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Facilities Management and Design Chapter 11 Building Structure, Finishes and Site.

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1 Facilities Management and Design Chapter 11 Building Structure, Finishes and Site

2 Roof Critical building component Flat or Sloped Deck Covering Roofing felt Flashing

3 Exterior walls Enclose structure Supports roof (low rise) Should last for many decades if properly maintained Painting Cleaning Inspection

4 Windows and Doors Window types – Fixed – Casement – vertically hung Glazing – single – double Doors types – Wooden – Metal – Solid – Hollow – some are mostly glass (revolving doors, for example)

5 Structural frame Skeleton of building – should be inspected at least once a year Walls (low rise) Concrete/Steel superstructures (high rise)

6 Foundations usually stone or concrete rests on a solid, underground footing base frost walls drainage carries a building's dead and live loads – Dead load (building’s weight) – Live load (dead load + people, furniture, natural stresses)

7 Elevators Cable – Elevator shaft – Car or cab – Guide rails – Cables – Counterweights – Safety devices – Elevator motor Hydraulic Much of the maintenance is done by the manufacturer

8 Parking areas Concrete – mixture of paste and aggregates – hardens through hydration – tensile strength – Deterioration Crazing Leaching freeze/thaw cycles Spalling Asphalt – mixture of asphalt, cement and aggregate – typical problems caused by poorly compacted soil underneath – surface failures caused by weathering or wearing insufficient asphalt too much asphalt unstable mixtures poor drainage Structural features – Subgrade – Subbase – Surface course Layout considerations overall dimensions parking controls for managing traffic well-defined entrances and exits acceleration/deceleration lanes number of parking spaces Maintenance issues – surface cleaning – Inspections – Waterproofing – minor repairs of cracks – structural repairs – snow and ice removal

9 Parking Lots and ADA requirements a specified number of parking spaces (depending on the total number of parking spaces) must be “accessible” requirements include – width of parking spaces – access aisles – accessible routes – accessible parking spaces in valet parking facilities – passenger loading zones must also be accessible Total # spacesReq’d Spaces 1 to 251 26 to 502 51 to 753 76 to 1004 101 to 1505 151 to 2006 201 to 3007 301 to 4008 401 to 5009 501 to 10002% of total 1001 + 20, plus 1 for ea 100

10 Storm water drainage systems designed to carry rain water away from the property sheet flow open-channel flow underground drainage facilities should be built to last at least 50 years

11 Landscaping and grounds Often outsourced Sets visual tone for property Curb appeal Maintenance – Planting – Mowing – Fertilizing – Pruning – Watering – Work varies with the season and climate

12 Irrigation systems Provides water for the grounds Overwatering should be avoided Sources of water – potable water system – stored supply (lake, underground tank) – nearby stream or river – gray water Sprinkler heads Mist applicators

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