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Texas Natural Gas Workshop

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1 Texas Natural Gas Workshop
March 26, 2015 Confidential

2 Our Company 2nd largest producer of LNG for alternative fuel use in North America Company roots go back to 1995 2 LNG production plants 49 LNG delivery trailers Temporary and permanent fueling equipment - with financing Technical, training and maintenance services Renewable natural gas (biogas) available Privately owned

3 Products & Services Needle Mountain Arizona LNG Plant
Midlothian Texas LNG Plant 3rd Party Supplies Production Distribution 49 cryogenic trailers 10 mobile fueling units LNG-powered delivery tractors Advisory Station design / permitting / construction Equipment maintenance Training

4 Markets Served Drilling Rigs Heavy Duty Trucks
Hydraulic Fracturing Fleets Industrial Mining Marine Rail

5 Customers On-road Off-road

6 LNG in Asphalt/Paving Operations
Market size in U.S. $80 billion 94% of all roads in the U.S. are asphalt 4,000 plants in the U.S. produce about 400 million tons of asphalt per year 50% of plants are permanent Most use pipeline natural gas/cheapest and cleanest option 50% of plants are mobile Move every days Can’t get pipeline natural gas Use 3,000 to 10,000 DGE/day per plant LNG advantage over used motor oil, diesel and propane Cheaper and burns more consistently, cleaner, and hotter

7 Asphalt/Paving Example
First paving client, Skanska, started in 1999 One Skanska manager switched to Blue Diamond Materials, which became a customer in September 2011 Started talks with Vulcan Materials in 2011 Vulcan made the introduction to Security Paving Security Paving became a customer in October 2011, starting with Bakersfield location In 2012, Security Paving won bid for Newberry Springs location and started that operation in August Las Vegas Paving won bid in Needles and signed contract in 2013 Currently in talks with other potential customers

8 LNG in E&P Operations Drilling Rigs Hydraulic Fracturing Fleets
866 oil rigs in the U.S. U.S. consumption over 2 million DGE per day 10% penetration requires 4 liquefiers with 86,000 LNG gallons per day production capacity Hydraulic Fracturing Fleets Typical consumption 10,000 DGE per day for one spread Estimated 2013 U.S. consumption 8 million DGE per day 10% penetration requires 16 liquefiers with 86,000 LNG gallons per day capacity

9 E&P Example: Occidental Petroleum (OXY)
Customer since 2013 Natural gas drill rig operated by Ensign Operation in Southern California Customer procured own equipment Example Savings for Drilling Projects Item Unit Value Diesel usage per rig DGE/yr 680,000 Diesel price $/DGE $2.40 LNG price $1.56 Diesel displacement % 50% Fuel savings $/yr 286,000 Equipment rental $93,000 Net savings $193,000

10 Industrial Site Set-Up

11 Contact Information Cem Hacioglu Greg Roche President & CEO Vice President of Sales & Marketing (818) direct (818) direct (917) cell (818) cell

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