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Sustainability – A Contractors Perspective Paul O’Connell, Abigroup Environment & Sustainability Manager National Local Government Asset Management & Public.

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1 Sustainability – A Contractors Perspective Paul O’Connell, Abigroup Environment & Sustainability Manager National Local Government Asset Management & Public Works Engineering Conference 2010

2 Overview Business Drivers Embracing Sustainability – ‘Ability’ – 5 Dimensions of Sustainability Sustainable Construction & Innovation – 5 Key Examples Where to from here?

3 Abigroup Abigroup is one of Australia’s leading national contractors, with 50 years of experience delivering works in: – building – roads – rail – water – mining services, and – telecommunications

4 Reputation and social licence to continue to operate Strengthened relationships with clients and other stakeholders Stimulate internal innovation and learning Sustainability - Business Drivers

5 Business Drivers continued……. Climate change and carbon compliance  Energy Efficiencies Opportunities Act 2006 (EEO Act)  National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting Act 2008 (NGERs Act)  Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme 2012? (CPRS) Improved energy efficiencies and cost savings

6 Electricity Gas Transport Raw material and parts costs will go up as manufacturers pass on their cost increases $ Carbon Fuel Waste Energy costs increase considerably GHG emissions now have a cost Waste costs increase Freight costs increase Carbon Regulation = $$$$

7 Rating schemes and tools eg. Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC) Employer of choice Increased employee morale, motivation and productivity Corporate values “ its just the right thing to do ” Business drivers continued......



10 Over 80 actions identified 5 Dimensions of Sustainability

11 Driving Performance through Culture Ensuring a Strong, Healthy and Innovative Workforce Making a Difference in our Community Minimise our Impact on Resources and Biodiversity Building a Strong, Stable and Profitable Business Leadership

12 Company values Sustainability Champions and Panel Policy and Strategy Communications Plan Training Compliance Financial Performance Leadership in Focus

13 Safety – Pulse Program Women@Abigroup Employee Wellbeing Graduate Programs Learning and Development – Leadership Training – RTO Our People in Focus

14 Community Partnerships and Legacy – National Stakeholder Forum Corporate Social Responsibility – beyondblue partnership Indigenous Relationships – Structured Training & Employment Project (STEP) – Red Dust Partnership Society in Focus

15 Internal Innovation and Systems – National Innovation Capture and Rewards Scheme R&D Programs and Strategic Business Partnerships Guideline for the Set-up of Sustainable Compounds Business in Focus

16 Environment in Focus Environmental Leadership Biodiversity Water Conservation Waste Minimisation Energy Efficiency

17 Sustainable Construction & Innovation 5 Key Examples

18 Developed in partnership with Ndevr and fits in to existing financial reporting system (JDE) Meets legislative reporting requirements Ability to provide reports to key stakeholders and clients Ability to accurately assess carbon footprint and set company targets Ensures auditable and high integrity of data and emissions reports Abigroup GHG Reporting Tool

19 Reports Scope 1 (Direct) and Scope 2 (Indirect) emissions separately or in any combination

20 GHG Reporting Tool

21 Note: Energy and emissions data not accurate. Example data set created for the purpose of presentation

22 Abigroup Wins Global Sustainability Award! Winner Oracle’s “Enable the Eco-Enterprise” award. This international award was presented at the Oracle Open World Conference on 12 October 2009 in San Francisco.

23 TPAR Ecoflex Platorms Townsville Port Access Road (TPAR) Project Client: Department of Main Roads heavy vehicle corridor linking the existing Flinders and Bruce Highways with the Port of Townsville Two Stage project – approx 9.5km two lane road 5 bridge structures allow for design flows

24 Construction of pile driver and crane platforms during bridge works at Stuart Creek. Structure was used to form engineered, structural platform to support a 110T piling rig Ecoflex platforms constructed from 2200 recycled truck tyres

25 Ecoflex are placed on geofabric laid on Pad surface and arranged in honeycomb pattern Each tyre is butted up to adjoining tyres Tyre void filled with recycled crushed concrete Topping layer is applied

26 Alternative options involved greater disturbance to creek banks Platforms were also to be exposed to seasonal flooding Abigroup first contractor to receive ‘Beneficial Reuse’ Approval from DERM

27 SLU Low Emissions Lighting Southern Link Upgrade (SLU) Client: Transurban One component of the overall Monash- CityLink-West Gate (M1) Upgrade project in Melbourne Investigated opportunities to minimise GHG emissions during operation of the freeway

28 SLU Low Emissions Lighting Trial of Low emissions lighting technology – Lighting Energy Controllers (LECs) – 12 Month Trial Section - controlled 16 light poles and 32 luminaries, that included a combination of 400, 250 and 150 watt globes. Involved SLU, Saving Point, CityLink & VicRoads Objectives included: GHG Reductions during operation Extended luminaire life & reduced maintenance costs Ease of installation and retro-fit

29 Voltage reduced by 33v, directly leading to a 26% reduction in energy consumption and GHG emissions. Simple and inexpensive installation at virtually any location Integrated automatic bypass that disconnects the LEC without extinguishing lights in case of failure Increased life expectancy of lamps – approx 10% Permanently installed along CityLink – data collection ongoing

30 PenLink Eco-Operator Training Peninsula Link Project Client: Linking Melbourne Authority Provides for a dual carriage way freeway from the Eastlink in North Frankston to Mount Martha

31 PenLink Eco-Operator Training Abigroup partnership with Caterpillar Institute Provides machine operators with knowledge, skills & techniques to operate plant and reduce fuel consumption All plant operators will be required to undertake Eco Operator Training on the Peninsula Link Project Potential savings include: Saving of approx 4 litres per hour

32 Business as Usual Materials in Construction Reuse of asphalt profilings for access track stabilisation and dust suppression Use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement where within specification (typically 10-30%) Reuse of demolition concrete as Cement Treated Crushed Concrete used in pavement sub-base layers Hollow trees felled placed into adjacent land as habitat Alternative water use – reducing potable water use Mulch used for Erosion and Sediment controls

33 Where to from here? Want to see clients continue to encourage innovation on projects Contracts/specifications to lean toward recycled or reused materials Project delivery models that push beyond compliance or business as usual practices Shared risk in product performance driving innovation

34 Questions, Queries, Comments...


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