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1 FISCAL YEAR 2006-2007 PROPOSED BUDGET City of Costa Mesa Budget Study Session June 13, 2006.

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1 1 FISCAL YEAR 2006-2007 PROPOSED BUDGET City of Costa Mesa Budget Study Session June 13, 2006

2 2 BUDGET STUDY SESSION Study Session Agenda: Brief Review of Documents Available Brief Overview of Proposed FY06-07 Budget Including Department/Program Highlights Review Discussion Items Provide Information on Community Budget Briefings and Timeline for Adoption of Budget

3 BUDGET PROCESS BUDGET KICK-OFF December Finance Analyze & Project Revenue Estimates January Finance Present Mid-Year Budget Review February Finance Review & Analyze Budget Requests Finalize Revenue Projections February/March Departments Submit Budget Requests to Finance January/February Finance/ Central Services Prepare Proposed Budget CIP Committee CIP presented to Planning and Parks & Recreation Commissions April City Manager Budget Hearings with Departments March City Manager Submit Proposed Budget To City Council May City Council/City Mgr. Conduct Budget Study Session, Employee Orientation & Community Hearings June City Council Hold Public Hearing And Adopt Budget June 20th

4 4 PURPOSE OF CITY BUDGET Serves as planning guide for ensuing fiscal year Matches available resources to essential City services Demonstrates how goals and objectives will be implemented Continues commitment to provide more efficient services to residents Maintains adequate resources for unforeseen emergencies

5 5 FY 06-07 Estimated Revenue Utilization of Fund Balance FY 06-07 Total Resources FY 06-07 Appropriations Difference $121,451,530 5,656,205 $127,107,735 $126,840,696 $ 267,039 BUDGET SUMMARY (All Funds)

6 6 TOTAL OPERATING BUDGET (All Funds) Proposed FY 06-07 $ 110,503,556 Adopted FY 05-06 104,535,301 Amount Increase $ 5,968,255 Percent Increase 5.71%

7 7 TOTAL CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS BUDGET Proposed FY 06-07 $ 15,289,900 Adopted FY 05-06 11,970,254 Amount Increase $ 3,319,646 Percent Increase 27.74%


9 9 Proposed FY 06-07 $ 126,840,696 Adopted FY 05-06 118,379,555 Amount Increase $ 8,461,141 Percent Increase 7.15%


11 11 DEFINITION – GOVERNMENTAL FUND TYPES Funds generally used to account for tax supported activities  General Fund – used to account for general revenues not levied for a specific purpose and expenditures for general services  Special Revenue Fund – used to account for revenue derived from specific taxes or revenue sources earmarked for specific purpose (restricted uses)  Capital Projects Fund – used to account for financial resources segregated for acquisition and construction of major capital facilities  Internal Service Fund – used to account for inter- departmental charges


13 13 DEFINITION – MAJOR SERVICE CATEGORIES Protection of Persons and Property – Police and Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Care, Building Safety, Code Enforcement and Animal Control Community Health and Environment – Beautification, Sanitation, Planning, Housing and Community Development Transportation – Streets/Storm Drains Maintenance and Improvements, Curbs and Sidewalks, School Pedestrian Safety, Traffic Signal Improvements, Signs and Markings

14 14 DEFINITION – MAJOR SERVICE CATEGORIES Leisure and Community Services – Recreational Activities and Programs, Facilities for Enjoyment, Health, Relaxation and Cultural Enrichment General Government Support – City Council, City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk, Central Services, Commissions and Committees, Facilities and Fleet Maintenance, Finance, Management Information Services, Human Resources, Risk Management, and Telecommunications

15 15 SUMMARY OF APPROPRIATIONS BY MAJOR SERVICE CATEGORY (All Funds)  Protection of Persons and Property $ 58,737,416  Community Health and Environment 10,151,258  Transportation 7,297,029  Leisure and Community Services 3,857,430  General Government Support 31,507,662  Capital Improvement Projects 15,289,900 Total $ 126,840,696

