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BioPreferred Champions: Sustainable Building and Design Sandy Morgan, USDA Agricultural Research Service Randy Doyle, Fort Hood Shawn Spengler, National.

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1 BioPreferred Champions: Sustainable Building and Design Sandy Morgan, USDA Agricultural Research Service Randy Doyle, Fort Hood Shawn Spengler, National Industries for the Blind/AbilityOne Ron Buckhalt, USDA BioPreferred Program 2009 GSA International Products and Services Expo

2 Biobased Products at Agricultural Research Service Sandy Morgan Facilities Energy Manager USDA Agricultural Research Service

3 Biobased Products A commercial or industrial product (other than from food or feed) that utilizes biological products or renewable domestic agricultural (plant, animal, or marine) or forestry materials. USDA BioPreferred Program

4 Biobased Products Linoleum Soy-based foam insulation Wheat straw board and insulation Soy-based carpet backing Soy-based form release agent Soy and citrus based cleaners Biobased urethane roof coating Biolubricants

5 Two-Fold Effort in Green Purchasing Purchase Cards, Contracts & POs –Vendor FD Contracts –Architect –Contractor

6 Contract for Services 2.3. TECHNICAL DEFINITIONS APPLICABLE TO THIS PWS. 2.3.1. Biobased Product. A commercial or industrial product (other than food or feed) that utilizes biological products or renewable domestic agricultural (plant, animal, and marine) or forestry materials. 2.3.2. Environmentally Friendly (or Preferable) Products. Products that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products that serve the same purpose. 5.4. SPECIAL REPORTING REQUIREMENT. Maintain a purchasing system that records or documents all purchases of biobased or environmentally friendly products as defined in this biobased or environmentally friendly products as defined in this contract. As a minimum, record the type of product, quantity, and total cost per purchase of all such products acquired for this contract. Provide the information when requested by the Contracting Officer.”

7 Facilities Division Contracts Sustainability & Energy Efficiency in: Design Standards IDQ Contracts Task Orders Policies and Procedures Standard Operating Procedures Plans & Specifications

8 Facilities Design Standards All designs shall incorporate the five guiding principles of the High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Memorandum of Understanding. 1.Use integrated design and commissioning 2.Optimize energy efficiency using measurement and verification 3.Protect and conserve water 4.Enhance indoor environmental quality 5.Reduce the environmental impact of materials.

9 Facilities Design Standards 3.4.3 Incorporation of Biobased Products Executive Order (EO) 13423 - Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, requires the use of biobased products in Federal buildings. ARS is committed to incorporating biobased products into Federal facilities. A biobased product is a commercial or industrial product (other than food or feed) that is composed in whole or in significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural (including plant, animal, and marine materials) or forestry materials. Designated biobased products are to have procurement preference if they are comparable in price, performance and availability to non- biobased products. If there is a choice between a recycled product and an equivalent recycled product, the recycled product should be used. Domestic includes other designated countries. Refer to the USDA BioPreferred website at for information on biobased products designated as preferred.

10 Specifications The Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) have been adopted as the standard specification for all ARS-FD administered projects. To help the USDA meet its project-specific environmental goals, the A-E shall review the Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers and incorporate relevant portions of the Guide into the project specifications. This Guide can be found at: The A-E shall specify environmentally preferable products. To the greatest extent possible, the A-E shall incorporate into the project bio-based products that are competitive in price, performance and availability. Refer to the USDA BioPreferred website at for information on biobased products designated as preferred.

11 Energy, Water and Sustainability Policy Assigns Responsibility Acquisition and Property Division will be responsible for procurement policy including green purchasing, fleet transportation, electronics stewardship and purchase cards. Procurement policy will include biobased products, recycling and recycled products, Energy Star ® and other energy efficient, environmentally preferable products and water consumption reducing products. The primary responsibility for green or environmentally preferable purchasing such as biobased, recycled, Energy Star ®, FEMP designated, WaterSense products, etc. lies on the program offices. Facilities Division will require in all contracts and designs, energy and water efficient, recycled, biobased, sustainably harvested products, rapidly renewable, and other environmentally preferable products. Sustainable leasing includes encouraging energy and water conservation and the use of environmentally preferable products that contain materials that are recycled, biobased, or have other positive environmental attributes.

