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Oracle 10g: A Platform for Enterprise GeoSpatial Applications Daniel M. Seurer Technical Sales Consultant Oracle Public Sector Oracle Corporation.

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2 Oracle 10g: A Platform for Enterprise GeoSpatial Applications Daniel M. Seurer Technical Sales Consultant Oracle Public Sector Oracle Corporation

3 Overview  Market & Technology Trends  Spatial Strategy and Customers  Oracle Spatial  Customer Examples  What’s New in Oracle 10g

4 Location has become ubiquitous  Location Aware and Enabled Infrastructure – Mobile devices: Commercial commoditization – Web Portals: MapQuest -Yahoo, Vicinity – Microsoft – Defense: RT asset management – Logistics: RT supply chain management  Automobiles : by 2008, 80% of new cars will have some telematics navigation access (eyeforauto 2004)  Location-enabled Business Apps – CRM, Sales, Marketing, Billing, Supply Chain

5 5 Transformation of Spatial Computing Client Server Proprietary Spatial Data Proprietary Middleware GIS Program Department GIS 3-Tier Architecture XML, GML SVG, PDF Spatial Databases Spatial Components Enterprises Web Services

6 Oracle10g Spatial

7 Why Manage Spatial Data in a Database?  Fast access for many simultaneous users  Common environment for spatial and tabular data  SQL access  Database Administration (user accounts, resource management, security, fine-grained auditing, Virtual Private database)  Advanced Security  Backup and Recovery  Failover Support  Advanced Replication 9

8 Oracle Spatial History Oracle 9.2.0 Capability Oracle7 No Spatial Capability 1995199719981999199420002001 Oracle 7.1.6 MultiDimension Points Only Oracle 7.3.3 Spatial Data Option Points, Lines, Polygons Spatial Operators Oracle 8.0.4 Spatial Cartridge Points, Lines, Polygons Spatial Operators 40% Faster Performance Oracle8i Oracle Spatial Points, Lines, Polygons Circles, Arcs Additional Spatial Operators Faster Performance Objects, Geocoding Framework Oracle 8.1.6 Java Classes Projections Linear Referencing R-Tree Indexing Oracle 8.1.7 20022003 Oracle 9i Whole Earth Geometry Model, Function-based indexes, Object replication, Partitioning 2004 Oracle 10g Geocoder, GeoRaster, Network Data Model, Topology, Spatial Analytic Functions

9 Oracle9i Location Capabilities Oracle Spatial Spatial Data Types All Spatial Data Stored in the Database Spatial Indexing Fast Access to Spatial Data Spatial Access Through SQL SELECT STREET_NAME FROM ROADS, COUNTIES WHERE SDO_RELATE(road_geom, county_geom, ‘ MASK=ANYINTERACT QUERYTYPE=WINDOW ’ ) = ‘ TRUE ’ AND COUNTYNAME= ‘ PASSAIC ’ ;

10 Storing Simple Geometry in a DBMS Fisher Circle 85th St. Coop Court Road ROAD_ID 1 2 3 SURFACE Asphalt NAME Pine Cir. 2nd St. 3rd St. LANES 4 2 LOCATION

11 Spatial Data in Oracle9 i Tables Fisher Circle 85th St. Coop Court Road ROAD_ID 1 2 3 SURFACE Asphalt NAME Fisher Cir. Coop Ct. 85th St. LANES 4 2 LOCATION CREATE TABLE ROAD ( Road_id NUMBER name VARCHAR2(4), surface VARCHAR2(10), Lanes NUMBER, LOCATIONMDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY);

12 Indexing Spatial Data Fisher Circle 85th St. Coop Court create index road_SIDX on road(GEOM) indextype is mdsys.spatial_index parameters ('layer_gtype=multiline'); Road ROAD_ID 1 2 3 SURFACE Asphalt NAME Fisher Cir. Coop Ct. 85th St. LANES 4 2 LOCATION

