych suddenly left, going back to Russia to live like a king on his $billions.

25  The people, who have always hated Russia…especially since Russia/Stalin starved to death over 20 million Ukrainians, used this opportunity to turn towards the US/Europe/NATO.  Putin could not let this happen…and so, with the consent from US, Europe, China, etc… set up the invasion/takeover of Ukraine.  The invasion/takeover is still in process. Over the next few months, Putin will complete the takeover process…getting a firmer grip on the country…subjugating the people even more  During this takeover…the US/OBAMA, NATO, Europe, etc. will do NOTHING except talk a lot. WHY—because of two reasons:  1 st … They are all in on the scheme. (just like Chechnya and Georgia)  2 nd … Even if Europe wanted to help Ukraine, they can’t because…they are dependent upon Russian Oil and natural Gas.

26  We will continue to see this Russian Regional Expansion…to re- establish a bigger Soviet Union than ever before…over the next couple of years.  The last parts of Eastern Europe (Poland, Moldava, for example) will become even more integrated into the new Soviet Union, and Putin will increase Russian influence over parts of the Middle East, (Syria, Turkey, Iran, etc.)  Meanwhile, China is using it’s hoard of American Dollars to purchase…literally… Africa, South and Central America, Canada, and the United States. China has found that the purchasing of a country is easier than the military option that Russia is using.  Both Russia and China (and their allies) are preparing for the big WAR/TAKEOVER of the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, South Korea, and Western Europe…soon after these minor regional takeovers are complete.

27  These REGIONAL WARS/TAKEOVERS include Iran overthrowing and taking control of the Middle East.  IRAN (using their proxy army of Radical Islam) is BEHIND IN THEIR SCHEDULE to takeover Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE.  They thought they had taken control over Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt….except that:  1. The leadership IRAN and the US put into power in Egypt were so corrupt (torturing & murdering hundreds)…that the people overthrew them. The anti-Iran…pro-US military is firmly back in control.  2. Libya has no real leadership now…and is a kind of “no man’s land” of various terrorist groups…most funded by Iran and the US.  3. Syria was under the control of Assad, a Iranian ally, but was so corrupt…the people rebelled. The rebellion turned into a civil war. Plans are to use Syria (or someplace in the Middle East) as a new proxy war for America to be involved in. 

28 End of Part 2

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