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Three common roof infestations and their solution. Safe Roof Cleaning Before After.

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1 Three common roof infestations and their solution. Safe Roof Cleaning Before After

2 The first common roof Infestation There’s a type of ugly algae that thrives in humid areas like Florida. Gloeocapsa Magma is its name, and it has become more of a problem in the last few decades because shingle-makers now use limestone filler in the manufacturing process, which is good for this destructive algae. Roof stains mean that your shingles are being eaten, which can result in a shortened lifetime for your expensive roof. If Gloeocapsa Magma grows over large areas of your roof, it can affect your roof’s reflective properties, costing you increasingly more in energy bills as it grows.

3 The second common roof infestation Lichens are an admirably tough symbiotic organism made up of two partners, typically an algae (usually a green algae or Chlorophyta, less often a cyanobacteria) and a fungus (usually an Ascomycete, occasionally a Basidiomycete). [2] The fungus (the microbiont half of the lichens duet) obtains nutrients out of the surface on which the lichens is growing (quite often stone). Lichens have such a good grip on the mineral granules that when removing the lichens it brings some of the roof protective coating along with it.

4 The third common roof infestation Moss is a plant species that grows really well in humid areas like Florida.Moss As the moss thickens and grows on an asphalt shingle roof, it can raise the shingles up (much like a jack under a car). When the shingles get risen it allows water to go under the shingles causing the decking to rot and causing the roof to leak. The raised shingles also cause problems when heavy winds are present because they will catch the wind like a sail and this can cause shingles to be torn/blown off the roof. A moss buildup on the roof causes more debris to get trapped on the roof. This debris promotes water buildup which makes the roof at risk of much more rotting and leaking. Moss can actually damage the asphalt shingle components, leaving it to break down faster.

5 Do I have to replace my roof? Roughly 50% of roofs are replaced simply due to their ugly appearance or premature deterioration that could have been prevented. Replacing a roof is very expensive and is sometimes not necessary. I’m here to bring you the good news that Spotless REC has a safe, non pressure and inexpensive process that kills the algae, cleans away the streaks and restores the roofs to their proper condition.

6 Benefits of our roof cleaning process Cleans thoroughly without damaging roofs. We use manufacturer recommended process!! Our roof cleaning process involves a LOW PRESSURE application of a specialized mix of detergents. We do not use Power washers in the process. Our system is safe for your home, family, pets and plants. Prevents infestations from returning for much longer periods of time than other methods.

7 How long does a roof cleaning last? Our roof cleanings always come with a two-year guarantee that your shingles will remain clean, but you can expect your roof to stay algae-free for at least three years once we've cleaned it. How much does it cost? We usually inspect every home’s exterior before committing to a price quote because no roof is exactly the same, and variables like roof size, pitch, and design all applies. For most Orlando style houses, roof cleanings fall into the $250-$600 range.


9 Why choose Spotless REC? Licensed and fully insured. Firm Price quotes, NOT estimates Locally owned business Immediate results Dedicated to the roof and pressure cleaning forums to get the latest training.

10 DEEP CLEANING POWER WASH Tel: 863-438-1884 Email: Web:

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