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Flipping Parking Lots to Concrete – Part Two Philip Kresge Sr. Director, National Resources © Copyright 2008 - NRMCA.

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1 Flipping Parking Lots to Concrete – Part Two Philip Kresge Sr. Director, National Resources © Copyright 2008 - NRMCA

2 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Part Two Agenda Pavement comparison  What makes the products different  Why do pavements fail  Realistic design concept Concrete Pavement Analyst Promotion Best Practices  Making the Call

3 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Design Comparison Life Cycle Cost Comparison

4 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Comparing Concrete and Asphalt

5 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Product Differences Portland Cement Concrete Hot Mix Asphalt  Bituminous Concrete Both use sand and stone How these raw materials are bound together make the difference

6 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Concrete Industrial strength glue as binder  Inorganic – Does not break down  Gains strength over time Creates a rigid pavement Low maintenance costs

7 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Asphalt Uses “Scotch-tape like” adhesive (requires pressure)  Organic adhesive – breaks down due to heat, water, & UV rays  Becomes weaker over time Requires costly seal coats & overlays to replenish this “adhesive” Creates a flexible pavement Results in high maintenance costs

8 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Pavement Failure Not due to # of years Due to stress of carrying loads  Vehicle traffic  Heat / Cold

9 WWW. NRMCA.ORG 6,600 lbs pressure < 29 psi pressure  290 psi Concrete’s rigidity spreads the load over a large area and keeps pressures on the subgrade low


11 Design for purpose (adjust thickness)  Passenger vehicle parking  Truck lanes  Loading areas  Truck parking (sand shoes/dollies) Increase thickness Thickened beam Design Thickness

12 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Minimum Concrete Thickness Passenger cars & Panel or Pickup Trucks 4” Driveways & Parking Areas (light trucks) 5” to 6” Heavier trucks (use design tables)

13 WWW. NRMCA.ORG How Do We Make an Accurate Comparison of Equivalent Design? By using structural layer coefficients  A relative number assigned for the value of 1” of material  Using proper values is critical in order to achieve accurate output

14 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Using Structural Numbers for 1” of Material Concrete = 0.50 Surface Asphalt = 0.20 to 0.44 Bituminous Base = 0.10 to 0.34 Aggregate Base = 0.07 to 0.14

15 WWW. NRMCA.ORG For Example: 5” Concrete Pavement 5” X 0.50 = 2.50 SN 1.5” Surface Asphalt & 6” of Bituminous Base 1.5” X 0.38 = 0.57 6.0” X 0.32 = +1.93 2.50 SN

16 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Concrete vs. Asphalt Apples-to-apples comparison of pavement design should always be considered Quantification in $ allows for a better business decision on pavement choice

17 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Concrete Pavement Analyst Uses Customer Inputs Compares Asphalt and Concrete designs per industry standard specifications Also compares Local Design Criteria Provides design and life- cycle cost comparisons Allows user to make a more educated decision











28 Three Different Graphs Design Summary Graphs  Car parking area  Truck & drive area Cost Summary Graphs Break Even Analysis Graphs All Cost Graphs Provided in 3 Views  Current costs  Inflated costs  Present value costs




32 Reference Library

33 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Reference Library


35 Design Details 26 different details Three formats .dwg .dxf .jpg

36 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Information Request Form

37 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Step-by-step instruction Setting defaults Customizing tips

38 Promotion Best Practices

39 WWW. NRMCA.ORG What’s in Your Toolbox?

40 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Concrete Delivers! For Owners  Durability  Economical  Safe  Upscale Appearance  Environmentally Friendly

41 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Concrete Delivers! For Designers & Specifiers  Preparing the Subgrade  Material & Proportions  Thickness  Jointing  Construction Practices

42 WWW. NRMCA.ORG 20 slide PowerPoint show printed for use in one-on-one presentation Alternative to using laptop/projector for less formal presentations Help for the technologically impaired Within everyone’s comfort zone Low Tech Pitch Book

43 WWW. NRMCA.ORG The specifier sees full presentation pages for clear communication of images and major points

44 WWW. NRMCA.ORG The promoter views a smaller version of the specifier page, along with other useful notes and background information

45 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Parking Lot Design Assistance Program

46 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Sample Design Suggestions

47 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Making the Call

48 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Introductory meeting with Prospect “If I can just have 10-15 minutes of your time...” Utilize Pitch Book Touch on the highlighted benefits of concrete parking lot The Close – “I’m sure now that you can see why you should consider a concrete parking lot for your project(s)”

49 WWW. NRMCA.ORG The only way to know is to listen! What does your customer want?

50 WWW. NRMCA.ORG What are the Hot Buttons? Aesthetics Energy Efficiency Initial Cost Life-cycle Cost Unique Design Sustainable Development

51 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Listen to customers’ wants and decipher their needs

52 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Teach customers to want what they need

53 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Muncy Homes – Muncy, PA Owner looking to upgrade gravel lot Spec’d asphalt paving Team identified “hot buttons”  Low maintenance  Life-cycle cost Taught owner to want what he needs Owner chose to pay $500,000 over asphalt bid Initial proposal  550,000 ft 2 =12,000 yd 3  Owner added 4 acres

54 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Change Order can be most successful if you... Solve a problem for your customer At the time they are thinking about it Do it easily and quickly Selling Solutions

55 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Make Suggestions Use your professional expertise to provide insight Provide alternatives to existing designs Present new technology  Fiber Reinforcement  Composite Design Pervious and Conventional Demonstrate benefit to owner  Quality  Economy  Safety

56 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Gather Information Project size Intended use  Light or heavy duty  Projected Average Daily Truck Traffic Is there an existing asphalt specification/design? Have Construction Mgrs., GC’s, etc. been selected? Time frame?


58 Make a Follow-up Appointment Leave behind appropriate Concrete Delivers! Brochure and Local Project Profile (if applicable) Take info back to your office to work out particulars  Get answers to client’s questions  Design/Life Cycle Cost comparison with Concrete Pavement Analyst

59 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Making the Call Running Concrete Pavement Analyst  Gather relevant info Count on your Team  R/M Producer  Contractor  Local concrete and asphalt costs  Contractor input on in-place costs  Run CPA comparison  Print results and prepare for presentation to client

60 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Give it a more Professional Look!

61 Closing the Deal 4 Easy Steps to Remember at Buying Time

62 WWW. NRMCA.ORG 1. “Tune your Radio to WIFM” WIFM – “What’s In it For Me?” This is the favorite and only station your client listens to  Know why they are buying  Remind them why they are buying  Talk to them about how this deal will help them!

63 WWW. NRMCA.ORG 2. Ask for the Deal You have identified your clients needs You have presented a consultative solution to their needs Selling Solutions You have earned the right to ask them to buy your recommended solution…So Ask!

64 WWW. NRMCA.ORG 3. Stop Selling Your clients know what they want They asked you to provide it and you did! The more you talk the more they think you are not done providing the solution Stop talking and let them decide to decide

65 WWW. NRMCA.ORG 4. Close the Deal Closing is about confidence  If your client feels you have confidence in your solution, they will have confidence in your solution  Confidence comes from preparation  Role play your final presentation and prepare answers to objections

66 WWW. NRMCA.ORG A Word of Caution Stay Professional Keep Your Promotion Message Positive Focus on Benefits of Concrete Sell Solutions Handle Asphalt’s Weaknesses with Care Mediocrity Always Attacks Perfection!

67 WWW. NRMCA.ORG Questions?

68 For more information Vance Pool 281-557-8415 Philip Kresge 610-966-7220

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