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Watchung Reservation Geology, History, Land Use, Native and Invasive Species.

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1 Watchung Reservation Geology, History, Land Use, Native and Invasive Species

2 What are we doing? Biological Assessment- stream bugs Visual Assessment Nature Hike to ID natives/invasives

3 Park Statistics 2,000 wooded acres Home of Trailside Nature Museum – First nature center in NJ (Opened 1941) 26 miles of bridle trails (horses and people) 53 miles of hiking trails total Scout camping area Watchung Stables Ballfield, pavilions, and playgrounds

4 Geologic Information

5 The Watchung Mountains Lenape “Wach Unks” or “high hills” Formed from magma intruding into the Newark basin 200 million years ago



8 Geologic Features Blue Brook watershed separates 1 st and 2 nd Watchung Mountains Lava Flows of Basalt are visible on our hikes Look for rocks with veins of quartz exposed

9 Watershed Information

10 NJ Watersheds


12 Yellow Star = you will be here! We are assessing the BLUE BROOK, Which empties into the GREEN BROOK, Which empties into the LOWER RARITAN RIVER at Bound Brook, NJ. The Raritan River empties into Raritan Bay Raritan Bay is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean

13 Human History Lenni Lenape used to inhabit the region pre- European age Copper mining in the 1600s, but most mines never got more than 15 feet into the mountain Mill town Interstate 78 built – 1980s

14 Village of Feltville Prosperous mill town from 1845-1860 Used the Blue Brook to power the printing factory (hydro power) Reborn as Glenside Park in 1882- a summer resort and vacation spot, but fell into disrepair Bought by Union County Parks in 1920

15 Land Use around Watchung Weldon Materials, Inc. - Quarry – Concrete, Crushed Stone, and Asphalt Transportation: I-78, Rt. 22 Residential – Watchung Borough, Scotch Plains, Mountainside, Summit, Springfield, New Providence Commercial- any store you can imagine on Rt. 22 (downstream of reservation)

16 I-78 Wildlife Corridor

17 Report Due Dates MonTuesWed.Thurs.Fri. 28293012 56789 1213141516 1920212223 2627282930 COLORREPORT DUE 5/9Native/Invasive PPT 5/16Bio Assessment 5/30Visual Assessment

18 Report Due Dates Friday 5/9, 3:00 PM- Native/Invasive PPT Friday 5/16, 3:00 PM- Bio Assessment Report Friday 5/30, 3:00 PM- Visual Assessment Report Will accept 1 day late with 25% penalty automatic >1 day late is a 0 Absent on Trip date? You will be given sample data to work from

19 Professionalism You can hand-write the assessment packets, but the reports you submit must look professional Sloppy assignments will result in 10% penalty Conclusion paragraphs for bio and visual reports must be TYPED

20 Other Field Trip Reminders… Leave First block @ 8:15 AM, grab your stuff and meet in the main lobby Bus rolls out 8:45 Bring water and lunch/food- NO GLASS No rain date- be prepared! We will return @ 1:30. You will attend last block. Change of socks/shoes/clothes is a good idea

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