16 16 SUMMARY OF APPROPRIATIONS BY MAJOR ACCOUNT (All Funds) Total $ 126,840,696


18 18 FY 06-07 Est. Revenues Lease Proceeds Transfers In PEG Cable Franchise Funds* Use of Fund Balance $ 96,356,060 482,250 1,047,240 369,593 2,350,360 FY 06-07 Total Resources $ 100,605,503 FY 06-07 Proposed Budget$ 100,605,503 Balance- 0 - * Accounted for in the General Fund GENERAL FUND SUMMARY

19 19 GENERAL FUND APPROPRIATIONS FY 06-07 Proposed $100,605,503 FY 05-06 Adopted 95,055,890 Amount Increase $ 5,549,613 Percent Increase5.84%

20 20 GENERAL FUND What does increase consist of? FY 05-06 FY 06-07 Adopted Proposed Increase Appropriations $ 95,055,890 $ 100,605,503 $ 5,549,613 Salaries 49,281,202 53,215,864 3,934,662 PERS 12,087,353 12,730,482 643,129 Workers’ Comp 1,917,146 1,845,894 (71,252) Debt Service 4,606,956 4,099,791 (507,165) Other Accounts27,163,233 28,713,472 1,550,239 Total $ 95,055,890 $ 100,605,503 $ 5,549,613

21 21 Total $100,605,503 SUMMARY OF APPROPRIATIONS BY MAJOR ACCOUNT - General Fund

22 22 REVENUE SOURCES General Fund (excluding transfers) Total $96,838,310


24 24 SALES & USE TAX (General Fund) FY 06-07 Estimated Revenue$ 46,996,640 FY 05-06 Estimated Revenue 43,795,600* Amount Increase $ 3,201,040 Percent Increase 7.31% * Note: At mid year, Sales Tax revenue was revised to $44,904,970; estimates include “Triple Flip” payment.

25 25 SALES & USE TAX HISTORY (General Fund)

26 26 PROPERTY TAX (General Fund) FY 06-07 Estimated Revenue$ 23,689,700 FY 05-06 Estimated Revenue 21,023,500 Amount Increase $ 2,666,200 Percent Increase 12.68%* *Increase partly attributed to the restoration of the $1.9 million contribution to State for ERAF III per Prop. 1A

27 27 PROPERTY TAX HISTORY (General Fund)



30 30 PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY Increased staffing in jail holding facility by conversion of part-time custody officer position to full-time Purchase of new in-vehicle video system enhancing the safety of officers in the field Installation of additional intersections under the Red Light Camera Program Purchase of various public safety and life-saving equipment (live scan fingerprint machine, forensic video system, fuming chamber for latent fingerprint development, carbon monoxide oximeter) Consulting services allocation for assistance in processing construction plan checks for high-rise development projects Repeat of Residential Remodeling Incentive Program (RRIP)

31 31 COMMUNITY HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT Funding for the addition of one new Maintenance Worker to maintain rapid response to graffiti activity Reflects reduction of $100,000 in single-family rehabilitation program resulting from decrease in HUD’s CDBG funding Reflects reduction of $567,000 due to separation of CMSD from City operations Funding for new irrigation controller enclosures and system, including radios and antennas Also provides for the following: * Increased funding for utility costs associated with the Skateboard Park, TeWinkle Lake and Softball Complex * Funding for landscape maintenance to over 463 acres of City parks and fields, and parkways and medians * Funding for pruning over 5,000 trees City-wide (¼ of tree inventory)

32 32 TRANSPORTATION Funding for traffic data collection services such as traffic volume counts and turning movement counts Additional funding for new Senior Maintenance Technician dedicated to design and manufacture of new traffic control, illuminated street signs, and other street signs Also provides for the following: * Includes funding to replace over 3,000 tons of asphalt to renovate and completely repave residential streets *Provides funding for street sweeping of over 400 curb-miles of gutter weekly *Funding for maintenance of over 10,500 traffic signs and street name signs