12 Biobased Roof Coating Biobased roof coating painted on metal roofs in Beaver WV

13 Animal Bioscience Building New laboratory building under design on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman MT utilizing biobased building products

14 Linoleum New Linoleum Floor in Bldg 307B 50+ Year Old Linoleum Floor in Bldg 306

15 Soy-Backed Carpet Biobased Carpet in the Beltsville Area Director’s Office

16 Renewable Lubricants At the Beltsville Area Research Center Mechanic Shop Motor Oil Gear Lube Grease 2 Cycle Engine Oil

17 Biobased Lab Countertops Crop Improvement and Protection Research Unit Salinas CA

18 Biobased Water Tank Coating

19 Biobased Form Release Agent Greenhouse and Headhouse Oxford, MS

20 Biobased Awards The Beltsville Area won Three Biobased Closing the Circle Awards The Southern Plains Area won a Closing the Circle Award Honorable Mention USDA won again in 2008 The Bean Bus

21 Promoting Biobased Products Manufacturers samples of products are shown to Architects and Engineers to introduce them to biobased products Energy Awareness Day October 30, 2007

22 Manufacturers Do Your Homework Write model specifications for your biobased products and provide them to design professionals Get ASTM testing done for your products Get manufacturers organizations’ and standards organizations’ approval Provide good data sheets and MSDS Show samples to designers

23 THANK YOU Sandy Morgan

24 Sustainable Solutions The Fort Hood Story Randy Doyle Pollution Prevention Program Manager 2009 GSA International Products and Services Expo

25 Environmental Mission Balanced Readiness Through Environmental Stewardship

26 214,968 acres – 335 square miles - (5x the size of the District of Columbia) - Maneuver area: 135,149 acres - Live fire impact area: 62,611 acres 772 miles of paved roads 21 active access control points 471 miles of tank trails 7,238 active buildings - 33,050,584 square feet (5x the size of the pentagon) 1,991 miles of utility lines 2 airfields North Fort Hood mobilization site FORT HOOD STATISTICS



29 CEN-TEX Sustainable Communities Partnership 5-year collaboration (extensions possible) Initial Team- Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Killeen, Copperas Cove, and Gatesville Achieve measurable benefits by creating sustainable baselines and goals Implement projects to contribute to the vitality of the Central Texas economy and quality of life for the region’s citizens Sustainable Communities

30 Promote Partnership across Region Ideas for positive regional changes Fundraising using grants Identify potential projects : –Solar and Wind Energy –Mass Transit –LEED for Neighborhood Development –Watershed and Habitat Protection –Regional Recycling –Smart Growth Master Plan –Ride Share Program –Bio-Preferred Solutions CEN-TEX Sustainable Communities Partnership Where are we going?

31 Fort Hood Agriboard Buildings

32 Future Environmental Office Designed with Agriboard

33 Fort Hood Straw Bale Grant Project Unique Approach to Building Sustainable Exemplifies EO 13423 “High Performance Buildings” Design and construct world’s largest straw bale facility Complies with Army SDD Policy and the Federal biobased procurement policy Eliminates WWII Wood Address a 5 million square foot deficit in administrative facilities. $27M Potential Grant Monies Available Federal and non-profit applicants Several federal agencies award grants to other federal agencies A very positive project to demonstrate that the federal government is committed to cost effective sustainable design and development

34 Low Impact Development (LID) Bioswale in existing drainage ditch Captures first flow pollutants and retains water to prevent erosion down stream

35 PV and Wind Demonstrations  Fort Hood is evaluating renewable energy options for new construction and existing buildings  Photovoltaics –silicon monocrystalline –thin film (most likely cadmium telluride)  Demonstration will compare the different PV technologies to determine which one performs best in this environment and includes a small wind turbine to see which technology has the best output.

