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HISTORY  Al-Maher group, are considered a pioneer company, not only in the republic of Iraq, where are located but also in the middle east for more than.

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2 HISTORY  Al-Maher group, are considered a pioneer company, not only in the republic of Iraq, where are located but also in the middle east for more than three decades of cumulative experiences  We are one of the Iraqi leading Companies in the field of construction contracting and trading and logistic service of contracting like supervision service and any logistic service concern of contract,our company have expert 30 years of contract work, we can by our branch office in Iraq to offer and assure our best services, we are work in unique way to give great results, we can brief our history with the following: Over 30 years as experiences on the field of contracting. Over 10 years as experiences on the field of trading. Over 30 years as experiences on the field of international transports.

3 TODAY Al- Maher today is well known with; Success Reliability High business reputation Available huge manpower capacity Very strong financial capability Very good local and international relations Very strong management structure

4 Precision In Work Our vision is to be a leading company in the field of developing, engineering technical, infrastructural projects, by constructing the great paper ideas into real states, by using high quality and advanced technology to meet our customer’s high standard requirements, OUR VISION

5 Our Mission We on Al-Maher group for construction industries are keen to offer the best required services, to the owners of projects, at both private and public sectors, by using the most advanced technologies and equipment.

6 OUR EXPERIENCE Iraq is potentially on of the richest countries in the world. It contains enormous deposit of petroleum and natural gas. It is endowed with large quantities of water, supplied by its two main rivers, the Tigris, and the Euphrates. In addition to, the consequences of wars had a numerous requests on infrastructural projects, thus, the Iraqi market is considered a major destination for construction companies worldwide. Our extended experiences, for more than three decades combined with our export engineers, technicians, and skilled workers, as well as our construction equipment, which enables us to execute many projects in both public and private sectors, besifes our contribution in the Iraqi great rebuilding projects for the United Nations and all other organizations related to community and humanitarian services.

7 General information Starting from foundation, several different projects completed Always on time. Always with customer satisfaction. Always within the budget.

8 FIELD OF ACTIVITIES Al-Maher group are specialized in consulting, designing,supervising,and executing all infrastructural project means of transportation as railways, bridges and roads, logistic supporting, power generation, electric power systems, health care,medical facilities and telecommunication Our services : Construction Engineering Logistic supporting Transportation Electricity Health care Telecommunication

9 CONTSRUCTION We had a great experiences in the art and science of construction,familiarity with construction and labor laws in Iraq, and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies under the most extreme security conditions, our company has in depth knowledge of the construction process necessary for good management at all stages of project, from pre- design to construction and startup.

10 Engineering Al-Maher group name has been synonymous with engineering excellence and achievement in a wide variety of project area as,power plants, telecommunication systems, high- voltage transmission lines, pipelines, dams, bridge and roads. Logistic supporting We have the ability to transport and deliver different types of goods to the final destination in Iraq. we understand and appreciate that our customers attach their good name to every shipment they send,thus, we take our responsibility very seriously and we are committed to treat our customers freight as if it were our own.

11 Transportation Al-Maher group has the scope,resources, people,and experience to deliver high-class performance. From the professional transportation planning to the complete design and construction we are ready to execute your demands. Electricity Nationwide electricity generation levels have returned to approximately the same level as under pre-invitation condition.much of the efforts to rebuild Iraqis electrical infrastructure has been largely dependent on the repair and construction of transmission lines and substation. In this field Al-Maher group is willing to work in the most hostile territories in the world.

12 Health care Our group are the premier architectural and engineering design, construction and program management to the health care industry. Our dedicated and experienced team of health care professionals provides you with the resources, system, and tools necessary to consistently ensure the completion of your project on time and within budget. Our strong and in-depth understanding of the specific unique needs of today health care environment has Almaher Group well positioned to partner with organization looking for long term cost-effective solutions.

13 Telecommunication Al-Maher group are a quality partner in the Iraqi market place that dictates rapid responses and innovative solutions. With our office in Iraq,Al-Maher group footprint is geographically dispersed with qualified professionals ready to respond to a board array of projects and tasks. We have the ability to plane designed construct system for telephone,cable and fiber optic systems.

14 Employer references Here we mention all the companies and the sectors that we have worked with during the last 4 years: 1-Project with state company of cement.(2002),Am.250 000$ 2-supply Mishraq company with electric motor according to UN program.2002,Am 900 000$ 3-Supply Mishraq company with materials.2002,Am 200 000$ 4-supply Beji state company with big compressor system.2002,Amount 5 000 000$. 5-from 2003 to 2005 we concentrate on work with Allied forces,we mentioned on below: carried out a much of construction contract like: paving road with many kilometers. construct much of building in the several sits. Supply a various type of materials: Generators, cables for several use,…etc.

15 Recent Projects The project that are carried out by Al-Maher contracting company during 2007- 2009 1- A contractor paved road on Nahrwan district on behalf of Ninavha municipality with amount 475 million Iraqi dinar.2007 2- Paved road on Rabai city with long 1032 L/m, with amount of 270 925 million Iraqi dinar.2007 3- paved road on Rabia city with amount 270 413 million Iraqi dinar.2008 4- a contract of development of Baghdad street from municipality boarder to new Mosul city with amount 2 150 000 000 ( two billion & one fifty million Iraqi dinar).2008-2009 5- the work of paved the road on Tallaffer City ( 1 000 000 00) one billion Iraqi dinar. 6- Company set up 66 residential house for the calculation of the Directorate General of Railways in the northern region of Mosul with amount 1 250 000 $. 7- Company set up a company-General of the marketing and equipment to sustain Mosul branch with amount 405 000 00$. 8- The establishment of a contractor cooling general location of a company to market and sustain the Mosul Branch equipment with amount 197 000$ 9- Company set up a public company for marketing and sustaining equipment Branch Kirkuk 1 687 000 00$

16 Our company ability Our company have ability to carried any type of work in its field that work, we can carried out this project by having: An asphalt plan with capacity 200 T/H, with all its equipment. Five crane, with various loading( 2 (50 ton),2 ( 30 ton),1(20 ton). Big staff of experience engineer, employees, worker.

17 Human Resources We Have totally hard working employees, working as one efficient teams.  Administration DEPT. 10 Employees  Finance DEPT. 3 Employees  Logistic DEPT. 5 Employees  Engineering & quality Check DEPT. 4 Employees

18 TURNOVER Al- Maher has a regularly increasing group turn over the years that we mentioned, our activity were work with government company and allied force. On the below the show of amount that we used in the pat four years: 800 000 $, on 2002. 1 250 000 $, on 2003. 1 400 000 $, on 2004. 1 500 000 $, on 2005. 2 000 000 $, on 2006. 2 500 000 $,on 2007. 4 000 000 $ on 2008

19 MANPOWER Civil engineers 25 Electrical engineers 15 Mechanical engineers 15 Architect Foreman 25 (with staff) Skilled workers 33 Unskilled workers 100

20 Images From Work field Construction


22 Infrastructure

23 Transmission lines

24 Substations

25 Our Residence (OUTSIDE)

26 Our Residence (INSIDE)


28 CONTACT US For contact us : Address: Mosul, Dawassa out side. Tel:+964 60 770665, Mobile: Contract company: +964 770 3884004 Trading company :+964 770 52525254 Website: Email:


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