33 33 LEISURE AND COMMUNITY SERVICES Includes additional funding for operation of the Skatepark Reflects implementation of new Joint-use agreement with NMUSD Reflects reduction of $100,000 due to closure of Job Center Also provides for the following: * Funding to transport over 11,000 seniors through the Senior Mobility Program * Permitting of over 65,000 hours of athletic field use

34 34 GENERAL GOVERNMENT SUPPORT Funding to improve inter-active capabilities of City’s website to include additional functionality such as on-line job application submissions Funding for upgrades to the Granicus Media-Manager to allow internet access to video archives beyond one year Includes over $1.4 million to replace 25 vehicles and heavy equipment including seven patrol units. Provides for replacement of a 95’ Quint Ladder Fire truck, the largest apparatus used by the Fire Department Funds the purchase of two replacement street sweepers for cleaner streets and to aid in meeting NPDES standards Also provides for the following: *Funding to video tape and televise over 50 community programs and over 80 public meetings *Includes debt service payments and transfers


36 36 CIP BY FUNDING SOURCE Gas Tax Fund $ 1,703,980 AQMD Fund 185,000 CDBG Fund 525,000 Park Development Fees Fund 1,050,000 Capital Outlay Fund 2,080,000 Measure “M” Fund 9,702,920 Vehicle Parking Districts 43,000 Total FY 06-07 Proposed CIP Funding $ 15,289,900

37 37 CIP BY MAJOR SERVICE CATEGORY Total $15,289,900

38 38 CIP : TeWinkle Park Tot Lot Improvements – Angels Playground CIP includes $1.4 million in funding for construction of Angels Playground in partnership with Angels Charities and the Costa Mesa Community Foundation City contribution of $1.045 million including State grant (Remainder from Angels Charities and CM Community Foundation) Project will include complete reconstruction of existing playground with “barrier-free” playground, new ADA compliant restrooms, and picnic shelters

39 39 Bark Park Lighting Staff requested to provide cost estimates of providing lights to extend evening usage of Bark Park facility during winter months Cost to install low-level walkway lights = $200,000 Estimates do not include annual electricity costs (dependent on hours of operation) Electrical system for skate park designed to accommodate future demands including lighting at Bark Park If installed, hours of operation could be set to mirror those of Skate Park and Tennis Center Proposed lighting location map in Study Session book

40 40 Annual Residential Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance Program Program includes the following streets proposed for FY06-07: - Capital Street- Continental Street - Coral Avenue- Presidio Dr. (Jun.- Nwpt.) - Cortez Street- Presidio Dr. (Jun.- Lor.) - Date Place- Lorenzo Drive - Republic Avenue- Wintergreen Avenue

41 41 Annual Residential Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance Program Project cost estimates include removal and construction of pavement, damaged curb and gutter, driveway approaches, etc. (curb to curb) Estimated to replace approximately 3,000 tons of asphalt including overlaying approx. 250,000 square feet of street

42 42 Annual Residential Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance Program For FY05-06: 243,220 sq. ft. of street overlaid using 2,211 tons of asphalt 552 tons of asphalt used for “leveling course” 230 tons of asphalt used for removal of failed asphalt sections Total tons of asphalt replaced: 2,993

43 43 Annual Residential Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance Program Estimated costs to rehabilitate approximately 10 additional residential streets: Start up costs (one-time cost) $ 590,500 On-going costs (annual basis) 739,500 Total additional costs: $1,330,000

44 44 PROPOSED ADDITIONAL FULL- TIME POSITIONS Three new positions proposed: Custody Officer (converted from part-time) Maintenance Worker for Graffiti Abatement Program Senior Maintenance Technician for Signs & Markings Program Net budgetary impact:$138,700

