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KAHC-KYTC Trevor Booker, PE Specifications. 2008 Standard Specifications Books are now available A PDF version can be viewed at:

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1 KAHC-KYTC Trevor Booker, PE Specifications

2 2008 Standard Specifications Books are now available A PDF version can be viewed at: “Bells” and “Whistles” will be added later

3 A Major portion of the changes were prompted by the need to work smarter, safer, and in compliance with current State and Federal regulations.

4 Overrun/Underrun – to be used on specific items Extra Work – contractor to provide justification for prices and time when requested Comprehensive Final Inspection Report – revised to address striping, seeding, and landscaping. Liquidated Damages – Just like when you are delayed, we also have lost efficiency, overhead, and staffing costs associated with delays

5 Original Contract AmountDaily Charge 0.00100,000.00 250.00 100,000.01500,000.00 750.00 500,000.011,000,000.00 1,650.00 1,000,000.015,000,000.00 2,400.00 5,000,000.0110,000,000.00 3,250.00 10,000,000.0120,000,000.00 4,000.00 20,000,000.01or more 4,750.00

6 These costs accrue regardless of the time of year: The Department will deduct daily charges as agreed liquidated damages for each calendar day without regard to inclement weather or the temperature limitations in the Contract, except that the Department will not deduct liquidated damages when the specified seasonal or temperature limitations prohibit the Contractor from performing work on the controlling item or operation.

7 Planning and Scheduling Preconstruction Meeting requirements have been updated to reflect current needs prior to starting work. Added were: Designated Qualified Personnel depending on job (Traffic Control, Flaggers, Asphalt Field Tech, Erosion Control Inspector, etc.) Plans (Progress schedule, traffic control, blasting, BMP, seeding, spill prevention, permits, etc)

8 Designated qualified contractor staffing must be in place today, training requirements for those designated must be successfully completed by: Qualified Asphalt Field Technician – January 1, 2008 Qualified erosion and sediment control inspector (KEPSC/Grade Level II) – July 1, 2008 Qualified Flaggers required - April 1, 2008 Qualified Traffic Control Supervisors and Technicians - October 1, 2008. Supervisor required for Significant projects, available for others.

9 Progress Schedule Always been required, but often not provided or what was desired. We have detailed what is expected and will be emphasizing its importance. Blasting Plan A general blasting plan is required for all blasting. It is to include working procedures, safety plans, and address traffic impacts and how they are to be addressed in case of an incident. Federal oversight projects will be addressed by special note and will require additional information and work.

10 Work Zone Safety Hi-vis safety apparel must be worn by all workers exposed to construction equipment or highway traffic. Must meet ANSI Performance Class 2 or 3. For flaggers at night, Class 3 is required. Project Traffic Coordinator must conduct daily reviews. Emphasis on covering of signs that are not applicable. Inaccurate, turned, and tipped signs create confusion. Plywood covers create a crash hazard, plastic bags damage retroreflectivity. Geotextile fabric covers required.

11 Emphasis on getting quality temporary and permanent striping down ASAP. Retroreflectivity requirements have been raised. Striping to be in place over the winter must meet permanent retroreflectivity. Temp White: from 150 to 175 mcd/lux/m 2 Temp Yellow: from 100 to 150 mcd/lux/m 2 Perm White: from 175 to 300 mcd/lux/m 2 Perm Yellow: from 150 to 225 mcd/lux/m 2

12 Better defined what is required when electronic surveying methods are used. Including check stations, slope stakes and layout references when requested, and defined electronic field books Clarified rock roadbed is rock, not mostly rock, not mixed with non-durable material

13 We now have 3 seed mixes: Type I for slopes 3:1 or less Type II for slopes > 3:1 in Districts 4, 5, 6, and 7 Type III for slopes > 3:1 in Districts 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

14 We now require fertilizer and lime in the seedbed. Minimums were established but are on the low side. The contractor is responsible to meet required growth and soil pH of 6.0 or greater. Adequate quantities of seed, fertilizer and lime should be reflected in the seed plan submitted at the preconstruction meeting. Straw quantities should be included as well. Tackifier is still required but mechanically crimping an option.

15 Seeding to be paid for as plan quantity increased or decreased by authorized adjustments. If design quantities can be shown to be off by 10 percent or more, actual quantities will be used. Some straw erosion control blankets are now allowed, ensure the ones you use are on the Department’s List of Approved Materials. Colored staples can be required.

16 BMPs must be installed before any disturbance. Penalty equal to LD charged immediately – no 5-day letter required. Contractor required to conduct weekly and rainfall event inspections. Corrective action should be initiated within 24 hours and completed within 5 days. Any channel crossing needs to maintain normal flow and be of non-erodible material Sinkholes not filled and capped must be protected.

17 Pavement drainage blanket. Untreated blankets no longer allowed. However, JPC pavement drainage blanket may be asphalt or cement treated, but must be treated. Will be paid in square yards.

18 ASPHALT covered by Allen at PAIKY ‘F’ ant ‘t’ testing on AMAW worksheet Asphalt Field Technician Requirements Ride Quality Bonus

19 Going from 1-mile to 0.1-mile segments, segments will read higher and lower as the “averaging” is lessened Raising the bar to achieve bonus Weighting the bonus on the low IRI end and weighting the deduction on the high IRI end Establishing a set dollar amount in place of basing bonus unit bid price. Linking ride bonus with density. If the sections Density pay factor is less than 0.95, a ride bonus will not apply.

20 2004:BonusIRI < 47 1-mile SegmentsFull Pay IRI 47 to 66 Deduct IRI > 67 2008:BonusIRI < 40 0.1-mile SegmentsFull Pay IRI 40 to 70 Deduct IRI > 71

21 How this changes bonus From 55% bonus (15% max bonus) to approx. 45% bonus (10% max bonus) From 42% full pay to approx. 50% full pay From 3% penalty to approx. 5% penalty The percentage of segments receiving adjustments change, but equivalent $$$$ amount paid out remains approximately the same.

22 0.1-Mile Bonus 2004 1 ½-inch surface $50 ton max bonus = $3712.50 per lane mile 2008 1 ½-inch surface max bonus = $7500 per lane mile

23 Adjusting Manholes. When done by adjusting ring method was raised from $250 to $350, when masonry work is required, it was changed from $350 to being paid for as Extra Work.

24 JPC Pavement No longer allow tube float finishing machines No longer allow wet sticking tie bars at the longitudinal joint. Bars must be must now be inserted in epoxy filled drilled holes Ride quality now measured with profiler in IRI, will no longer be measured in PI with profilograph. Pay will be under same system as asphalt with a different range. Diamond Grinding – target IRI will be based on profile

25 Detectable Warnings for sidewalks and entrances no longer a special note, now in Section 505 Additional requirements for concrete producers when supplying to projects that contain 250 cy or more concrete Added emphasis on cold weather plan for placing concrete. Recording thermometers required.

26 Cleaning and painting of structural steel updated A2 material no longer allowed for pipe granular backfill. New bedding requirements for concrete pipe Plastic pipe must be NTPEP evaluated Signed certification required for polish resistant aggregate Traffic control devices updated to address LED assemblies

27 Special Note 10B Geogrid for Subgrade and Base Courses now in Section 304 Special Note 10D geogrid for Asphalt Pavements now in Section 412 Special Note for SMA now in Section 413 Special Note for Detectable Warnings now in Section 505 Special Provision 13 for Crash Cushions now in Section 725 Special Note 10U for Right of Way Monuments now in Section 726

28 2008 Standard Specifications A PDF version can be viewed at: Order forms available up front.

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