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Presented by: Sarig Damari, VP Global Markets, Mifram Ltd.

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1 Presented by: Sarig Damari, VP Global Markets, Mifram Ltd.

2 October 20042 About MIFRAM: “MIFRAM” - Security Division Israeli company Established in 1962 350 employees Heavy metal processing and constructing factory

3 Protecting Against Terrorist Activities From the "stone" age towards the future What's next? Our Diamond Protection Against Terror Events (DIAMOND) D - Define your threat (Direction, type etc.) I - Isolate your protected population A - Analyze your scene M - Man the protecting posts O - Organize and manage your teams N - Neutralize suspects and suspicious objects D - Destroy identified threats October 20043

4 The GABRIEL – Bulletproof & BC Protected Command Post Introducing our product: The GABRIEL Protecting from a combined threat. Enables you to: Isolate & protect the commanders. Create a purified area. Supply electricity, air & water. The “Gabriel” Video October 20044

5 The MVB – Modular Vehicle Barrier Introducing our product: The MVB Vehicle barrier The need = portable barrier The solution = diverting the momentum October 20045 Demonstration Video Gravel Video Asphalt Video Assembly Video

6 The MERCURY –Protective Trash Can Introducing our product: The MERCURY Protective trash can The need = avoiding splinters The solution = diverting the blast The “Blast” Video October 20046

7 The CHECK POST – Screening Module October 20047 Introducing our product: The Check Post Protected control/check point The need = allocated protection The solution = self-assembled design The “Check Post” Video

8 The SHELI – Modular Ballistic Partition October 20048 Introducing our product: The Sheli Bullet proof dividers The need = allocated protection The solution = self-assembled design The “Sheli” Video

9 The MCCB –Modular Crowd Control Barrier Introducing our product: The MCCB Selected by the Israeli Police Unique (patented) mechanism for high pressure resistance Vandalism Proof Crowd Counter-lever October 20049

10 The DDW –Decorative Dividing Wall Introducing our product: The DDW An ideal decorative solution for dividing between a public area and a "sterile" area. Easy Installation and integrated according to architectural requests Designed for institutions, military installations, private security forces, CPU (close protection) units, air, and seaports October 200410

11 The Mobile Demonstration Master Introducing our product: The MDM Handle high-intensity conflicts without risking the lives of policemen. Bullet and stone proof High-pressure water spray gun Option for a wireless remote controller Based on John Deere 280 Skid Steer for heavy - duty jobs. Based on John Deere 260 Skid Steer for normal application. The MDM Video October 200411

12 Humidity Controlled Dry Storage Buildings Introducing our product: The Dry Storage Winning the Battle with Mother Nature. Designed to store both military and commercial equipment, and vehicles Total protection against corrosion. Reduction of 60% less regular maintenance. Average humidity levels are kept below 35%RH. Vehicle batteries are fully serviced by a pre- determined monitoring The Dry Storage Video October 200412

13 Bulletproof Guard Towers & Combat Posts Introducing our product: Guard Towers Bullet proof Guard towers The need = protected watch posts The solution = unified designs October 2004 13

14 ANTENNAS and High Towers Introducing our product: ANTENNAS Mifram specializes in the design and installation of antennas and towers. Antennas and towers support communication, observation, and additional equipment for supporting tankers, relays, spatial protection, communication-integrated water tanks and more. Mifram has experience designing these structures for both civil and military entities 120-meters towers and higher. No limits exist in terms of design or installation. October 200414

15 Questions?

16 Please contact us personally: Sarig Damari VP Global Markets Email: Phone: +972. 4.8808800 ext. 833 24h Phone: +972.4.8740222 Fax: +972.4.8764211 Direct Cellular: Eli Elkarif Export Sales Manager Email: Phone: +972. 4.8808800 ext. 833 24h Phone: +972.4.8740222 Fax: +972.4.8764211 Direct Cellular:

17 Thank you ! October 2004

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