36 Contact Information Randy Doyle Pollution Prevention Program Manager Fort Hood, Texas (254) 287-1099

37 BioPreferred and the AbilityOne Program Shawn Spengler Director of Product Management National Industries for the Blind 2009 GSA International Products and Services Expo

38 Wagner-O’Day Act - 1938 Law amended in 1971 AbilityOne - 2006 Franklin D. Roosevelt JWOD is the law… AbilityOne is the program… SKILCRAFT is the brand! AbilityOne Program

39 To enhance opportunities for economic and personal independence of persons who are blind or severely disabled primarily through creating, sustaining and improving employment. Promote independence! Create employment for the 70% of unemployed Americans who are blind or severely disabled. Our Mission

40 1.Alternative fuels & vehicles 2.Biobased products 3.Electronics – registered on EPEAT 4.Energy Star® & Energy-efficient 5.Environmentally-preferable 6.Low / no toxic or hazardous chemicals 7.Non-ozone depleting substances 8.Recycled content / remanufactured 9.Renewable energy 10.Water-efficient products Supporting Federal Green Purchasing Initiatives

41 Consideration at design and construction stages: Cleaning (Green Cleaning, LEED) Operations & Maintenance Cafeteria Design, Build, and Maintain

42 Currently on the Procurement List: Absorbents Disposable Cutlery Chemical Cleaners Hand Sanitizer & Cleaners Under Development: Various cleaners Disposable food service items Pens AbilityOne Program

43 SKILCRAFT-Spartan BioRenewables Meets USDA final, or proposed, guidelines on biobased content Glass Cleaner Multi-Purpose Cleaner Restroom Cleaner Graffiti Remover Industrial Degreaser Foam Hand Cleaner Waterless Hand Cleaners Cleaning Product Spotlight

44 SKILCRAFT Biobased Cutlery Meets USDA final biobased content Uses wheat to replace 50% of polypropylene Composts by 50% within 90 days Withstands temperatures over 200 degrees Meets, exceeds standards in CID A-A-3109B Cafeteria Product Spotlight

45 GOJO/PURELL-SKILCRAFT Hand sanitizers and cleaners Lotion soap Instant Hand Sanitizer, gel and foam Pumice hand cleaner Personal Hand Care Spotlight

46 Maintenance Product Spotlight SKILCRAFT Biobased Absorbents Made from US cotton and wool Re-usable, extract and recycle oil Biodegradable Incinerates efficiently; high BTU and low ash content

47 AbilityOne biobased products are available through: GSA Global Supply and GSA Multiple Award Schedule Holders

48 Thank you

49 BioPreferred Champions: Sustainable Buildings and Design BioPreferred Champions: Sustainable Buildings and Design Ron Buckhalt Program Manager, USDA BioPreferred Program 2009 GSA International Products and Services Expo

50 Asphalt and Tar Removers Oil-based products used in the removal of asphalt and tar from various surfaces

51 Asphalt Restorers Seal, protect, and restore asphalt and concrete Often reverses the oxidation process that breaks down asphalt

52 Form Release Fluids Provide lubricating barrier between the concrete or asphalt and forms to aid in removal of forms

53 Concrete Curing Agents Aid in concrete wear resistance and strength

54 Concrete Repair Patch Fiber reinforced or polymer-modified material for structural repairs

55 Masonry & Paving Systems Forms and materials for constructing walls and pavements Cold patch asphalt replacements

56 Composite Panels Includes acoustical, interior, plastic lumber, structural interior, and structural wall panels Can be used in all types of buildings

57 Floor Coverings Flooring from many different materials such as bamboo, cork, wood, and linoleum

58 Foams Foam material for packing, insulating, sound proofing, and upholstery

59 Cellulose & Batt Insulation Composed of different types of natural fiber insulation Benefits include ease of use, efficiency, and sustainability

60 Plastic Insulating Foams Spray-in-place plastic foams provide a sealed thermal barrier Effectively eliminates unwanted air infiltration by sealing and insulating side walls, end walls, and ceilings

61 Paints and Coatings Provides resistance to weather and sunlight Can be used on a large variety of surfaces

62 Roof Coatings Provide protection to many different types of roofs Used to waterproof, seal, stop rust, protect against weathering and wood rot, etc.

63 Wood & Concrete Sealers Either forms a membrane on the surface or penetrates the outer layer of the material to protect against insects, moisture, or decay

64 Wood & Concrete Stains Finishes made to enhance wood and concrete’s natural coloring Provides all the qualities of top quality performers in a biobased substance

65 Questions? Questions? Ron Buckhalt Program Manager, USDA BioPreferred Program Phone: 202-205-4008 RonB.Buckhalt@DA.USDA.GOV RonB.Buckhalt@DA.USDA.GOV

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