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3 Presentation Outline Background & Current Situation Overall Project / Goal Setting Suppliers Proposal Examples Evaluation Criteria Project, Team, Budget Status/Conclusion Questions

4 We have had a few ambulance visits this year and no updates/maintenance in over a decade 1 2 Background & Current Playground Priorities Rationale & vision is to upgrade and update an aging playground to promote more physical activity for all age groups, reduce injuries, and promote cooperative and enriched social interactions for kids. A good education includes outdoor activities Drainage and Hardscape Issues Play Equipment 10+ years old /Injuries No Safe Place for kids to run around 3

5 PROBLEM: DRAINAGE, SLOPED LANDSCAPE, VERY LITTLE GRASS, SIDEWALKS NEED REPAIR Background & Current Playground Situation/Priorities 1 Estimated cost $30-55k depending on community involvement Drainage and Hardscape Issues Mud Pit Wash Away Ankle Breaker Goal: Install drainage piping, add topsoil to level off area, grow grass, replace sidewalk with paver walkway

6 PROBLEM: STRUCTURES BROKEN, MONKEY BARS TOO HIGH, NOT ENOUGH VARIED INTEREST IN STRUCTURES Background & Current Playground Situation Cracked 2 Play Equipment 10+ years old /Injuries Too high Not enough varied interest in structures Goal: Eliminate Broken & Injury Prone Pieces and Replace with New Estimated Cost $25-$75k depending on options

7 3 Background & Current Playground Situation PROBLEM: NO SAFE PLACE FOR KIDS TO RUN AROUND – CONCUSSIONS, BAN ON CERTAIN ACTIVITIES Goal: Install Turf Field, Add Additional Basketball Court No Safe Place for kids to run around Estimated Cost $20-$35k

8 Summary of Overall Project/Goal PrioritiesEstimate* All assumes community involvement Fix Drainage/Hardscape Issues$10-$20k Remove Asphalt/Turf$10k* assumes we have someone remove asphalt and use recycled turf from universities Replace/Improve Play Structures$25k -$75k* depends on options/full or partial Walk and Paver Fix/Expansion$10k-$25K Basketball Court Expansion$10-$25k Correct Gym Exit /Slope$10K TOTAL $75K-$165K Initial Target was to raise $100K

9 Option 1 is to ~ Start from scratch and completely replace the entire structure to enhance the play activity ~ However Option 2: Replace broken structure, keep main structure, fix landscape issues and add more interest and structures Current Situation ~ Options Budget / Interest will align options


11 Requests for proposals have been submitted to 5 suppliers that came recommended by other schools and research ~ We asked for full replacements and partial additions. Criteria were developed to measure the vendors proposals Vendors/Proposals Kompan M.E. O’BRIEN & SONS/Landscape Structures Site Specifics/Miracle Park Street Ultiplay  On deck sports

12 Vendor Selection Kompan, US- KOMPAN is the world's largest playground manufacturer and has 16 Centers of Excellence providing playground solutions in sixty-one countries M.E. O’BRIEN & SONS/Landscape Structures -M.E. O’Brien & Sons, Inc. is the largest supplier of outdoor recreation equipment in New England and partners with Landscape Structures a family owned company in Minnesota Site Specifics/Miracle- Site Specifics is a full service company that partners with Miracle. Miracle is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of commercial outdoor playgrounds and recreational equipment in the U.S. Park Street – A Design and Sales company that partners with exclusive leading playground suppliers, mainly Berliner Seilfabrik. A global, green company specializing in “play for life”, that also produces ropes for the Berliner elevator. The quality of the Berliner ropes has gained a world-wide reputation. Ultiplay - Full Service company offers services relating to the design, construction and maintenance of parks and playgrounds throughout New England that partners with various companies for play equipment depending on needs  On Deck Sports – When teams at all levels are upgrading their fields to the newest technology available, On Deck Sports helps them recycle the old artificial turf fields that are being replaced prematurely.

13 Examples from Proposals M E Obrien & Sons Kompan, US

14 Examples from Proposals Site Specifics/Miracle, Rochester MA Park Street/Berlinger

15 A local company …On deck sports – used artificial turf for current asphalt area Examples from Proposals Ultiplay On Deck sports

16 New Proposal Summary

17 It’s not just about getting a new playground, but strengthening the experience Recess serves as a necessary break from the rigors of concentrated academics and challenges in the classroom Recess offers cognitive, social, emotional and physical benefits ~ different from physical education class Recess affords a time to rest, play, imagine, think, move, and socialize

18 The Team Amy & Jason Beard Jamie Deppe Pamela Dietrich Cheryl Leider Amy Leone Brian Miller, Principal Hopedale Memorial School Brian & Kate Poitras Liz Small Tracy Waswill You and Your Children

19 FUNDING Fundraising is the critical factor in determining the extent to which this playground will be improved. We are relying on outside monies as much of possible to make this happen

20 The Project & Timing – Depends on level of fundraising; however some improvements slated to begin summer of 2013 – Need Community of volunteers, landscapers, carpenters etc. to make this work Timing/Timeline April 26th Committee Review and Decision May 10 th 2013 Fundraising Ends May 3rd Announce Plans

21 WHAT CAN YOU DO? Spread the word! Visit our website Help explore grant opportunities Lead a fundraising activity Make a donation (Buy a brick) Ask your company about matching or donation opportunities Building Resources (if we do community build) – Equipment, tools, skills, etc. join community build

22 Conclusion/Next Steps Lots to do still Fundraising Selection and finalization of vendor Site Preparation & Clean up Deconstruction Construction and Setup PLAYGROUND IMPROVEMENT PLAN



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