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R&D in Norwegian Public Roads Administration Director Helen Riddervold.

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1 R&D in Norwegian Public Roads Administration Director Helen Riddervold

2 Norwegian R&D Total budget in 2008:70 (8,5 mill €) (Own employees incl. 90-100 (11-12 mill €) –10 programs and large projects with a budget of 44 (5,3 €) –International common programs and projects (ERANET Road, NordFoU): 5 (0,6)

3 R&D Programs and large projects

4 Environmentally Friendly Pavements Two main problems –Noise –Dust (studded tires) Aims of the program: –Less people affected of noise from roads –Better air quality in urban areas

5 Air pollution High concentrations of dust due to the use of studded tires is a treat to public health National goal for air quality in cities and communities based on guidelines set by EU Special actions have to be taken!

6 Environmentally Friendly Pavements Temporary conclusions Noise: Promising results from test areas Dust –Production of dust is most dependent of speed and rate of studded tires

7 Conclusions - Noise Thin pavements can reduce noise by 1 – 2 dB (A) compared to SMA 11 Porous asphalt gives reduction of about 3 dB(A) The difficulty is in maintaining the noise reduction reducing property The challenge continues to be development of wear resistant materials

8 High Risk Groups in Road Traffic The project tasks: oIdentification of sub-groups at particularly high risk oExposure and risk for high risk groups oRisk development for young drivers oAccident risk of immigrants oAccident involvement of the elderly

9 Freight Transport and Logistics The program has three main themes: Improve freight databases, models and other planning tools Study long-haul transport and its logistics Study the distribution of goods in cities

10 Sustainable Urban Transport Aims of the program Achieving a more sustainable, effective and available transport system for both industry and commerce, and the populations of urban areas. Increasing walking, bicycling and the use of public transport in urban areas, especially on work and leisure trips. Reducing the growth of car use in urban areas Implementing comprehensive solutions and obtaining synergy effects by relating different measurements together.

11 ITS towards 2020 The program’s main target is to establish a full scale test site for new technology and ITS in the city of Trondheim

12 Development of Expertise within Road Maintenance Analyze the today’s knowledge What are the knowledge needs for the future? How can NPRA contribute to the achievement of necessary knowledge in –universities –construction companies –consultants What R&D is necessary to enhance the knowledge?

13 ERA-NET ROAD 1 Project Opportunities (WP 5): Maintenance Backlog – Estimation and Use Performance Based Service Agreement Optimization of Thin Asphalt Layers Strategic Research Opportunities (WP 6) SRO3: Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change

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