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Fibered Asphalt Emulsion- 10-Year Warranty System.

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1 Fibered Asphalt Emulsion- 10-Year Warranty System

2 22-year old asphalt roof with gravel removed.

3 A clean roof is important for proper product adhesion and a safer work site.

4 All seams can be repaired using universal repair tape. Emulsion can immediately be applied over the tape. No waiting for flashing compound to setup.

5 All penetrations should have emulsion, polyester, and emulsion individually.

6 Apply RG-21 Asphalt Emulsion with a heavy-duty broom, squeegee, or heavy-duty spray rig. Lay polyester over wet asphalt emulsion.

7 Apply “picture frame” of polyester around roof edge using a half sheet. Broom fabric down into wet emulsion. Allow to dry to touch. Reapply emulsion and overlap “picture frame” with full width polyester. Be sure to broom down all edges well into emulsion.

8 Allow to cure and apply second coat of emulsion.

9 White elastomeric coating can be applied after the emulsion has cured for 30 days. Thoroughly stir the elastomeric coating before application.

10 Remember all of this work can be done safely with children in school and at play by using simple, basic worksite safety precautions.

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