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This image shows the inside of the Capitol Rotunda Deck with safety net for its restoration, in Washington. April 30, 2014. (AP)

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3 This image shows the inside of the Capitol Rotunda Deck with safety net for its restoration, in Washington. April 30, 2014. (AP)

4 White as color of light is not really a color, while in optical theory is the sum of all colors. It is the color of innocence, the minimalist design of ghosts and spirits. There is the concept of mourning and white became fashionable in the brides in the nineteenth century. There are 67 shades of white: Moon, albino, jasmine, chalk, Elizabethan, winter, alabaster, diamond, birch... Let there be light!

5 A Muslim boy sleeps in the lap of his father before having their Iftar (breaking the fast) during the holy month of Ramadan at a mosque in the Indian city of Chennai. July 4, 2014 BABU (REUTERS)

6 State has been a Buddha statue after an earthquake in the province of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. May 6, 2014. Wichai TAPRIEU

7 ongregación de obispos antes de la cermonia de canonización de los papas Juan XXIII y Juan Pablo II en la Plaza de San Pedro del Vaticano. 27 de abril de 2014. ALESSANDRO BIANCHI (REUTERS)

8 A worker stacks soap factory in the Kurdish city of Afrin, Aleppo in the field April 30, 2014. MAHMOUD HEBBO (REUTERS)

9 A pro-Russian activist checkpoint near Slavyansk, Ukraine. April 30, 2014. VASILY MAXIMOV (AFP)

10 Photography provided by the Australian Antarctic Division of the camp of the international team of scientists that ice cores drilled in Aurora Basin about 500 kilometers inland from Australia's Casey Station. TONY FLEMMING (EFE)

11 Egyptian women residing in Turkey are reported on a hunger strike for two days to protest the death sentences to members of the Muslim Brotherhood, against the New Mosque in the district of Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey. SEDAT SUNA (EFE)

12 A hummingbird on a branch covered by snow after a spring storm in Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado. May 12, 2014. BRENNAN LINSLEY (AP )

13 Protest in Paris on International Day of Midwives. May 5, 2014. FRANCK FIFE (AFP)

14 Syrian men carry a mannequin rescued from the rubble of a destroyed in Homs, north of Damascus neighborhood. May 12, 2014. JOSEPH EID (AFP)

15 Men hanging lanterns before Vesak Day celebrations (commemorating the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha), in Colombo, Sri Lanka. May 13, 2014. DINUKA LIYANAWATTE (REUTERS)

16 Painted on the asphalt of a street in Rio de Janeiro against the celebration of the World Cup Soccer 2014 in Brazil. HASSAN AMMAR (AP )

17 A security officer checks his mobile phone before a meeting attended by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Italy Center in Shanghai, Shanghai. June 10, 2014. ALY SONG (REUTERS)

18 An Indian man turns up the laundry in a pile of clothes in a rickshaw in Delhi, India. June 11, 2014. ADNAN ABIDI (REUTERS)

19 I Real Madrid players Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos lifted the Champions Cup UEFA Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu, a day after winning the final in Lisbon.

20 A man walks along the beach of Sellin, Germany. May 27, 2014. STEFAN SAUER (AP)

21 Some men carry the coffin with the body of a Guatemalan teenager who lost his life in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas, while trying to reach the border with the United States July 11, 2014. JORGE DAN LOPEZ (REUTERS)

22 Third edition of the 'White Dinner'. It is an event held in Singapore which was attended by over 3,000 participants dressed in white. The place is secret until a few hours before the celebration this year was held at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. July 6, 2014. HOW HWEE YOUNG (EFE )

23 Rosa del Carmen Verduzco, known as 'Mama Rosa' is the founder of La Gran Familia, a shelter that housed 592 people in slave-like conditions in Michoacán, southern Mexico. In the picture, one of the inner child hides behind angel wings of one of the house-habitacones home. HÉCTOR GUERRERO (AFP)

24 Ludian County Hospital, where they were transferred some of those injured by the earthquake in Zhaotong, Yunnan province, China. August 3, 2014. (REUTERS)

25 The residents of Lehi (Utah) celebrate its traditional Day of the foam. July 24, 2014. IAN MAULE (AP)

26 A Palestinian walks through the remains of a destroyed house in the neighborhood of Khan Younis during the conflict in the Gaza Strip. July 25, 2014. IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA (REUTERS )

27 Models with designs the brand 'bastard' during a fashion Colombiamoda in Medellin. July 22, 2014. FREDY BUILES (REUTERS)

28 Crosses at French Douaumont cemetery for the fallen in the First World War. March 30, 2014. CHARLES PLATIAU (REUTERS)

29 An installation called "Spectra" artist Ryoji Ikeda illuminates the London night in Victoria Tower Gardens in the commemoration of British entry into World War II. August 6, 2014. JOSEPH OKPAKO (GETTY IMAGES)

30 A group of Islamists protest against Israel's attack on Gaza in front of the National Mosque of Bangladesh in Dhaka, Bangladesh. August 8, 2014. AM AHAD (AP)

31 The silhouette of an airplane in flight background with the moon seen from Kalchreuth, Germany. August 8, 2014. DANIEL KARMANN (EFE)

32 Bolivian soldiers march in a military parade the day commemorating the 189 anniversary of its independence from Spain, in La Paz, Bolivia. August 7, 2014. JUAN KARITA (AP)

33 Flowers thrown by a relative of the victims of the train accident in Santiago de Compostela, in Angrois during the tributes acts on the first anniversary. July 24, 2014. MIGUEL RIOPA (AFP)


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