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Tear-off Asphalt Shingles Recycling Roofing Contractors Association of Washington Bi-Annual Meeting November 3, 2011.

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1 Tear-off Asphalt Shingles Recycling Roofing Contractors Association of Washington Bi-Annual Meeting November 3, 2011

2 Works to facilitate development of … – end markets for recyclable materials – collection and processing infrastructure that supplies markets 2011 focus materials: mattresses, carpet and asphalt shingles

3 29,000 tons of used asphalt shingles generated in King County Small but growing percentage recycled Valuable resource disposed Single market that’s still developing Asphalt Shingles: status

4 Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) – – Ground asphalt shingles – Nails removed by magnet – Screened to specified size (gradation) – Tear-Off (post-consumer) RAS

5 Use RAS in hot mix asphalt (HMA) for pavements – Roads – Parking lots – Facilities – Trails Opportunity

6 National use of RAS in HMA 27 states allow RAS use on publicly-owned roads.

7 Benefits of using RAS in HMA Quality pavement—equivalent to traditional pavement Increase project sustainability – Using a recycled-content product – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions – Obtaining points for green building project certification Increase availability of HMA product containing RAS – We are encouraging agencies ask for the product – Increase shingles processing capacity (economic and jobs benefits) – Reduce the cost of paving

8 Local Roofers & Shingles Recycling Calls with 3 Puget Sound roofers indicate high interest in recycling shingles – Benefits cited: cost savings, convenience, and doing the right thing – Considerations raised were making collection easy (separation requirements, facility distance) and confidence in long-term viability (future end markets) – Information needs more on Seattle’s proposed disposal ban local recyclers commercial roofing recycling options

9 Local experience using RAS King County Roads– demonstration project King County Solid Waste Division – Bow Lake Recycling & Transfer Station – Factoria Recycling & Transfer Station – Maintenance contract King County Parks – Aquatic Center parking lot Some commercial paving customers But, what about Washington State DOT?

10 RAS and HMA specifications Pave wear course with 3% RAS with 15% RAP Collect local engineering data; conduct performance testing Design considerations: Minimize risk Performance over time Health, env. and safety standards Recognition by industry and public agencies Shingles in Paving Demonstration Establish a strong local paving end market for recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) that captures the resource value of shingles and diverts this material from landfills

11 Key Demonstration Partners Project Sponsor Key Partner & Target Audience Contractor

12 Roofing & Asbestos For the demonstration: Used asphalt shingles only Inspections of incoming loads Rigorous sampling and testing What we learned: Shingles themselves are a low risk Important to ID asbestos on roof Important to inspect roofing loads at disposal and recycling facilities

13 Road Selection and Study Design Road selection criteria Overlay paving Two miles in length Consistent pavement and subsurface conditions Two-lane with limited variable surface conditions Test Section #1 Test Section #2 Test Section #3 Test Section #4 1000 tons/day½ mile Lane 1 (eastbound) HMA Mix with 15% RAP HMA Mix with 3% RAS and 15% RAP HMA Mix with 15% RAP Lane 2 (westbound) HMA Mix with 15% RAP HMA Mix with 3% RAS and 15% RAP HMA Mix with 15% RAP

14 SE 416 th St (near Enumclaw) Paving completed in September, 2009

15 Extensive material engineering tests conducted. Initial results “…[n]o negative effect on pavement performance. “ 1-year “…no significant effect, favorable or detrimental, on pavement performance.” Next Testing through 2012, then a recommendation on continued use of RAS in King County. Pavement Performance Results

16 State Effort to Allow RAS in HMA Led by subcommittee of the WSDOT/WAPA Improving HMA Joint Task Force – Started in October 2010 – Objectives: review research and develop specifications Draft specification will allow up to 5% RAS on select state paving pilot projects in 2012 (four or more) – Require test sections for research and study Given good pavement performance, allow use of RAS on case-by-case basis by 2014

17 Local Asphalt Shingle Recycling Shingle Recyclers Miles Resources Waste Management – Glacier CDL Recycle Evergreen Shingle Recycling HMA Producers using RAS Miles Resources Lakeside Industries Icon Materials Granite Construction

18 Recycling Innovations Roofers marketing recycling to gain market share Roofers developing shingles recycling facilities of their own – Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, Washington Shingles Manufacturers – promoting/investing in recycling infrastructure and networks – Owens Corning – GAF Building Materials – CertainTeed Corporation Recyclers targeting tough materials such as commercial/flat roofing (Nationwide Foam)

19 Other Efforts in Support of RAS Puget Sound Clean Air Agency – Based on data LinkUp provided, PSCAA dropped asphalt shingles from asbestos suspect materials list Pushing the market – HMA producers are asking to use RAS on public projects – LinkUp program Encouraging more King County projects and other local governments to require RAS Building a business case for why the state DOT should allow RAS use sooner than later

20 Other Efforts City of Seattle – shingles disposal ban – Preparing its Solid Waste Management Plan – Draft plan includes proposed construction & demolition material disposal bans – asphalt shingles in 2014 – There will be a public hearing on the final plan to gather any last input – For questions about the plan or process, contact Gabriella Uhlar-Heffner at 206-286-9772 (before Nov 20 th, contact Hans VanDusen at 206-684-4657)

21 Contact Kris Beatty King County Solid Waste Division 206-296-3740 Website: see “Asphalt Shingles” at

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