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By Spencer Thomas. Architects Architects create buildings and design other structures. Buildings have to be safe, economical, eco friendly, and have to.

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1 By Spencer Thomas

2 Architects Architects create buildings and design other structures. Buildings have to be safe, economical, eco friendly, and have to fulfill the needs of the people 132,000 jobs held by architects in 2006. Three types of degrees an Architect can get: An architect could get a 5-year bachelor, A 2-year master degree, Or a 3 or 4 year master degree for people who have degrees in other disciplines. Required to have an Architectural License to design a building To get a license one must an Architectural Degree, complete a certain amount of time in practical training or internship, and pass all parts of the Architect Registration Exam.

3 Eco-Friendly Will be without cars. Buildings will be close together making walking or biking the only transportation needed within the city. To leave the environment intact leave the aboveground as is, and put the city underneath it. Opens more areas for people so over population will not be an issue. Will help open up more types of power sources and ways of building. Aboveground left natural, except for a few paths for people to ride bikes and enjoy the scenery. People naturally emit gases that cannot be sealed under ground, and oxygen has to travel there will be large staircases to the aboveground that will have vents that will give plenty of oxygen to the city as well as remove the gases that humans produce. Will be called “The City Down Under.”

4 Types of Cities Metropolis- the largest type of city, the busiest and has the largest population. Medium size city or a Satellite city- cities that usually surround the large cities or metropolises. Rural areas or Small towns- lowest population and the people are usually more spread out. My city shall be a metropolis. Hardest to make the larger cities “green.” Cities are where the most chaos happens, will try to stop that by having a task force set up. If the large cities can be green and peaceful, then a small town should be able to easily. Start a new wave for the future.

5 High Rise Buildings Will be the residential buildings and the hospitals. Will double as supports for the underground city. Are the tallest a building in the city can get. Residential buildings chosen because the best way to solve overcrowding problems is to build up instead of out. All houses inside these buildings. The city will be known for its hospitals. There may be as many people who are living in the city as there are being treated in the hospitals. Any building can be this high Will have to be inspected to make sure that it can support the ground above. Hospitals placed on the outside of the city, makes chaos stay on the outside of the city. Residential buildings placed on the inside of the city.

6 Smaller Buildings Can be built as tall as needed. Includes any buildings that are not a high rise building. All high rise buildings will be able to support the roof. Can be anywhere that does not interfere with the hospitals or the residential buildings.

7 Energy The city is already underground making it easy to use geothermal energy. Best places to use geothermal energy are near the plate boundaries. Placed my city in Oregon near the coast to make sure that the most amount of energy is gathered. The aboveground will be parks and forests, so part of that will be put aside for the production of solar and wind energy. Both types of energy renewable, but take up space.

8 Cars Cars will be pointless because the city will be close together and not spread out so all travel can be done by walking or riding a bike. If the person cannot make it to where they want to go by walking they can use their bike or one of the Hybrid bikes that can be rented in the city for a day.

9 Bikes Good for taking a bike ride above town, for sightseeing in the forest, or to travel to work for the day. Have a pedal helper to help people go up steeper hills, or to ride that extra mile and are 100% electric. It also has front and backlights so the person can see just as the sun is setting.

10 PIC NIC A PIC NIC is an eco-friendly tour train, which can be used to see the natural land on the above ground. Almost completely electric and once it is set up is good for the environment. Set up through the forests and parks so people can see the natural wonder of the land and be glad that they live underground so that this kind of environment can still live. Negative to the environment when it is first set up. When the city is first set up there will be a lot of negative effects on the environment.

11 Bullet Trains Method of transportation in and out of the city will be by bullet train. Two different types of trains. Trains that will carry medical patients to the hospitals. Regular travel to other parts of the country. Hospitals are on the outskirts of the city making it easy to build the medical train stations on top of the hospitals for easy transportation of victims to hospitals. Other train stations will also be on edge of the city away from the hospitals to avoid spread of disease.

12 Streets For the streets in the city underground and the paths above, the roads will be made with asphalt, but with a layer of recycled rubber in between two layers of asphalt to make it more recyclable.

13 Tax Breaks For the larger industries to get tax breaks and certain benefits their company has to support work in America, give good jobs with good benefits to workers with decent wages. They also have to help other members who are getting ready to retire, and give to accounts for their business to train workers in different fields to help improve them at their job. The rewards shall include tax breaks and government support if it is needed. If a company does not do this then nothing will be given to them. More funding will be given to companies that have green jobs.

14 Job Wage System The minimum wage be raised and a new system if work will start. There will be different levels within a job. The higher the level the harder the person has to work, and the more money the person will get. There will be a set of requirements that have to be achieved and then maintained to advance a level. Each level has a different set pay given to the employees, but all employees doing the same job and have the same level will get paid the same.

15 Trade With all the money being made off the different jobs in the city most trading will not have to be done. If trade is needed then any extra power that was not used in a month could be traded for money. A steady rate could eventually be developed if needed and that could help give the city money.

16 Water Treatment The government will give a water treatment center for the city. This water treatment will be added on to taxes, but will be provided by the government instead of having to find a treatment center on your own. The type used is a Deep Shaft Sludge Digestion which keeps most of the cleaning of the water underground. This will be good because the water treatment plant can be built on the surface, and can be monitored from both the surface and the underground thanks to the underground city.

17 Healthcare Another service that the government will provide is healthcare. The healthcare will also be added on to taxes. This will make it so that anyone in the city can go to any hospital or private practice they choose. The doctors and workers will still have to work hard because the higher the level the doctor the more people that are going to want to see him. The higher the level, the more money the person makes.

18 Garbage One service that the government does not provide is solid waste management. Each residential building will be given a list of Garbage Companies in the city. Each legal member (18and up) will vote on which company they want to take care of the garbage of their building. The company with the most votes is their new trash collector.

19 The Underworld Police To prevent crime in the city a taskforce will be set up to patrol and capture any who do not abide by the law. The officers performance will be based on how well they interact with the community, and how good they are on the field. The police officers will also have levels of their jobs like the rest of their community to make sure that they work to the best of their abilities.

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