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2  Final Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) expected in the next six months…  We’ll keep you posted TITLE VI

3  DOT is continuing to have discussions with stakeholders and legislators about the Code language required to permit a federal-aid swap.  We expect that to be part of the funding discussion that occurs this session.  DOT is planning to meet with city, county, MPO, RPA, and other stakeholders prior to the legislative session to discuss how a swap would function if implemented. We will initially meet with the group that we convened to discuss MAP-21 implementation but then meet with others as requested. FEDERAL FOR STATE FUND SWAP

4  Section 5.3.1 – Design Criteria for Roads and Bridges  References to I.M. 3.205 were removed.  Projects involving new construction or complete re-construction in urban areas now refer to SUDAS specifications.  Rural cross sections in urban areas may use either SUDAS or I.M. 3.210, Rural Design. FEDERAL-AID PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GUIDE UPDATE

5  Section 5.4 – Design Exceptions  Design Exception required when SUDAS Acceptable values are not met.  Justification required when SUDAS Preferred values are not met.  Refer to IM 3.216 and IM 3.218 for more info FEDERAL-AID PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GUIDE UPDATE

6  New I.M.  Flow chart of how to fill out the Determination of Effect Form  More in the next presentation I.M. 3.111 UPDATE THREATENED AND ENDANGERED SPECIES

7  Estimates  Detailed project cost estimate required at check plan submittal.  Revised estimate is required at final plan submittal. I.M. 3.505 UPDATE CHECK AND FINAL PLANS

8  TPMS Project Location Map (turn in check list)  Verify the location.  TPMS map must be consistent with the STIP Description and the plans. This is very important.  Notify your RPA or MPO if the map needs to be updated.  Refer to our August 13, 2014 mailing. I.M. 3.505 UPDATE ATTACHMENT B

9  FRA Railroad Crossing Number needs to be part of the title sheet.  Contractor Furnished Borrow  Less than 10,000 CY use Bid Item #2102-2625000  Greater than 10,000 CY use Bid Item #2102-2625001  If greater than 10,000 CY, Contractor is required to provide sampling.  If greater than 50,000 CY, a copy of the check plans will be posted by the Office of Contracts to provide bidders advance notice of large borrow projects. I.M. 3.505 UPDATE ATTACHMENT B

10  Project Funding Signs  Non-participating for both federal and state funds  Conforms to the MUTCD  No promotional information (names of public officials, organizations, contractors, logos, symbols, etc.) I.M. 3.505 UPDATE ATTACHMENT B

11  Electronic signatures  Required on final electronic plans (193C IAC 6).  A visual indication must appear on the plans to show they have been signed.  Print and sign a hard copy; then scan the plan sheet in.pdf file format  Place a scanned image of a hand written signature into the drawings before.pdf file copies are created.  Text or image in the signature using an electronic signature feature, such as the one in Adobe Acrobat’s software. I.M. 3.505 ATTACHMENT B

12  Modifications to the following checklist items:  Work Type Description  Standard Plans Note  Iowa DNR Storm Water Permit  Bid Item Specification  Earthwork Quantities I.M. 3.505 ATTACHMENT B

13 I.M. 3.730 UPDATE IOWA DOT LETTING PROCESS  If all addendums are not acknowledge, the project may be withdrawn; but bidders who fail to acknowledge addendums will be deemed non-responsive.  Only competitive bids are considered in determining if there is adequate competition to award a contract with a bid greater than 110% of the LPA’s estimate.  A competitive bid is within 20% of the low bid  As a condition of letting a project, the LPA is establishing that they have the resources available to pay for a project that is within 10% of their estimate.

14 I.M. 3.760 UPDATE PUBLIC INTEREST FINDINGS  Updates to 2 of the 6 PIF Conditions:  Condition #3, LPA will be requesting reimbursement for work performed with their own forces  Links to Federal citations were corrected.  Condition #4, LPA will make publically owned equipment available to the contactor  Applies to all Federal-aid contracts, even if Federal funds are were not used for the publically owned equipment.

15 INACTIVE OBLIGATIONS  Federal regulations require timely draw down of Federal obligations.  FHWA looks for a reimbursement to be processed yearly.  We will continue to contact you if we do not have a reimbursement request at least once every 9 months.  Once a project is field complete, please schedule a DOT review as soon as possible.  If an issue will keep you from submitting reimbursements every 9 months; notify our District staff as soon as possible.

16  Every Day Counts 3  2015-2016  FHWA initiative to promote innovative and share best practices.  Regional Summits  APWA  NACE  DOT EVERY DAY COUNTS 3

17  Shortening Project Development and Delivery  Regional Models of Cooperation  Improving Collaboration and Quality Environmental Documentation (eNEPA and IQED)  3D Engineered Models: Schedule, Cost, and Post-Construction  e-Construction  Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System  Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects: Stakeholder Partnering  Improving DOT and Railroad Coordination (SHRP2 R16)  Mobility  Smarter Work Zones EVERY DAY COUNTS 3

18  Safety  Data-Driven Safety Analysis  Road Diets (Roadway Reconfiguration)  Quality  Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections for Prefabricated Bridge Elements EVERY DAY COUNTS 3

19  Every Day Counts 1 (2011-2012)  Safety Edge  Warm Mix Asphalt  Every Day Counts 2 (2011-2012)  Accelerated Bridge Construction  High Friction Surfaces  Locally-Administered Federal-aid Projects PAST EVERY DAY COUNTS INNOVATIONS Jerry Roche, P.E., FHWA and Tim Simodynes, P.E., Iowa DOT

20 20

21 CURRENT PROGRAMS 21  Traffic Safety Improvement Program  TEAP Studies  All Town City Sign Program  Horizontal Curve Program  Overhead Beacon Replacement Program

22 Traffic Safety Improvement Program PROGRAM FUNDS THREE TYPES OF PROJECTS 22 SSite Specific Projects Includes construction projects to improve traffic safety and operations Annual funding varies, $5-$6 million generally TTraffic Control Device Projects For the purchase of traffic control device materials Annual funding is $500,000 TTraffic Safety Studies Includes transportation safety research, studies, and public information programs Annual funding is $500,000 Application Deadline AUGUST 15 th

23 Traffic Engineering Assistance Program 23 Who is eligible to request funding? Iowa cities and counties without the resources of a staff traffic engineer — typically cities with populations less than 35,000. Type of submittal required A letter of request explaining the problem must be sent to the appropriate district local systems engineer. Qualifications for funding No local match is required. However, the applicant will be required to assist the consultant with data collection, if needed (as-built plans, traffic counts, street maps, crash reports, etc.). Application amount TEAP will fund up to 100 hours of consultant time.

24 ALL Town City Sign Program 24  Replace damaged, obsolete or substandard signs and signposts.  The program will provide up to $5,000 of signs and signposts per applying community on a first- come, first- served basis.  All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply even if they have already participated in a similar program in the past.

25 Thank You! John E. Dostart, P.E. 2014 APWA IOWA CHAPTER FALL CONFERENCE


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