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BOLIN CREEK PROJECT By: Hunter Hagy Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

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2 BOLIN CREEK PROJECT By: Hunter Hagy Wednesday, April 29, 2015

3 Overview  Background Information  Current Conditions  Conceptual Planning  Recommendations

4 Background Information

5 Location Background Information

6 Primary Uses Background Information

7 Current Conditions

8 Erosion and Soil Current Conditions Signs of erosion, such as exposed tree roots, can be seen where the creek encroaches on the trail.

9 Erosion and Soil After heavy rains, streams created by runoff flow across the trail and into Bolin Creek. Current Conditions

10 Conceptual Planning

11 Funding Conceptual Planning 1.) Surface Transportation Program-Direct Allocation (STF-DA) -The STF-DA funds will account for 80% of the funding needed. 2.) Town Funds -The remaining 20% will come from a citizen-approved bond referendum from 2003, which allocated funding for the Bolin Creek Project. 3.) Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) -will provide additional funding for updating cost estimates and refining trail designs.

12 Greenway Surfaces Conceptual Planning What is the anticipated use of the trail? How important are aesthetics? How much money is available? How long should the surface last?

13 Potential Surfaces Conceptual Planning  These surfaces were chosen based on functionality. They all allow for walking as well as biking use. In addition, it is important to note that the majority of these surfaces also allow for wheelchair use.

14 ProductDurabilityMaintenance Description PermeableFunctionality B=Bike P=Pedestrian W=Wheelchair Estimated Cost Per Square Foot Permeable Concrete 15 yearsVacuum sweep and pressure wash 4 times a year YesB, P, W$6.00 Concrete25 yearsPeriodic inspection for uplift and settlement, repair as needed NoB, P, W$4.75 Permeable Asphalt 8 yearsVacuum sweep and pressure wash 4 times a year, patch any pot holes as needed YesB, P, W$3.50 Glassphalt7-10 yearsPothole patching NoB, P, W$2.75 Reground Asphalt 7-10 yearsPothole patchingNoB, P, W$2.75

15 ProductDurabilityMaintenance Description Permea ble Functionality B=Bike P=Pedestrian W=Wheelchair Estimated Cost Per Square Foot Asphalt10 yearsPothole PatchingNoB, P, W$2.75 Poly Pave5-10 yearsReapply Poly pave solidifier every 1-2 years depending on level of use. Make spot repairs as needed. NoB, P, W$2.50 Chip Seal7-10 yearsPothole PatchingNoB, P, W$2.00 Pavers with Fines 8-12 yearsKeep weeded, refill cells with gravel as needed YesB, P, W$4.50 Crusher Fines/ Gravel 2-5 years depending on maintenance Sweep to fill voids from dislodged fines YesP, B$2.50

16 Recommendations

17 Concrete

18 Recommendations Porous Concrete

19 Summary Environmental Facts: - concrete conserves resources by reducing the need for reconstruction. Its ingredients are cement and readily available natural materials: water, aggregate (sand and gravel or crushed stone). -concrete absorbs CO 2 throughout its lifetime through carbonation, helping reduce its carbon footprint.  Of the before mentioned surfaces, concrete and permeable concrete are the most durable.  Although more expensive at the outset, concrete will not break up like asphalt over time and will not have to be resurfaced, resulting in additional costs.  Bolin Creek Trail is located in a low area, where water will often run over it. So therefore it is important to chose a material that is not as susceptible to deterioration.  Concrete needs little maintenance  Over time concrete will keep the same look as the day it was poured.  Concrete enables Bolin Creek Trail to preserve its recreational use, as well as making it wheelchair friendly.

20 Bibliography   pdf/greenways_summary.pdf  the-trails-in-grand-prairie-for-national-trails-day/ 

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