13 13 Main Street First Street A Location Query Hilton 5 miles Bengali Curry House The Madras SQL> SELECT R.Restaurant_name 2> FROM Restaurants R, 3> Hotels H 4> WHERE R.Restaurant_type = ‘ INDIAN ’ 5> AND H.Hotel_name = ‘ HILTON ’ 6> AND MDSYS.SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE( 6> R.Location, H.Location, 7> ‘ distance=5 unit=mile ’ ) 8> = ‘ TRUE ’ ; Find all Indian restaurants within 5 miles of my hotel

14 Spatial Operators  Full range of spatial operators – Implemented as functional extensions in SQL – Topological Masks  InsideContains  TouchDisjoint  CoversCovered By  EqualOverlap Boundary – Distance Operators  Within Distance  Nearest Neighbor INSIDE Main Street First Street X Distance Hospital #2 Hospital #1

15 Spatial Functions  Returns a geometry – Union – Difference – Intersect – XOR – Buffer – Centroid – ConvexHull  Returns a number – LENGTH – AREA – Distance Union XOR Intersect Original Difference ConvexHull Well#123 Well#345 Well#334 Well#596 Well#409 Well#14 ABC Plastics Co Acme Industry XYX Chemicals

16 Spatial Index Advisor  Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)  One tool to manage spatial and non- spatial data  Tuning wizards  Indexing Techniques – Quadtree – R-tree

17 MapViewer  Build / visualize custom maps using XML API ’ s, Java and JSP tag libraries  Executes in OC4J  Supports business geographics and spatial analysis – Identify / Query complex data – Uses 9i DB Spatial / Locator  Designed for integration with Location – based Services, Business Applications and Wireless platforms

18 18 Oracle10g: Defining a Spatial DBMS  SQL Spatial Type  R-tree index  Spatial Operators  Spatial Reference System  Geodetic (lat/long) Support  Linear Referencing  Spatial Aggregates  Long Transactions  Parallel Index, Query, Load  Partitioning  GeoRaster Type  Network Data Schema  Topology Data Schema  Geocoding Engine  Routing Engine  Spatial Data Analysis / Mining  GML Support  SVG Support  Oriented Point Storage

19 Security of GeoSpatial and Design Data Access control Privacy & integrity of data Comprehensive auditing Boundary a Infrastructure Building a Point c Boundary c Infrastructure D Point b Boundary bPoint a Building bInfra B Build DInfra C Building C            Network Security Privacy & integrity of communications  Authenticate User Security Data Security Points of Interest Buildings Infrastructure Boundaries

20 DeFacto Standard for GeoSpatial Types in DBMS Data Locations (points) Networks (lines) Parcels (polygons) Imagery (raster, grids) Topological Relations (persistent topology) Addresses (geocoded points)

21 GIS and Spatial Components Data load Editing Visualization Mapping Analysis Cartography Storage & Admin Indexing Security User Mgmt Query Versioning Scalability Data Technology Task GIS and Spatial Databases Complementary Technologies Spatial Database

22 Integrating all Information  Relate associated information to spatial locations  records  images  drawings  maps  documents

23 Approach 1: Enterprise GeoSpatial Solutions Records Spatial Enterprise Databases & Applications Data CollectionProduction Dissemination Surveys GPS New Features Photogrammetry Online Updates Parcel Updates Integration Long Transactions Versioning Topology Mgmt. Quality Control Security Compilation Media Production Web Delivery Online Query Online updates Personalization Billing

24 Outage Mgmt Approach 2: Spatially-enabled Business Apps Java SQL XML/SOAP Oracle10g Spatial Web Services Asset Mgmt MicroStation ProjectWise CIM/CRM SQL Mobile Clients Files

25 Oracle Spatial Benefits  Location-enable ALL Business Applications  Manage vector, raster and business data  Out-of-box data models and schemas – Geometry, Networks, Topology, Addresses, etc.  Easier integration with core business data – realize value from geo spatial data investments  Scales from department to enterprise; from Internet, wireless and web services  Open programming standards, Java, SQL, XML,.NET, OGC, ISO and emerging interoperability standards

26 What the Analysts are Saying about Oracle Spatial … “ In repeated surveys, IDC has found that Oracle is used in an 80%-90% share of Spatial Information Management oriented database installations. ” IDC, December 2002

