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Green Fiber Division & Waste Stream Management OCC Paper Plastic Wood Metal.

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3 Green Fiber Division & Waste Stream Management OCC Paper Plastic Wood Metal

4 Green Fiber Program We recycle the following products: OCC (Loose, Baled or Palletized) Paper (All grades, mixed loads ok, baled or palletized) Plastic Pallets / Top frames (wood or plastic) Stretch wrap or shrink wrap (baled only) Broken / Odd-size pallets

5 Waste Stream Management PCE will help you remove ALL of your unusable products. We will be your one stop recycle shop! With our closed loop pallet management program, we can repair and return you pallets to you, and pay you for the ones that can’t be fixed. Put all of your paper, plastics, oddsize/broken pallets, and other recyclables on one truck!

6 OCC Old Corrugated Cardboard Can be baled or palletized Baled with 4 steel wires per bale, each tagged with shipper name and address Average 45-50 bales, minimum 800lb per bale Minimum 20 tons (40,000 lbs.) per truckload Maximum 22 tons (44,000 lbs.) per truckload No medical or bio-hazard material Mill scale official weight or 3 rd party scale required No pallets in load Must have appropriate moisture content, be corrugated (made of multiple layers to improve product strength), and have a low level of filler (generally <3%). No more than 10% wet load OCC not meeting these requirements may still be purchased as scrap cardboard, normally for 10-20% of OCC rate.

7 Examples of filler Waxed cartons or papers Plastics of any kind Styrofoam Wood in any form Metals except bale ties holding bales together Carbon papers All non-paper items Asphalt coated cartoons Carrier Stock and wet strength papers Food waste in excess amounts may be cause for rejection Whole cores Roll-wrap headers and end caps (header stock with glue or poly)

8 Examples of corrugated cardboard

9 Good OCC


11 Bad OCC – Moisture Content Too High

12 Not OCC – Not Corrugated This is Brown Grade Paper

13 Not OCC – Too Much Filler This is actually Kraft Paper

14 Kraft Paper Scrap pieces cut from virgin Kraft sheets Baled with 4 steel wires like OCC bales 100% Virgin Kraft unless otherwise agreed upon Different thicknesses are OK 3 pictures MUST be taken and emailed to us Bolt seal MUST be used Bolt Seals will be supplied by PCE unless directed otherwise Minimum 20 tons (40,000 lbs.) per load unless directed otherwise Maximum 22 tons (44,000 lbs.) per load unless directed otherwise Prohibitives & Outthrows less than 1% No medical waste or bio-hazard material Less than 5% wet load MUST be on Heat Treated pallets or Plastic pallets Can be exported overseas Kraft Paper may also be palletized

15 Kraft Paper

16 Bolt Seal

17 For information about different kinds of recyclable paper, visit: paper/basics/grade.htm paper/basics/grade.htm PCE can help with either single stream or sorted stream paper recycling.

18 Below is a small sample of some plastic products that we currently recycle: Turkey trays and deli containers PET (clamshell & fruit containers) PP Buckets, no HDPE HDPE (Milk Jugs) PET Soda Bottles PET Soda/Water Bottles

19 Stretch Wrap

20 Clear Plastic Bale

21 Mixed Plastics Bale

22 International Recycling Pallet Central Enterprises has recently acquired an AQSIQ (The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) license, which allows us to buy and sell recyclables directly in China, with permission from the Chinese government. We can fill a 20 or 40 foot container for international shipping. Lower grade, non corrugated (a.k.a. “brown”) paper is in high demand.

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