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TRANSPORTATION By: Natalie Doornheim, Alec Lanza, Jenna Ribecca, Isabel Tolentino.

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1 TRANSPORTATION By: Natalie Doornheim, Alec Lanza, Jenna Ribecca, Isabel Tolentino

2 FAMOUS PEOPLE John McAdam- Scottish Engineer. Made a new way of building roads that improved travel conditions. They were called MacAdams roads. George Stephenson- English Engineer. Perfected a steam- Propelling locomotive that ran on rail roads. Robert Fulton- American who established the first regular inland steam boat service. Samuel Cunard- Founded the Cunard Line shipping company. Provided steam boat service. Across the Atlantic.

3 John McAdams George Stephenson Robert Fulton Samuel Cunard

4 NEW METHODS MacAdam roads: Carefully selected small stones topped a roadbed of large stones. This made traveling safer and easier Canals: They were built between 1760-1850 Networks of rivers that served as water highways. Locks- Gates that regulated the level and flow of water Canals provided a cheaper and slightly faster form of transportation. Steam boats: They soon appeared on rivers and lakes all over the world Railroads provided a safer, faster, and affordable way of transportation. Networks of railroads soon connected much of the western world.

5 Macadam Roads Canals Steamboats

6 IMPROVEMENTS ON EXISTING METHODS George Stephenson perfected an engine that was steam propelled and ran on rails. Steams boats were built with iron and steal instead of wood making them safer and faster and they moved goods for less time and less money. Roads were just trails blurred with thick dust in dry weather and buried in deep slippery mud when it rained, now they covered it in stones making it easier to travel and trade goods. Instead of traveling in a wagon pulled by horses and ox, they could travel in trains and on boats for less money. This way was faster and safer. + Less Fast, Safe, Good Transportation =

7 WHAT INVENTIONS DO WE STILL USE TODAY? Instead of stones we use asphalt : which binds the small stones together to make a smoother transportation. The inspiration for asphalt was the Macadam Roads. Canals are still used today but not as much as they did. Boats now run on fuel and not steam like they used to. Trains are used everyday by millions of people. Insides of trains are now nicer and safer. Asphalt From this, to this

8 WHY IS YOUR TOPIC THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? Without transportation there wouldn’t be any way to transport goods, ideas, culture, and people. Everything would stay in their one place and their wouldn’t be any exciting new things out there to discover.

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