27 Bentley / Oracle Spatial: Serving Customers for 8 Years  AEM Torino (Italy)  Brussels Cadastre (Belgium)  Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (Germany)  City of Paris (France)  City of Helsinki (Finland)  Czech Cadastre (Czech Republic)  Czech Telecom (Czech Republic)  EPCOR, Edmonton (Canada)  USACE Savannah District (USA)  US Dept. of Energy, Savannah River (USA)  Fort Hood, DPWRMD (USA)  City of Toronto (Canada)  City of Minneapolis Public Works (USA)  Maryland State Highway Administration (USA)

28 Fleet Management

29 29 Oracle 10g Data Server ArcViewArcIMS Client ArcIMS Application Server ArcSDE ArcEditor/ArcInfo ESRI/Oracle Technology Architecture ArcPad eBusiness Applications 10g Application Server

30 30 Oracle 10g/ Spatial ArcViewArcIMS Client ArcIMS Application Server ArcEditor/ArcInfo Oracle & ESRI Platform Oracle 10g AS ArcSDE Via Read-Only Direct Connect Or ArcSDE Via Read-Write Direct Connect Or ArcSDE

31 31  Pre-integrated GIS platform  Scalable enterprise capability  Make location mainstream – Point Solutions (mapping) – Embedded Solutions (CRM)  Internet, Intranet, Wireless  Open, standards-based technology ESRI/Oracle Solutions Shell Oil Mobilekom New York City U.S. EPA NIMA Dutch Transport Palm Beach County

32 Oracle/ESRI Best Practices

33 Performance Expectations  Fetch performance of Spatial DBMS objects compared to proprietary binaries should be no more than +/- 10 to 15 percent  Anything above 15 percent difference indicates an anomaly: – Poor application or database design – Incorrect configuration – software bugs  Check rendering engine for performance bottlenecks No longer performance difference between Oracle Spatial type and ESRI SDE binary type

34 New York City  Developed standardized digital basemap for all agencies  6,000 miles of underground pipes  1 million water/sewer connections  32,000 sq. miles of Infrastructure Data  7,500 digital photographs  Using Bentley, ESRI, MapInfo, GE Smallworld …..  The Office of Emergency Management created a public site for emergency preparedness

35 Integrated NYC Spatial Architecture GIS Specialist Systems Environmental Management Transportation Crime Monitoring DPW Services Health & Social Services Education Location-enabled Business Applications Logistics Management Financial Management Citizen Portal Asset Maintenance Health Planning Core Spatial & Business Data Repository Topographic/Raster Cadastre Geo-coded Address Street Center Lines Assets Environmental Transport Health/Social services Education Crime Criminal Justice Oracle Spatial

36 Records Spatial Data CollectionProduction Dissemination Surveys GPS New Features Photogrammetry Online Updates Secure extraction Parcel Updates Integration Long Transactions Versioning Topology Mgmt. Quality Control Security Compilation Media Production Web Delivery Online Query Online updates Personalization Billing Security Records Spatial Records Spatial UK Ordnance Survey

37  Store and maintain once, use many times  Reduce deployment costs  Reduce maintenance costs  Improve data integration  Improve systems integration  Facilitate new product opportunities  Increase business agility  Standards and COTS based

38 38 Current Environment  Existing systems lack agility  Difficult to integrate/interoperate  Very costly to maintain  Complex bespoke developments DDMSDCS Editors HSMCMS DCQTCS APS FEP DMSLMS MOSAIC GMSDef Reg GRACE CFS eDCSCSAMGDW/S Mercury (GOS) ROADS FTP RAMS GMS2 Sls & Mktng Stats Prod Sched Systems

39 Type of DataSize (GB) Raw Data Spatial Indexes Transient Tables required during Spatial Index Creation / Re-Build Non-Spatial Indexes History (10% change per year for 5 years) History Spatial Indexes Database Structures (system, undo, etc.) History Non-Spatial Indexes Transient Tables required during Spatial Index Creation / Re-Build Contingency at 25% Total 995 GB 175 20 40 70 350 100 10 20 200 Sizing 450 million features

