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BCC Public Hearing Concrete & Asphalt Plants Ordinance ZONING DIVISION December 2, 2014.

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1 BCC Public Hearing Concrete & Asphalt Plants Ordinance ZONING DIVISION December 2, 2014

2 Overview Background Draft Regulations Next Step

3 Background September 9, 2014 BCC requested review of existing regulations regarding concrete plant type uses. September 23, 2014 BCC approved a moratorium on new permits for concrete plant type uses(SIC Group 14). November 20, 2014 LPA approved and found the ordinance to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

4 Background Nuisance Factors  Noise  Air Quality  Hours of Operation  Types of Machinery  Overall Compatibility

5 Background The following uses listed in the Zoning Use Table shall be affected by the proposed regulations:  SIC #1422-Cement, rock, limestone, crushing and grinding of asphalt, concrete & cement  Cement, concrete, asphalt plants  SIC #1442-Operation of sand & gravel pits for construction, sand & gravel mining  SIC #1446-Operation of sand & gravel pits for glassmaking, molding, & abrasives  SIC #1475-Preparation of phosphate rock

6 Background As part of staff analysis, fieldwork was conducted to ascertain appropriate distance separations for noisy activities at three active sites. The following results were identified:  Site #1-Downtown Orlando – @485 ft. 73 DB – @630 ft. 71 DB – @375 ft. 68 DB

7 Background  Site #2 South Apopka – @503 ft. 64 DB – @950 ft. 55 DB – @1200 ft. 62 DB  Site #3 North Pine Hills – @750 ft. 58 DB Based on the results staff recommends a 1,000 ft. distance separation to deter/limit noise issues.

8 Draft Regulations In A-1 & A-2 Zoning Districts the subject uses shall be approved with special exception based on meeting the following standards:  Separation distance from residential uses and schools of 1,000 feet  Separation distance applies to mobile crusher, stockpiles, and loading/unloading activity  Emissions of particular matter need to be controlled by water suppression system as approved by EPD

9 Draft Regulations  Type A Buffer requirements per Ch.24  Stockpiles shall be limited to 35 feet above finished grade elevation  Hours of operation shall be limited to – Monday thru Friday 7am-7pm – Saturday 8am-3pm

10 Draft Regulations In the I-2/I-3 and I-4 zoning districts, the use shall be a permitted use which shall meet the same standards as A-1 & A-2, with the exception of the limit on hours of operation. The I-1/I-5 zoning district shall prohibit any of the subject uses.

11 Draft Regulations Expansion of existing facilities to I-1/I-5 shall be considered, if the facility meets all the new standards and demonstrates compatibility to the surrounding area. Expansions on I-1/I-5 zoning districts shall only be considered until Dec. 2015.

12 PZC Recommendation The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval with the following comments:  Address setbacks for buildings adjacent to residential uses  Clarify that operation shall not occur on Sundays for A-1 & A-2 zoned properties  Clarify what standards apply to applications in the queue

13 Next Step No action necessary. 2 nd BCC Public Hearing to be held on Dec. 16 th.

14 BCC PUBLIC HEARING Concrete & Asphalt Plants Ordinance ZONING DIVISION December 2, 2014

15 New/Expansion Options 1.New facilities which applied on I-1/I-5 zoned property before Sept. 26, 2014 shall be approved if all standards of this ordinance are met. 2.Expansions on I-1/I-5 zoned properties may also be approved, until Jan. 2016, if expansions occur on I-1/I-5 zoned property that was commonly owned prior to Sept. 26, 2014 and they meet standards.


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