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EVERY DAY COUNTS Gregory G. Nadeau FHWA Deputy Administrator.

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1 EVERY DAY COUNTS Gregory G. Nadeau FHWA Deputy Administrator

2 Every Day Counts Launched by FHWA Administrator, Victor Mendez, October 2010 Designed to: – Identify and deploy innovation aimed at shortening project delivery – Enhance the safety and performance of our highways and bridges – Improve environmental sustainability

3 “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain of its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things… - Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince, 1532

4 Warm Mix Asphalt

5 Warm Mix Asphalt Usage Warm Mix Asphalt Usage Percentage of Total Asphalt Production in US source: National Asphalt Pavement Association ~22%+ ~25-30%

6 Impact of Warm Mix Asphalt In 2012… Savings of over 75 million gallons of fuel during production Reduction of CO 2 emissions by 2,000,000 tons (the equivalent to taking 375,000 vehicles off the road) 6

7 Impact of Warm Mix Asphalt If ALL asphalt paving was Warm Mix Asphalt… Savings of over 300 million gallons of fuel during production Reduction of CO 2 emissions by 8,000,000 tons (the equivalent to taking 1,500,000 vehicles off the road) 7

8 “The percentage of DOTs, agencies, and commercial mixtures using WMA more than doubled from 2009 to 2010 … its rapid adoption by highway agencies would not be possible without FHWA’s EDC initiative and focus on innovation. It’s with confidence that we move forward with WMA as "Every Day Practice". Kim Snyder Past Chairman, National Asphalt Pavement Assn.

9 Programmatic AgreementsLocally Administered Projects Certification / Qualification Program for LPAs Innovative Procurement for Engineering Services Innovative Partnering Geospatial Data Collaboration SHORTENING PROJECT DELIVERY

10 Construction Manager/ General Contractor Accelerated Bridge Construction Design Build INNOVATIVE CONTRACTING

11 3D Modeling for Construction Means and Methods Accelerated Bridge Construction Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems Slide-in Bridge Construction Intelligent Compaction REDUCING CONSTRUCTION TIME

12 High Friction Surfaces Intersection and Interchange Geometrics Level of NEPA Documentation and Quality First Responders Training (SHRPII) SAFETY ENVIRONMENTMOBILITY IMPROVING PERFORMANCE

13 Civil Integrated Management (CIM) “All parties to highway construction projects must work together and utilize emerging technologies for faster, better and smarter project delivery. CIM helps by assisting in the collection, organization, and accessibility of data and information….” Real Time Verification Alternative Contracting Surveying Project Management Systems Legal Utilities Information Modeling

14 Geospatial Data Collaboration Improving communications and information flow within the environmental process Facilitating data sharing among process participants Bridging between organizations to improve working relationships

15 Collaborative GIS Practices DOT Resource Agencies Other Stakeholders FHWA Operating agreements Governed shared data Jointly defined information products Map image courtesy UT DOT

16 Florida’s EST Image Courtesy Florida DOT -

17 Utah’s UPlan Image Courtesy UT DOT -

18 Participating State DOTs Utah Arizona California Colorado Idaho Minnesota Montana Nevada New Mexico North Carolina Oregon Pennsylvania Washington State Image courtesy AASHTO

19 3D Engineered Models for Construction Project represented in 3D, with accuracy and precision – Rotated, tilted, and manipulated to provide varying views – Perform “clash” analysis – Improved quality with quantity takeoffs – Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) With 4D (time) virtual construction can occur With 5D (money) cash flow can occur Image Courtesy Wisconsin DOT

20 Clash Detection Storm Sewer and Sanitary Pipe Isometric of clash Drainage Lateral and Existing Sanitary Pipe Plan view of lateral lowered BEFORE AFTER Images Courtesy Wisconsin DOT

21 Image Courtesy Edgerton Construction Safe Slope Sub-Grade Step Clean, straight, geometric slope with sharp breaks One GPS equipped excavator One GPS dozer --- No Stakes or Grade Laborer!

22 Business Benefits for 3D Engineered Models for Construction A/E Firms and Contractors Market New Business Overall Better Project Outcomes Reduce Rework Reduce Errors in Documents Offer New Services Infrastructure Project Owners Overall Better Project Outcomes Reduce Rework Fewer Claims / Litigation Reduce Errors in Documentation Reduce Workflow Cycle Time Reduce Project Duration Reduce Construction Cost Source: McGraw-Hill Construction, 2012

23 CategoryActivities Outreach, Education, and Training Informational Training Webinars National Website / Clearinghouse Web-based Training (WBT) Document Success Stories Document Return on Investment Quality Assurance Training US Domestic Scan State-of-the-Practice Improvement Needs Design Manual Process Steps Standards Data Required to Share with Contractors Presenting/Storing/Recovering Data Plans Development of Data Transfer Language Digitally Sealed Models Liability Issues Research Implementation Plan

24 CategoryActivities On-the-Ground Technical Assistance Workshops Demonstration Projects Develop Improved Quality Assurance Tools for Inspectors Implementation Plan

25 States Exploring 3D Engineered Models for Construction CA AZ CO NM TX OK AR LA MO KY AL GA FL VA OH MI VT AK MT NV ME WA OR UT KS ID WY ND SD MN NE WI IA ILIN MS TN SC NC WV PA NY CT NJ DE MD DC MA NH RI CA HI Key: EDC 3D PR Exploring National Leader Source data from EDC2 Implementation Plans

26 Contacts Geospatial Data Collaboration Brian Gardner FHWA Office of Planning 202-366-4061 Mark Sarmiento FHWA Office of Planning 202-366-4828 Ben Williams FHWA Resource Center 404-562-3671 Shari Schaflein FHWA Office of Human Environment 202-366-5570 Marlys Osterhues FHWA Office of Project Delivery & Environmental Review, 202-366-2052 Brian Yanchik FHWA Resource Center 443-522-9446 3D Engineered Models for Construction Chris Schneider FHWA Office of Infrastructure 202-493- 0551 Bryan Cawley FHWA Office of Infrastructure 202-366-1333 Richard McDaniel FHWA Eastern Federal Lands 570- 434-1580 Douglas Townes FHWA Resource Center 404-562-3914 David Unkefer FHWA Resource Center 404-562-3669 Kathryn Weisner FHWA Resource Center 410-962-2484

27 Thank You

28 More information More Information on EDC Technologies: – More Information on 3D Engineered Models for Construction –

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