40 US Census Bureau 2010 TIGER  World ’ s largest Topology Maintenance Project  Census standardized on Oracle10g Spatial for 2010 Topology Modernization Project  Using Oracle10g Topology – Data Maintenance – Referential Integrity – Persistent Topology – Open Solution

41 Oracle Spatial in Agriculture, Mapping Agencies, Cadastres  Agriculture Agencies: Ireland Ministry of Agric. Netherlands Min of Agric. Poland Min of Agric. Italian Min of Agric.  Cadastres: The Netherlands Poland Denmark Czech Republic  Environment: UK Environment Agency U.S. EPA  Mapping Agencies: UK Ordnance Survey NI Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey Ireland SOGEI (Italy) NGA (USA) USGS (USA) Census Bureau (USA) Australia  Hydrographic Agencies – Canada – Australia – United Kingdom – US Navy …

42 The Most Popular Spatial Database  Local Authorities – New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Mateo, Washington DC, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Phoenix, Helsinki, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Malmo, Stockholm, Paris, …  Utilities – Omaha Public Power, Reliant, Epcor, US DoE, Western Power Corp, Severn Trent, Bejing Power, Czech Telem, Copenhagen Energy, Electrabel, Gaz de France, Hydro-Quebec, Equitable Resources, Nova Naturgas, Sao Paulo Electric  National Mapping, Cadasters & Hydrographic Agencies – National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency, Dept. of Homeland Security, US Geological Survey, US Army, Ordnance Survey (UK, IR, NI), Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia  Transportation Management – California, Iowa, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alberta, London Rail, Netherlands Transport, Australia, Austrian Rail, German Rail,  Telco & Wireless LBS – AT&T, Bell South, British Telecom, Cingular, DoCoMo, KDDI, Intrado, JPhone, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telkom, Telenor, Telstra, Telus, Telia, Cellcom, Verizon, Vodafone, Wind, Czech Telecom,

43 What’s New?

44 10g: Network Data Model  Network Data Model – A data model to store network (graph) structure in the database – Explicitly stores and maintains connectivity of the network – Attributes at link and node level  Routing Engine – Street navigation for single or multiple destinations – Provide network analysis functionality in the database  Supports network solutions (Tracing & Routing) – Transportation and Transit Solutions – Field Service, Logistics – Location based Services and Telematics  VP: Bio-Info Pathways (Life Sciences)

45 10g: Topology Data Model  New data model to store persistent topology – Easier to do data consistency checks in this model – Example: when the road moves, the property boundary automatically moves with it  Topology Data Model and Schema – Describes how different spatial features are related to each other – A land parcel shares the boundary with a road  10g continues to support transient topology – Topology computed on demand Conference Center Oracle Pkwy

46 10g: GeoRaster  What is GeoRaster – A new data type to store raster data  Satellite images, remote sensing data – An XML schema to store Metadata  Data source, layer information – Geo Referencing information  How to relate a pixel in the image to a longitude/latitude on Earth’s surface  Functionality – Open, general purpose raster data model – storage and indexing of raster data  No size limit for each raster object – querying and analyzing raster data – delivering GeoRaster to external consumers  Publish as JPEG, GIFF images

47 10g Geocoder  Generates latitude/longitude (points) from address  International addressing standardization  Formatted and unformatted addresses  Tolerance parameters support fuzzy matching  100% Java, open and scalable  Record-level and batch processes  Data provided by leading data vendors

48 10g: Spatial Analytic Functions  Discovery based on Spatial Patterns – Explicitly materialize spatial relationships  Usage – Insurance risk analysis, crime analysis – Demographic analysis, customer profiling – Epidemiology, Facility placement – Insurance Risk analysis:  cluster house-holds based on high risk neighborhoods – Indentify business prospects across a region:  examine the average incomes across different regions of the space

49 Support for Spatial Standards  OGC: Simple Features, GML, OpenLS  SQL92, SQLMM  ISO211  W3C: (HTTP, HTML, SVG)

50 Advantages of Managing Spatial Data in a Database  Same access methods (SQL) – Select, insert, update, delete  Same features available – Replication, security, parallel,...  Same utilities – Load, import, export, backup  SAME DATABASE – for spatial and non-spatial data

51 A Q & Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S


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