45 45 Funding for Immigration Cross-training of Police Personnel Council approved motion to request County to include City personnel in County’s application to ICE for cross- designation training Training would be limited to personnel from SED, Gang Detail and Detective Bureau Two additional custody officers would be required to implement program at cost of $166,112 Additional overtime for other sworn personnel estimated at $22,350 City has not yet entered into MOU w/ ICE ($188,462 cost of program not in proposed Budget)

46 46 Animal Licensing – Request for Permit Processing Specialist Position City presently licenses 2,550 dogs annually Based on national averages, staff estimates there may be as many as 5,000 dogs that are not licensed Currently, part-time Permit Processing Specialist position responsible for animal licensing Staff does not recommend conversion to full-time position at this time since additional personnel costs exceed projected increase in animal license revenues Staff to review alternatives including the existing fee structure for animal licensing

47 47 Gang Detail Unit - Gang Elimination Proposal Suggested that City establish a goal of eliminating presence and impact of gangs within 5 years Enforcement part of goal will require two additional Police Officers assigned to Gang Detail (increasing Gang Detail from 4 to 6) Cost of two additional Officers is $257,102 Addtl. costs to participate in Tri-Agency Gang Enforcement Team (TARGET) $110,000 Total addtl. annual programmatic costs: $367,102 Does not include costs for prevention and intervention programs

48 48 Requirements of Assembly Bill 1234 Signed into law by Governor on Oct.7, 2005 Requires local agencies to adopt written policy for members of legislative bodies: Covering rules for reimbursement of expenses incurred by members of legislative bodies Requiring brief reports by members at next regular meeting of legislative body Requires each member to receive at least two hours of ethics training every two years

49 49 FINANCIAL SUPPORT PLEDGED TO COSTA MESA UNITED At April 19, 2005 regular meeting, Council pledged $1 million (contingent on budget and revision of JUA) for construction of stadium at Estancia HS and aquatics complex at CMHS Additional $100,000 granted from required IKEA contr. under Home Ranch development agreement (paid to CM United) Subsequently, NMUSD received voter approval for bonds funding facility improvements including stadium and aquatics complex Costa Mesa United shifted focus from two projects to capital improvements for existing facilities and requested $1 million from City Council direction needs clarification in light of Costa Mesa United’s changing focus

50 50 Funding for Orange County Regional Airport Authority (OCRAA) OCRAA is a JPA consisting of 10 Orange County cities Established to advocate for planning and development of new facilities Has not met since March, 2005 Dormant – no activity expected in the future Staff recommends discontinuance of $12,000 annual funding

51 51 Eastside Neighborhood Traffic Issues and Resident Concerns on Broadway At its May 16, 2006 regular meeting, City Council received a report with various options to address traffic conditions on Broadway Neighborhood Traffic Studies Comprehensive Residential Traffic Management Study Internal Staff Analysis of Traffic Conditions Development of Guidelines and Identification of New Technology

52 52 Eastside Neighborhood Traffic Issues and Resident Concerns on Broadway Improvements/Operations – Capital Improvement Projects: Installation of “missing link” sidewalks from Raymond to Irvine Speed Hump Pilot Program Targeted Residential Enforcement Detail

53 53 FY O6-07 PROPOSED BUDGET  Copies available for Public Viewing at: City Clerk’s Office at 77 Fair Drive (City Hall – 1 st Floor)  Public Libraries at: Costa Mesa Branch, 1855 Park Avenue Mesa Verde Branch, 2969 Mesa Verde Drive  City’s Website:  Additional information contact 714-754-5243

54 54 FY O6-07 PROPOSED BUDGET  COMMUNITY BUDGET BRIEFING Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 6:00 pm Conference Room 1A  PUBLIC HEARING AND ADOPTION Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 6:00 pm

55 55 FISCAL YEAR 2006-2007 PROPOSED BUDGET City of Costa Mesa Budget Study Session June 13, 2006

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